Minoxidil vs Redensyl : What should I use?

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Minoxidil and Redensyl are two popular hair loss treatments suggested by dermatologist. Read more to know which one is the most suited for your hair regrowth journey.
Minoxidil vs Redensyl : What should I use?

What is Minoxidil

Minoxidil belongs to a category of drugs called vasodilators. Vasodilators help open up blood vessels, thereby facilitating the easy transfer of blood through the vessels. Minoxidil is used extensively in treating male pattern baldness and helps in hair growth. This is also an effective means of hair fall treatment in women who are experiencing severe hair thinning issues.

What is Redensyl? 

Redensyl is the latest innovation on hair loss and is made out of plant based ingredients. It is not a prescription solution and can be bought over the counter. It works on stem cell division and promotes hair regrowth by stimulating hair to enter the hair regrowth phase. Let’s look at the comparative advantages of Redensyl vs Minoxidil.

Redensyl for Hair

So, what is redensyl actually made of ? 

Redensyl is a compound that assists in the better cell regeneration of the follicles which in turn leads to hair growth. It is a blend of seven plant compounds which are believed to contribute to hair growth.


A surgical hair transplant takes almost 84 days to grow and this is why Redensyl with its quicker action has become a chosen medicine for hair regrowth. Redensyl contains a newly developed molecule dihydroquercetin-glucoside which focuses on the stem cells of hair follicles to bring about the division of cells. The biggest advantage of Redensyl is that it is made of natural ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and also contain amino acids that constitute hair proteins. It is natural, non-hormonal and works on the cells to bring about growth. The versions that are preferred are Redensyl capixyl and procapil as they are not irritating and are non-sensitising.

The elements that are a part of Redensyl are 

  • DHQG
  • EGCG2
  • Glycine
  • Zinc Chloride
  • Meta-bisulfite
  • Glycerin 
  • Water

These are hair restorative and hair growth serums and they work by galvanising the initial hair growth phase. It takes control of the telogen phase or the resting phase of the hair follicles.  The different elements like EGCG2 and DHQG form a combination with zinc, water and glycerin and work on the stem cells and make hair grow. Redensyl has also been found to be extremely useful in the growth of beards too. 

Research has indicated that Redensyl has been very effective in the quick growth of hair. Hair growth was seen just 12 weeks after the use of the serum. There was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the new hair growth as it had better strength and thickness. There is also a good reduction in hair fall and this significant difference was noticed after just 2 months of regular use. 

How Does Minoxidil Work for Hair?

Minoxidil works on the basis of its vasodilating properties and contributes to enhanced hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.It also enhances cell proliferation and increases DNA synthesis, thereby increasing hair growth.  It has been used to treat hair shaft disorders and conditions like alopecia areata, scarring alopecia and also augment hair growth in the beard, eyebrows and other parts of the body. However, before you start experiencing hair growth there is a minor phase when you start shedding all the weaker hair before the fresh strands start growing.


If one selects Minoxidil for better growth one has to be patient and be prepared for the long haul as results are not going to show in a hurry. Also, do not take the risk of stopping it midway or abruptly as it might affect hair growth. Termination of the application could lead to hair loss within a period of 12-24 weeks. Minoxidil is also a prescribed product which means that it cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription.

Before putting it on your scalp you would be required to clean the area and preferably apply it to damp hair. Part your hair in the section where your hair has thinned and apply the solution uniformly across the affected area. You should ideally do this on a fresh, clean scalp before you apply other products or before you go to bed. Rub about ½ a cap of foam gently in the affected area and wait for it to be fully absorbed. 

Do not let your use of minoxidil coincide on the days on which you receive any form of chemical treatment on your scalp. Avoid using this on your head if it is cut, infected, scraped or red. If it enters your eyes inadvertently wash them by splashing them with a good amount of cold water.

Follow the advice of your healthcare advisor accurately, do not apply more or less than prescribed. Remember, the drug takes time to produce results. It has to be applied regularly over a period of 4 months for the effects to be seen. However, if even after 4-6 months of consistent usage, there is no noticeable development or certain adverse effects are seen, you need to get in touch with your doctor. Minoxidil is a very potent blood pressure lowering drug and that is why pressure patients need to be careful when taking the medicine. It can also increase your heart rate and therefore patients with heart complications or poor heart functioning mechanisms need to be monitored separately. This is what puts Minoxidil at a disadvantage in the ‘redensyl vs minoxidil which is better’ debate.

If you are administering minoxidil orally do let your doctor know if you are under any other sort of medication like herbs, vitamins or oral supplements; minoxidil might interact with other medication and this could be harmful and at the same time inhibit the performance of the drug. Pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant and breastfeeding women should only start the medication on the advice of their medical practitioner. People suffering from heart diseases, kidney diseases, etc need to be careful and  should consult a doctor before starting the treatment. You can also get in touch with our traya experts. 

Minoxidil Vs Redensyl - Which One to Choose?

So, is Redensyl better than Minoxidil? Wondering who won the minoxidil Vs redensyl  battle? Read below.

Compared to Minoxidil, Redensyl is a recent innovation and has been making waves with its level of performance ever since it has been offered as a product for enhancing hair growth. However, redensyl is used to manage early stages of hair loss in both men and men, whereas Minoxidil remains as the undoubted topical treatment for hair loss due to high efficacy rates. 

Stem cell research is a trending area in the medical community and regenerative medicines have received a fair degree of focus in the recent past. Redensyl, which focuses on the activation of the stem cells of the hair follicles has achieved a fair degree of success and earned the appreciation of its users. Research has indicated that an 84-day course of redensyl has helped the users obtain at least 28,200 new hairs which is roughly the equivalent of 3 hair transplant sessions. The combined effect could be felt in terms of the enhancement in the number of hairs, the increase of growing hair and the significant decrease in the number of fallen hair.

Redensyl serum helps curtail the duration of the resting or telogen phase while at the same time increasing the anagen or growth phase. This helps it prevent hair loss and helps retain your hair.

Redensyl is also the product of a greener process, involving the use of less energy and reduced use of hazardous chemicals to make it a more innovative and sustainable product. This may seem like a victory for Redensyl in the Redensyl vs Minoxidil battle, but Minoxidil shows results like no other. Redensyl is also water soluble and could be combined with any hair care formula to be used in hair sprays. It’s compatibility with alcohol allows for its inclusion in more hair care products. 

With reference to the adverse effects of Redensyl vs Minoxidil, compared to Minoxidil, Redensyl side effects could be considered negligible. While nausea, vomiting and changes in facial and body hair patterns are fairly common with Minoxidil, Redensyl has not been known to produce any significant adverse effects. Also, Minoxidil has been known to trigger more serious effects like a rapid heart rate and breathing issues which are practically unheard of as far as Redensyl is concerned. 

In the Redensyl vs Minoxidil war, Redensyl seems to have performed fairly well but does not have enough standing to its competitor Minoxidil, which has ruled the market for decades as a promoter of hair growth. Owing to its diverse nature, Redensyl has been able to facilitate the production of a range of anti-aging products for companies. The stem cell therapy and the sustainable nature of Redensyl have put it in a position of relative advantage As of now, Redensyl presents a wide scope for further researches and may turn out to be a potential drug in hair care industry For more new-age solutions to improve the condition of your hair, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Traya who will set you firmly on your journey to better hair health.


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