Dr. Sangeeta Menon
PhD in Dietetics verified



rating 4.8/5

4 years

4,584 patients

Dr. Menon is a Nutritionist with a degree in Food Science. She is a certified Fitness Trainer... with expertise in Sports Nutrition. She is also the Founder and Director of a Health Cafe in Vapi and has authored various e-books on Amazon.

About the doctor

With a degree in Food Science and Nutrition, Dr. Menon is our nutrition whisperer. She believes that exercise is the key to a great digestive system. She is here to help you heal from within using food.

education PhD Dietetics
education Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Services
education Certified Sports Nutritionist and fitness trainer

Best Female Entrepreneur Vapi, 2019

My Amazon e-book on Kindle, “Nine months of my baby” for entrepreneurs.

“I am very happy with improvements in my health. With a diet plan being offered to me, I feel fit.”



A Dietician is an expert in food and nutrition who helps in treatments in Lifestyle & diet changes that will help treat hair and health.

Patients frequently visit Dr. Menon for Diet-related changes specific to issues like Diabetes, PCOS, Cholesterol, and also for weight management. To see more reasons visit the doctor’s profile here.

Dr. Menon has a PhD in Dietetics. She is a qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian.

You can take Dr. Menon’s appointment online (Hyperlink) for a video consultation with the doctor.

Dr. Menon has over 4 years of experience with a rating of 4.8/5.
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