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Effective Hair Fall Treatment for Men And Women


Tresses play a significant role in enhancing the beauty of not only women but men equally. Who does not want beautiful and long hair? However, when you start noticing a few hair strands while combing can tense you. Hair falling beyond the limit of normalcy is not liked by anyone, whether it is women or men. 

If you see a part on your scalp wider than before, or you see a clump of hair, it will definitely haunt you. It becomes unignorable when you get to see hair lose more than 50 to 100 strands per day. Even as per the study of the American Academy of Dermatology, with age, hair density gets lower, and hair becomes finer.

Hair loss, or you can medically call it 'alopecia' affects your scalp, or it can affect your entire body. It can be permanent or temporary. There are many factors responsible for hair loss, such as aging, heredity, hormonal changes, and any medical conditions.

When your hair starts losing in excessive quantity, it will term as baldness, which is more seen in men rather than women. On the other hand, hair gets finer on the head, and it starts looking thinner for women. Baldness is more due to hereditary. It is the most common reason behind baldness.

Baldness or hair loss impacts everyone in a different way. Some find it very disturbing and look for solutions, while others take it too lightly and do not go to search for the remedy. Those who belong to the first category are available with many solutions to prevent hair loss or restore it. There are many hair fall treatments present. 

In the article, you will find various solutions and remedies to treat your hair loss. Before that, you should understand the signs and symptoms of hair fall.

Signs & Symptoms of Hair Fall

Hair fall is not the same for everyone. The signs and symptoms of hair fall are different for men and women. So the hair fall treatments vary.

Symptoms of baldness can be different in both the gender. Usually, at the beginning of baldness in men, hair falls in such a way that the part of hair on the head is seen in 'M' shape. Gradually the hair fall becomes more, and it changes shape to 'U'.

In the case of women, this pattern is different. Usually, hair loss starts from the very middle part of the head of the women, especially the hair around the hairline, and then from all the parts of the head.

The signs of hair fall in men may include:

  • Thinning of hair 
  • Hair weakening
  • Hair break
  • Loss of hair all over the body.
  • Circular to patchy bald spots.
  • Especially thin at the top of the head.
  • Scaling patches that spread throughout the skull.

The signs of hair fall in women may include:

  • Hair loss from the middle part of the head
  • Thinning of hair
  • Excessive hair loss while shampooing
  • Excessive hair loss while combing the hair
  • Sudden hair loss

Causes of Hair Fall

There are many reasons responsible for hair fall and only by understanding the cause, hair fall treatment can treat the loss of hair. 

  1. Heredity

Heredity and genetic conditions are the most common reason and natural reasons for hair fall. Losing of hair due to heredity is termed androgenetic alopecia and is seen in men mostly. Some people refer to hair loss due to genetic conditions as male-pattern baldness.

  1. Hormonal Changes

Hair loss or thinning of hair due to hormonal changes are most common in women. During pregnancy, postpartum, menopause or using contraceptives change hormones in women, and it leads to hair loss. It negatively affects the growth cycle of hair and results in hair loss.

  1. Medications and Radiation Therapy

Taking special kinds of medicines such as antidepressants, arthritis drugs, medicines for blood pressure, chemotherapeutic drugs, etc., can lead to hair loss excessively. The therapy for treating cancer can also lead to hair fall. 

  1. Stress

Stress is quite common these days. Any type of stress can be a serious cause of your hair loss. It deprives your hair to get vital nutrients which make hair weak. If you are in emotional trauma for a long time or dealing with prolonged stress, then hair loss will affect you. Hair fall treatment is all you need in such a situation.

  1. Excessive Hair Styling

Making hair in various fashionable ways, using styling tools, spraying on hair, leaving hair untied and exposed to the sun can not make you saved from losing its strands. Effort to look stylish is one of the reasons for hair fall.

  1. Hair Care Products

Today, the market is filled with too many hair care products containing chemical compounds. If you buy such products or use chemicals on your hair, then prepare yourself for hair loss. Be gentle while choosing shampoo and conditioner, or you can use Traya Hair Care Products, which absolutely harm free.

  1. Infections

Infections on your scalp can reduce the quantity of your hair. Bacterial and fungal infections cause baldness of hair or hair thinning. To restore hair, syphilis can be effective. Some hair fall treatments suggest this way of treatment.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency

Many factors such as peptide bonds, protein, and amino acids are responsible for hair production. Deficiency of nutrients or lack of a balanced diet can raise the condition of hair loss. Improper diet or diet without proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B cause hair fall.

  1. Pollution

Pollution in and around you, dust, fuel particles, and air pollution interrupt protein formation, which is very important for hair, and it leads to causing premature hair fall condition and greying of hair before age. Check out Traya hair care products to prepare your hair to deal with environmental damage.

