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Learn Successful Ways To Style And Care For Your Hair


A great hairstyle, the best accessory

If you believe that a great hairstyle makes the best accessory then you definitely need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends to style and care for your hair. Your curls speak volumes and define you, so put in the extra effort to make those tresses the very best you can. There might be those odd occasions when you could go wrong but if you keep at it, you will find more about your hair as you make the transition towards terrific tresses smoothly. 

But if you're someone who's experiencing severe hair fall then these simple hair care tips would not work, you will need a customised treatment plan that fixes your hair fall and in turn your hair health. Find the cause behind your hair fall here.

Caring for your hair the right way

Let’s start with the basics because they could very well be the deciding factor towards having hair and no hair in the first place. A bad hair regimen is the first step towards wrecking all plans of styling your hair. The point is silky and shiny hair with great bounce makes it easy for you to create a style that makes you the cynosure of all eyes. 


  • Wash hair regularly:

This is the first step towards creating healthy hair. Washing hair regularly helps remove all the dirt and oil that could weigh your hair down and this helps create the perfect platform for your plans for better hair. Your hair type would determine the number of times you need to wash your hair; probably once a week for dry hair and twice to thrice a week for oilier hair. A hydrating shampoo is a good idea, as they contain nourishing oil and enrich the quality of your strands. 

  • Use a conditioner:

Always use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. This helps you style your hair in the desired manner and also protects your hair from harmful environmental factors. Make it a point to apply it only to the ends of your hair and not your scalp, rinse it off meticulously after application.  Never use a conditioner before shampooing your hair but always after. A conditioner can also be used on the days you decide not to shampoo, as the rinse helps add bounce to your hair. 

  • Use chemical free hair-care products:

Always use products that are chemical free or have low chemical content to avoid a negative impact on your hair. Hair products with a heavy chemical composition could affect the structure of your hair, irritate the scalp and weaken your strands. Gentler products with limited sulphate and paraben content are recommended as they reduce the damage caused to your hair over time. 


  • Oil your hair regularly:

Oil could possibly be termed the most important ingredient for your hair. Blessed with a number of beneficial properties they help in improving the condition of your hair by increasing the moisture content and also enhance hair growth; coconut and olive oil are the preferred options. A good oil massage before you shampoo your hair, stimulates and nourishes the hair roots by augmenting blood circulation in your scalp. Drop some oil onto your palm, rub your hands together to warm it up and take them through your hair, use a comb for longer hair.


  • Let your natural hair style flow:

Do not add weight to your hair by adding multiple products to it. Let it flow naturally i.e., if you have naturally straight or curly hair, maintain a style that agrees with your type of hair as far as possible. Trying to add curls to your naturally straight hair or vice versa would only interfere with a smooth system and lead to possible hair fall. Also use hair bands to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the environment; do take care not to stretch your hair too tight when using the band. 

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  • Dry your hair in the correct manner:

Do not blow dry your hair as it could make your scalp dry. You can do it less frequently or on special occasions to protect your hair. It is best to rub your hair lightly with a microfiber towel as it causes less friction. Another option is to wrap your head with a cotton t-shirt for about 20 minutes to dry it out completely; this is one of your very effective hair care tips.  Make it a point not to comb wet hair as it could lead to split ends, and you could end up damaging your strands permanently. 


  • Keep yourself hydrated:

Keep drinking a lot of water, at least 3 litres every day, to keep your hair in the best health. Water makes up almost 25% of the weight of your hair and so it is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Keep a balanced diet:

The key to good hair health as well as overall health is always a good diet. Following a diet plan with a good mix of minerals and vitamins could promote hair growth while fooding habits without the essential nutrients could lead to possible hair loss. 

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  • Trim your hair regularly:

It is always advisable to trim your hair as it keeps your tresses healthy. A timely trim gets rid of split ends and also helps detangle hair. This gives a new and good look to your hair. 


Styling your crowning glory

They say life could be more beautiful when you meet the right hair dresser. And if you do the right things, you could make significant progress to make the job of the stylist simpler. And for that to happen you need to know your hair type so that  can take care of your hair in a better way. 

You need to decide on the method of styling your hair, depending  on whether your hair is fine or thick. If your hair is fine, you will have fewer strands and they will never feel heavy. If on the other hand you have thick hair you will struggle to keep them together and have a tough time stopping the frizz. 

