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Do Vitamins Promote Hair Growth


Who would not want their gorgeous hair to grow long and strong? People strive to have shiny hair. Healthy hair attributes to your personality, it adds up to your confidence. But the abrupt sleep patterns, the unhealthy diet that constitutes processed food, hair styling, stress, and all the harmful chemicals that people put in their hair have deteriorated their hair.  

Unfortunately, people indulge themselves in trying out more products to improve the quality of their hair. Most of the brands claim to solve the hair issues but fail. Among the many effective solutions, vitamins can solve most hair issues. This article will focus on one of the hair problems that vitamins can solve– stopped hair growth.

Vitamins for hair growth

The human body needs nutrients to grow. Hair is the part of the human body that works similarly. Vitamins and minerals are important supplements that have proven to be effective in hair growth are what Dendy Engelman, M.D. says as per

Though there is no single vitamin that can help you thicken your hair; there are vitamins when consumed together can help out to make your hair healthier. The consumption of the vitamin could through your diet, through supplements, and also through the use of products containing them. 

When consumed through diet or taken through the supplementary tablets; the vitamin will be absorbed through cells and reach the bloodstream which will be supplied through your hair follicles. When you opt for using products with vitamins they can still contribute to the overall health, strength, and thickness of the hair. All of these can aid in hair growth. If you want your hair to grow long and shiny vitamins will play their part in doing so. Vitamins for hair growth are proven fact. This article will provide information that will support and explain the role of vitamins in hair growth.

The stronger the hair the longer strands it will have. Strong hair will not break or fall out of your scalp and eventually grow healthy and have longer lengths. Therefore vitamins promote hair growth.

 Why Do We Need Vitamins for Hair

The hair absorbs the nutrients from the blood supply through hair follicles. The blood supply absorbs the vitamins you consume. Therefore the vitamin intake will be absorbed in the bloodstream and these nutrients will be supplied to hair strands through the hair follicles. This simply explains the logic behind why vitamins are really important for the overall health of the hair.

The hair is structured by proteins that are termed keratin. Vitamins strengthen the hair follicles that eventually strengthen your hair. The more protein the hair gets the stronger and thicker it will grow. The deficiency results in hair thinning or hair loss. People who include vitamins in their diet understand their benefits for hair growth. 

Can I Use Vitamins for Hair Growth?

There is no shortcut to healthy hair. It takes a long time to show positive results even when you consume vitamins. You need to be consistent and patient to experience the result as it takes a month to grow only half inches of hair!

Incorporating vitamins through your diet is the best way to consume vitamins. If you decide to take supplements then it is advised that you visit your doctor. There is no doubt that vitamins are good for hair but the type of vitamin that helps in promoting hair grow thick and long is where the doctor’s suggestion plays its part. Too much of anything can harm. If you decide to get supplements for your hair it is recommended you critically analyze and research beforehand.

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Optimal consumption of nutrients is the key to gorgeous and long hair. Vitamins are varied. Each of them has its importance. This article provides you with relevant information regarding the vitamins that promote healthy long hair strands. This article will provide you with information regarding vitamins for hair loss prevention. Among the numerous vitamins, the best hair vitamins are listed in this article.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for cell growth. Hair is the tissue that grows fastest in the human body. Vitamin A helps in sebum production that moisturizes the hair scalp through hair follicles. The hydration provided by sebum will help in healthier hair. Deficiency in Vitamin A can cause hair loss. Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins for hair fall control.

Sources: Beef, Sweet potato, green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, cod liver oil, dairy products like milk and yogurt, egg, beans, and peas.

Vitamin B

You may have heard or gone through the statements like biotin for hair growth is essential. Even hair products today incorporate biotin in their ingredients. Biotin is simply one of the ‘B Vitamins’. B vitamins are amongst the best vitamins for hair growth. B vitamins help in Red Blood Cells formation. The Red blood cells are responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to your scalp through your hair follicles. 

B Vitamins are vitamins good for hair growth. The B Vitamins that aid in healthy hair is listed with their sources in the article. 

B complex vitamins 

B complex vitamins are soluble. Excess consumption will not hamper your body as your body will throw the excess amount through the urine. This allows you to consume Vitamin B complex on daily basis. The daily consumption of Vitamin B ensures healthy hair. It includes B1(thiamin), B2(riboflavin), B3(niacin), b5(pantothenic acid), B6(pyridoxine), B7(biotin), B9(folate), B12(Cobalamin). The Vitamins B7 and B12 will be explained in detail regarding how it is among the best vitamins for faster hair growth.