  1. Lifestyle 

You are always in a hurry, take inadequate sleep, smoke, and work outdoors directly under the sun; all these lifestyle habits of yours can cause hair loss. A body needs a proper mechanism, and when you disturb it, it affects badly on your body and hair too.

Hair Fall Prevention Tips

Today every third person is facing a hair loss problem. You, too, try so many hair fall solutions and hair fall remedies but see rare effects. The biggest reason for hair loss is the smallest mistakes you make on a daily basis, which you do inadvertently. These mistakes are responsible for damaging the hair. This causes hair to weaken and breakage of strands. Know about the mistakes you make due to which your hair weakens and starts to break. Here are a few tips for hair fall prevention:

  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles.
  • Take multivitamin tablets.
  • Do not expose your hair to the sun directly.
  • Cover your hair in pollution.
  • Say no to excessive hairstyling techniques.
  • Massage your hair with oil regularly. 
  • Avoid stress. 
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water. 

Diagnosing Hair Loss

There are three methods available to diagnose hair loss. 

1. Pull Test

    The Pull Test is a manual examination of hair conducted by a doctor. Doctor pulls out a few dozens of hairs and sees how many come out in his hand.

    2. Blood Test

      With a Blood Test, medical conditions associated with hair fall problems can be determined.

      3. Scalp Biopsy

        In Scalp Biopsy, the doctor plucks your hair to examine the condition of hair follicles.

        Hair Fall Treatment For Men

        Hair loss tendencies were not commonly seen at young ages. It was seen as a symptom of old age. However, this can not be said for modern times. People are falling prey to baldness at an early age, even in teenage and childhood. You have already learned the reasons why men fall for baldness. So, here are hair fall treatments for men:

        1. Drugs

          Minoxidil: Rogaine or Minoxidil is a really important drug to prevent hair loss in men. It is available in two forms: liquid and foam. Men should apply it twice a day on the scalp to prevent hair loss.

          Finasteride: Men dealing with hair loss problems can try this pill for hair loss. Take it on a daily basis after consulting a doctor. Please note that this drug has adverse side effects when taken orally hence is not prescribed in Traya kit.

          These drugs show their effect in six months or more. 

          2. Hair transplants

            Men can opt for hair transplants as hair fall treatment. Follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction are two hair transplant options available to men. 

             3. Laser treatment

              Study has been made to support the effectiveness of laser treatment as hair fall treatment. For male pattern hair loss, LLLT means low-level laser therapy is safe. The therapy helps hair to regrow.

              4. Quit smoking

              Smoking is the enemy of your lungs. Cigarettes are also enemies of your hair. It reduces blood flow in the head and causes hair loss. If you smoke, it will have a negative effect on your hair. 

              5. No alcohol

              Alcohol reduces the capacity of hair growth, and you will start facing hair loss. If you don't consume alcohol, it's a good thing for your hair. But if you are addicted to it, and you are a regular drinker, then it reduces the amount of yours. 

              6. A balanced diet

              A balanced diet is necessary for your hair growth and keeps you fit and fine. Include a variety of vegetables, especially green, fruits, whole grains, and proteins, in your diet, and you will see the difference. 

              Foods you can add to your diet areean beef, beans, green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified grains, and eggs, salmon, mackerel, tuna, flax seeds, egg yolks, hemp seeds, and walnuts, eggs, lean meats, and seafood, etc.

              6. Regular checkup

              Not only genetics is responsible for hair-related problems but a few medical conditions can also cause hair loss. 

              The following medical conditions can be responsible for hair loss:

              • diabetes
              • lupus
              • lichen planus
              • sarcoidosis
              • scalp psoriasis
              • alopecia areata
              • thyroid conditions
              • eating disorders 
              • iron deficiency anemia
              • hair pulling disorder, known as trichotillomania
              • Celiac disease
              • syphilis
            1. Water Therapy 

            2. Use clean drinking water, and you will not need a doctor then. Problems such as hair breakage and hair loss will also be reduced. There are natural minerals in the water which wipe out many types of bacteria and viruses to reduce hair loss. 

            3. Exercise

            4. Exercise makes our body metabolism healthy and balanced. Do regular exercises. Take a nutritious and balanced diet. This makes our body and mind healthy. Our hair follicles too.

              Hair Fall Treatment for Women

              Women suffer hair related problems due to many reasons such as stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, pollution, etc. The deficiency of nutritional food is also one of the main reasons for hair loss in women. However, possible medications and hair fall treatments are available for women for hair loss. 

              • Minoxidil

              It is a drug effective in hair fall. Minoxidil is for topical use to apply on the scalp. You should rub this drug on your scalp daily for months or for years for an effective result. 

              • Estrogen therapy

              Estrogen therapy is the hormone replacement therapy to treat androgenic alopecia. The therapy supplies the hormone estrogen to women to decrease its levels. Before taking this therapy, you should consult your doctor. 