The first thing that you need to do before styling your hair is to ensure that it is free of knots and totally dry. 

  • Get a good haircut: 

A good haircut will add the necessary thickness and life to your hair. This will help you create the right hairstyle later. A good haircut frames your face in the proper way and highlights your features. A cut once every 6 weeks is not a bad idea to keep your hair primed for that eye-catching style when you are in the mood. A hairstylist loves to play around with good hair as it adds to the portfolio. With well-kept hair you offer a great playground for the stylist to take it to the next level and show their skills. 

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  • Take care when applying heat to your hair

Use a diffuser when applying heat to your hair with a blow dryer to reduce the intensity and damage to your scalp. Use a heat protectant for additional protection. However, spray it from a distance so that you do not make your hair excessively damp. 

If you are in the mood to curl your hair, use a curler with a heat setting gauge as finer hair requires a lot less heat than thicker hair. Keep a good distance between the scalp and the heat giving device to avoid harm. It might not be a bad idea to wrap a towel around your neck if you are doing this for the first time. Pull your hair to your finger-comb only after the hair has cooled. 

For those who want to straighten their hair you need to give yourself time for effective straightening. It pays to work efficiently without going too slow; this will help warm up your strands systematically from root to tip until your hair is straightened. 


  • Decide on your hair care products depending on hair type:

It is essential to choose the right product mix depending on the type of hair you have. Those with lighter, finer hair need to go for mists and light sprays as heavy conditioner might weigh down the hair and make it flat. The ones with thicker hair can afford to use richer products with cream and oil for nourishing their hair. 

When it comes to hair products, always go with the tried and tested formula of less is more. Use less of your gel as they dry up in a short while anyway. Gels are best to make short hair spiky, highlighting those curls or keep hair down to add to your style quotient. Always use gels and cream over wet/damp hair. You can finger comb the gels or could also opt for a plastic comb to create a sleek look.  

Use hair mousse to add volume to your hair and control those unruly curls. Remove the frizz from your hair and add bounce to your hair. 

Always use hair serums as they seal your cuticle and are particularly effective if you heat style your hair on a regular basis. Heat serums are safe to be used everyday as they wash away easily and leave no coating on the surface of the hair. 


  • Use the right sort of comb/hairbrush to style your hair: 

It is always safe to use a wooden hair brush as metal brushes could heat up and harm your tresses.

Natural boar bristles are great for those with fine hair. They run smoothly across your hair without tugging at it and help in enhancing hair shine. 


For normal and thick hair, you could try a comb with nylon and boar bristles as they are great for detangling and also provide that elegant sheen to your hair. 

Nylon bristles are very effective with thicker hair and help detangle knots. 


  • Go to a trained hair stylist for that great cut: 

It always pays to go to a professional stylist if you want some magic. They will be able to offer you the best advice on how you can style your hair in the best possible way; you will be offered multiple options including some outstanding ones, that you might not have thought possible before. 

If you want to figure out on your own which style will suit you best, you can try the following. Draw a rough outline of the shape and structure of your face on the mirror in front of you. Depending on what you see in front of you - a square, round, oval or oblong structure - you can try to find a style that complements the shape in the best way. 

For e.g., for those with a square face, short hairstyles are recommended; make sure not to part your hair through the centre. On the other hand, those with an oval shape are generally the luckiest as they can opt for any sort of hairstyle. 

You can even cut your hair in layers to provide texture to your look. But that also depends on whether your hair type supports that change; trying textures on curly hair might be a recipe for disaster. 

If you are in the mood for something radical you can try to colour your hair too. A bright new tone, attractive highlights  add to your face and make you stand out. Do make it a point to express your preference to your stylist and come to an agreement. A subtle difference in intensity could be enough to change the look completely and leave you completely dissatisfied. 

The right hairstyle could be the difference between an average and a stunning look. You can learn how to take care of hair by observing a careful regimen over a period of time. A better understanding of your own type of hair could help you develop a customised hair care routine to nourish hair. Developing the craft of styling hair might take more time and needs further study and regular practice. Constant effort will however power you towards your chosen goal sooner than later. 


Hair care is serious business and the right hair care regime and choice of products needs to be done with a lot of care and study. You can always take the help of our experts at Traya who would be glad to assist you in completing a successful journey towards hair health.


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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