Dr. Siddhi Sonawane
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rating 4.5/5

6 years

5,821 patients

Dr. Sonawane Rane runs her own practice at La Peau Dermatology and Cosmetology Clinic, Thane... She excels in treatments of skin care, facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, and laser therapy and has previously worked in two of the finest medical institutes in India - Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital along with renowned peers in the field

About the doctor

After gathering a decade long work experience at the finest medical schools in India, Dr. Sonawane Rane is currently involved in teaching and practicing dermatology. As an MD (Dermatology) she is broadening her scope of practice while deeply following her love for music.

education M.D. (Dermatology)
education MBBS


A Cosmetologist is an expert in treatments and therapies for Hair and Skin.

Patients frequently visit Dr. Sonawane Rane for Hair fall and hair greying. To see more visit the doctor’s profile here.

Dr. Sonawane Rane has the following qualifications - M.B.B.S, MD in Dermatology

You can take Dr. Siddhi’s appointment online (Hyperlink) for a video consultation with the doctor.

Dr. Sarna has over 6 years of experience and has a rating of 4.5/5.
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