              • Spironolactone

              Aldactone or Spironolactone is an effective drug to treat hair fall. It addresses hormones in women. However, not many support the effectiveness of the drug. 

              • Corticosteroids

              If you are a woman and have alopecia areata, then Corticosteroids can be a hair fall treatment for you. In this treatment, corticosteroids are injected at multiple sites. Noticeable hair growth can be seen only in four weeks.

              • Hair transplant

              There can be some conditions in which your body does not respond to treatments properly then hair transplantation can be one option. In a Hair transplant, small pieces of the scalp are added with hair to make it look thicker. However, the therapy is costly. 

              • Hair fall shampoos

              Hair fall due to not-so-serious reasons can be treated by using hair fall shampoos. When pores on the scalp get clogged, it becomes the reason for hair fall. Then use a good hair fall shampoo or Traya Hair Care product to clear the pores.

              • Nutritious diet

              A healthy diet works the best. Your diet should contain foods such as different vegetables and fruits, which can provide essential nutrients and prevents hair loss. 

              • Scalp massage

              Scalp massage increases blood circulation in hair and it promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. Regular hair massage or massage on a regular interval can be effective.

              Home Remedies for Hair Fall

              Be it a man or a woman, everyone loves their hair very much. But nowadays, due to the increasing pollution and use of chemical filled products, your hair starts to weaken. There are many other reasons why hair loss problems have become common today. 

              If you are also troubled by falling hair, then here is hair fall treatment for this problem. By adopting some easy home remedies for hair fall, you can prevent hair fall forever. Easily available ingredients at home can also be used to treat hair loss. 

            5. Neem Leaves 

            6. This will not only protect your hair from any kind of infection, but will also prevent hair loss. Applying neem on the head increases blood circulation, which makes hair stronger and prevents hair loss. For this take some neem leaves and boil it in water. Now wash your hair and massage the head thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this every other day for a few months.

            7. Fenugreek Seeds

            8. It contains folic acid as well as protein, vitamin-A, C, and K. Fenugreek seeds strengthen the hair and prevent its fall. Soak some fenugreek seeds for the night and grind them to make a fine paste in the morning, and apply it on the hair and scalp. Put a towel in warm water and squeeze it well and then wrap it on the head. Wash it after half an hour. Repeat it two times a week for a month.

            9. Curry Leaves 

            10. Curry leaves contain antioxidants as well as protein and beta-carotene. These ingredients are responsible for strengthening the hair and reducing hair fall. For the advantage of curry leave, take a few curry leaves and put them on flame with any hair oil, and heat it for some time. Massage your scalp once it cools down. Try this every day for two weeks.

            11. Onion Juice

            12. For hair fall remedy, take an onion and peel it well and cut it into big pieces. Now grind it in a mixer and take out its juice. Mix one tablespoon rose water and one teaspoon honey in it. Apply it on your entire head and hair and massage it for 5 minutes. Wash and shampoo after half an hour. Do this twice a week. The onion contains a large amount of sulfur, which prevents hair loss by increasing blood circulation in the head.

            13. Green Tea

            14. Put the green tea bags in 2-3 cups of water and boil for a while. Let it cool, then wash your hair with this water properly. After this, wash the hair with normal water too. After doing this for a few days, you will feel the difference in your hair yourself. The use of green tea will nourish your hair, which will help to reduce its fall by strengthening it. This will also give shine to the hair.

            15. Oil Massage 

            16. Take any natural oil for a massage. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, or canola oil are good oils. Massage it in your scalp daily by warming it. After the massage, wear a shower cap on the head and wash it with a mild shampoo after about an hour. Oil treatment is a very effective way to prevent hair loss.

              Everyday massage should be done for a few minutes, and it helps to speed up the blood flow in the head as well as it activates hair follicles. Hair loss can be prevented if the head massage is done correctly. These home remedies for hair growth and hair fall are really effective. 


              A balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients is vital for your body and hair as well. Your meal should have proper nutrients, and for hair fall solution and hair fall remedy, below are given what you should contain in your diet.

              1. Protein

              Protein is the main component in the formation of hair follicles. Keratin, a type of protein, is used to make hair. In a study, it was noted that people with nutritional deficiencies such as amino acids and protein face problems of hair loss. So, you should have protein-rich food to prevent hair loss. Animal protein and plant protein like nuts, eggs, fish, low-fat dairy products, chicken, turkey, beans, and peas should be included in the diet.

            17. Mediterranean diet

            18. Mediterranean diet containing raw vegetables and fresh herbs is capable of reducing baldness, alopecia, hair thinning, and hair loss. Include parsley, basil, and green salad in your diet. Eat it at least three times every week. 

            19. Vitamin A

            20. Vitamin A increases hair growth rate as it is made up of part of retinoids. Sebum production due to Vitamin A keeps the scalp healthier and increases growth. Vitamin A-rich foods are spinach, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, etc.

              These diets are good and effective for hair loss treatment.

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