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What to expect after completing 5 months with Traya


From finding the root cause of your hair loss condition to nearly reaching the end of the treatment plan, you definitely have come a long way. Isn’t it really hard to tell how fast the days go by when your life is falling into place? 

Despite all the hurdles you faced during this journey, you still managed to stay consistent and follow the prescribed regime. Give yourself a pat on the back without a second thought because you surely deserve it!


Possible results you might have seen in the past 5 months of your treatment?

Let’s take a quick flash back and see all that you have overcome in this holistic journey with Traya. 

Remember when you first came to us with your hair loss problems, all you wanted was products that would just help you control or stop your hair from falling. But as soon as you proceeded with Traya’s Treatment plan, you realized that there was something much more intense happening with your internal environment that was triggering your hair loss condition. At Traya, we not just gave you products that would temporarily manage your hair loss, but also provided you with a treatment plan that first catered to your underlying health conditions rather than immediately focusing on growing new hair. 

It was not until the 4th and 5th months of your treatment that you would have noticed visible changes like:


  • Complete Body detoxification 

    You would have noticed your entire body going through a rejuvenation process and eliminating all kinds of toxic substances from the body. This detoxification process would have made you feel more lively throughout the day. 


    • Rise in Energy levels 

    As the treatment plan catered to your metabolism levels, you would have noticed a gradual rise in your energy levels along with being more active and motivated to carry out routine tasks. 


    • Major lifestyle changes


    Unlike any other conventional plan, this treatment plan was more of a lifestyle upgrade. You would have noticed your constant cravings to eat during the day or night has been reduced, your eating and sleeping patterns are on time, you have been exercising daily or even your addictions to smoking and consuming alcohol has become less. 


    Well, if you were really consistent with the entire treatment plan, then you would have definitely noticed changes in your hair like reduction in hair breakage, more hair volume, thicker and stronger hair regrowth and dandruff that has been completely taken care of.

    But, if you have been using our products for nearly 5 months now and you still haven’t been seeing the results that are mentioned above, then you might have to ask yourself a few questions:

    • Have I been consistent with the treatment?
    • Have I been skipping any step of my medication?
    • Have I made the suggested lifestyle changes?
    • Have I been able to regulate my stress levels?
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    What’s next?

    Now that you have completed 5 whole months of the treatment plan with us, your current question would be, “What’s next in the store for me?”

    Your next few months would be a journey to still stay on track and maintain the hair that you have regrown with all your blood and sweat. For this we have customized a Maintenance kit just for you to help you keep up all the good work you have done. Apart from this kit, you would have to still stay in touch with your hair coach and keep informing them of any changes that might happen in the coming months.

    What will my maintenance kit contain?

    After assessing the overall results you get after being on the plan for 5 months and also the root cause of your hair loss condition, you will be prescribed a personalized Maintenance kit that would contain the following:


    • Minoxidil

    Minoxidil prolongs the growth phase of the hair follicles by promoting blood flow to the scalp and dilating vessels to absorb more nutrients from the blood. If you are someone having pattern baldness and have been prescribed minoxidil throughout the treatment plan then you should not stop using this medication abruptly. In genetic hair loss your body will continue to produce DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which will block the blood flow to the scalp. Hence, the hair that you managed to regain with all your patience would be of no use if you discontinue with minoxidil. The new hair is minoxidil dependent and without this medication, the hair might go back to its previous condition due to the production of DHT. However, if you really wish to discontinue minoxidil, it is recommended that you do it gradually and not all at once.


     If you have been prescribed the hair root serum, this would continue to prevent premature death of hair follicles and so delays premature grey hair.


     This would continue to nourish your hair follicles, absorb all the essential nutrients and help to calm the nerves in turn reducing stress.


    • Hair Ras: 


    This would prolong to rejuvenation of new hair and provide longevity to the hair. Along with balancing your pitta and maintaining your scalp and hair health, it will help to increase blood flow to hair follicles by nourishing them from within. This will also prevent any further damage that might occur due to external or internal factors. 




    It is no secret that we are as delighted as you are with the results you have obtained from your journey with us and we would like to see you continue this same enthusiasm in your further journey. In order to see much better results in the coming months, it is important that you use the maintenance kit that will help you sustain the hair that you have regrown. Apart from this, you must also maintain the good habits that you have developed while on this treatment plan and also connect with your hair coach who is here to guide you every step of the way. Book a call with your hair expert today. 

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