Sources: Meat, whole grains, eggs, legumes, seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits (citrus, banana)

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency can result in anemia and fatigue as per Loss of blood or anemia will cause in shortage of blood supply. Low blood supply means a lower amount of nutrients supplied to your hair through your hair follicles which will result in unhealthy hair and result in hair loss. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for hair growth and thickness.

Vitamin B7 (biotin for hair growth)

Biotin is responsible for breaking down proteins absorbed by hair follicles through the blood supply. It breaks the proteins into amino acids which is an essential element for hair growth. Biotin is also responsible for repairing the damaged hair due to pollution and hairstyling. Overdose of biotin may have some severe side effects so it is advised to visit your doctor for the correct amount of dosage required.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency can cause screwed hair. An appropriate amount of vitamin ensures healthy hair due to its antioxidant properties. It is also responsible for producing collagen that helps fight hair loss due to free radicals. The collagen helps in the bond of tissues without which the tissues might turn loose causing hair(tissue) to fall out. It also aids in iron and minerals absorption that ensures sufficient blood supply needed for healthy hair.

Sources:  Citrus fruits, guava, tomato, gooseberries, and fresh green vegetables

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can help in alopecia treatment which is a scalp disease caused due to baldness. It can help repair the damaged and blocked hair follicles. This repair can help in your hair growth eventually. It is recommended to let your body be exposed to sunlight every day for at least a few minutes as sunlight is the source of vitamin D.

Source: Fatty fish, Cod liver, mushrooms, fortified foods, milk, and egg.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps in delaying the aging process. When you age your body will not operate like you were young. The tissues will become weaker and blood supply will be low. All of these will contribute to insufficient nutrients needed for stronger hair strands. Vitamin E aids in delaying the aging process and therefore your body can supply the nutrients needed to have healthy hair.

Source: Eggs, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach.

Multivitamins for hair

Multivitamins are a good source that can supplement the dietary vitamin needs of your body. It will help in providing all the nutrients necessary for the overall health of the human body. When you are healthy your body will function properly which will lead to a sufficient blood supply. The blood supply will provide nutrients to the hair follicles that will make your hair strong and long.

Vitamin Capsules for Hair

All the vitamins mentioned above are available in capsule form. The lifestyle today is affected by the advancement. People have no time to pay attention to their diet. To incorporate all the vitamins in their diet has become practically impossible. Therefore one way to have healthy hair is to compensate through tablets used for hair growth. 

These vitamin tablets are readily available online.

Supplements to Control Hair Loss

Besides vitamins that are mentioned above; irons and minerals are also responsible for aiding healthy hair to grow long and strong. When you consume supplements orally it is absorbed by your body cells in the bloodstream. The bloodstream supplies essential nutrients to your scalp through hair follicles. This nourishes your hair resulting in healthier and shinier hair.


Iron is responsible to carry oxygen to red blood cells. This aids in the overall functioning of the human body. Loss of iron can result in anemia. Anemia prevents the necessary nutrients to get absorbed by the hair follicles obstructing hair growth. Therefore iron can be consumed through your diet or tablets for hair growth.

Sources: Leafy greens, eggs, red meat, dairy products, hard water


Zinc is responsible for repairing tissues which eventually helps in hair growth. It helps the sebum to function normally. Zinc deficiency is a major cause due to which studies say that people usually lose hair. 

Sources: Coriander, oysters, beef, beans, nuts, seafood, pumpkin seeds


The hair tissue is formed from proteins. Proteins are one of the major supplements required for the growth of healthy hair. Protein deficiency will not only cause a stoppage in hair growth but can also lead to hair loss. 

Source: Meat, egg, legumes, mushrooms, seafood

The above three mentioned supplements are the most major oral supplements that promote hair growth. Besides these omega-3 fat, magnesium and calcium can also help in achieving gorgeous and long hair. mentions 12 supplements that can be consumed orally. These are among the most effective supplements that promote healthier hair.

The takeaway

Hair growth is directly related to healthy hair. Healthy hair can be achieved through healthy balanced diets. Your diet must include the vitamins that can help you achieve gorgeous hair. Food is the best way to consume vitamins. Supplements can be used as an alternative if you cannot work on your diet and still wish to have gorgeous hair. Hormones, genes, and age are other factors that are inevitable when it comes to hair growth. But the measures mentioned above are evitable. These measures can help you achieve hair that is long and strong.

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