Looking For Hair Growth Serum? Here’s Redensyl For You!

The latest discovery against hair loss and the perfect solution to hair transplantation is no other than Redensyl. This is the first cosmetic active component for hair treatment focused on regenerative medicine research, which can give positive outcomes in 84 days than just a hair transplant surgical procedure.

Redensyl hair serum is always beneficial for our hair; by applying it, our hair is soft. Due to the polluted environment, our hair is the most damaged, the dirt that gets in the air while going out gets carried into our hair, due to which our hair gets damaged, and our hair becomes dry and lifeless. Then we do not know what to do to make our hair soft and strong, but only the redensyl serum does the work of putting life into our hair. Redensyl hair serum not only makes our hair soft but also shiny.

What Is Hair Serum?

For hair care, we use hair serum, hair serum is very oily in appearance, but hair serum is very soft. But it does not go into the depths of our hair like oil; applying hair serum gives shine to our dry and lifeless hair. A good hair serum keeps our hair from dust, dirt, and sun rays and also prevents hair from getting tangled. As we all know that hair serum is known to give our hair shine, straighten and make hair beautiful.

What Is Redensyl?

Redensyl is a successful hair blooming/growth therapy that targets hair growth at the biological level. Redensyl serum contains four necessary ingredients that work together to build an excellent recipe for hair growth:

Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), is a compound obtained from plant extracts that encourage cell division and targets stem cells in hair follicles.

Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2), is an anti-inflammatory that boosts happiness by capturing free radicals and the health of the scalp.

Glycine, an amino acid that builds hair protein and is combined with keratin.  

Zinc, which strengthens the hair shaft structure, thereby strengthening it.

Redensyl Have Better Results Than Hair Transplant Surgery

Minoxidil is a treatment used for hair loss. It is believed to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and widen hair follicles to help people dealing with pattern hair loss. 

Redensyl is an effective and natural alternative that is clinically proven to be effective in controlling hair loss especially for the people who are in the stage 1 of pattern hair loss.

Redensyl has been evaluated during a double-blind versus placebo clinical trial on volunteers showing grade three to four alopecia according to the Medical Norwood classification.

Due to its unique cellular concept, the clinical results obtained with Redensyl respond to the request of consumers without yet:

  1. Within 84 days, volunteers have more hair (up to + 17%)
  2. Anagen (growing) number of hair increases (+ 9%)
  3. While the number of falling hair decreases (-17%)

Redensyl hair growth serum is being the best option because:

  • Redensyl serum does not contain hormones
  • Redensyl hair serum use natural ingredient
  • Results are noticeable
  • Redensyl product uplift hair growth at a biological level

What Is Redensyl Made Of?

 There are 7 natural ingredients use for making redensyl for hair growth are:

  • DHQG
  • Glycine
  • EGCG 2
  • Zinc chloride
  • Glycerin
  • Meta-bisulfite
  • Water

Hair Cycle

The hair follicle undergoes regeneration and degeneration due to stem cell involvement.

Anagen is the stage of hair growth. It can last 2 to 7 years. The length of the anagen phase may decrease due to a person's age or due to another health condition.

Catagen is a stage in which hair stops growing. It is a phase of infection in which hair enters the telogen phase from the anagen phase.

Telogen is a resting stage of hair. About 10–15 % of hair is in this stage.

Alopecia occurs when the telogen stage is prolonged, and the transition to the anagen stage becomes difficult. This is because hair follicle stem cells become less productive and become less effective in transmitting information to fibroblast stem cells located in the dermal papilla.

Around one million people worldwide are treated with surgical or non-surgical hair restoration procedures.

Benefits Of Redensyl For Hair

Redensyl reacts as a rejuvenation medicine and targets hair follicle stem cells, called outer root sheath cells. Hair follicle stem cells play a large role in hair growth and are important in commencing the anagen stage of the hair cycle. Redensyl active molecules, DHQG, trigger the fragment of ORSCs, resulting in hair growth and regeneration, even when those hair follicles have been inactive for some time. And while it triggers the hair growth stage, it also works to stop the telogen phase, meaning that your hair has a longer period of growth before the follicle regroups. In this way, it helps favor more growth than damage to your hair follicles, thereby increasing the total number of hair on your scalp, as well as the length and quality of those hair.

Other benefits of using Redensyl hair growth serum:

  • Applying redensyl hair serum brightens the hair.
  • It Prevents Hair Damage.
  • It works as a conditioner.
  • It gives nutrients to dry hair.
  • It protects hair from Heating.
  • It straightens hair.
  • Get rid of split ends.

How To Use Redensyl For Hair?

Redensyl is a hair growth and hair restoration serum that consist of pure plant extracts. These hair follicle cells aim to reactivate hair division by encouraging the initial hair growth stage. It controls the telogen stage - a term used for hair loss.

When cellular components that make redensyl such as EFCG2 and DHQG, are combined with zinc, glycerin, and water, it targets hair growth and leads follicle stem cells.

The ingredients of redensyl use for hair restoration, hair conditioning, and hair growth. 

Now that baldness has become a common problem in men, studies show that over 35% of 40% of men have noticeable hair loss.

In such scenarios, Redensyl is known to exhibit major effects and an exceptional solution.

Hair Benefits Of Redensyl For Men

  • Redensyl hair restoration serum is here to deal with various stages of baldness.
  • If you want to get silky and shiny hair, Redensyl serum will help you with great results.
  • Almost all men like to shave. But some of them may grow slightly. 

Redensyl may help them with Redensyl beard oil.

  • An all-in-one product - Redensyl Hair oil can work in hair restoration, growth, prevention, and conditioning hair loss.

To make it a little handy and easier for you, Redensyl lotion is also available in the market.

How Redensyl Serum Promotes Hair Growth?

During the lifespan, the hair goes through 4 stages: catagen, anagen, exogen, and telogen.

The anagen stage is where your hair grows actively and can last 2 to 7 years. The duration of the anagen phase may decrease as you age or for various health reasons. As a result, hair becomes thinner and weaker than normal, with a higher risk of fall and breakage.

At the last of the anagen stage, the hair enters the catagen stage, which is a transition phase of the telogen stage. During the telogen stage, the follicle rests, and approximately 10–15% of hairs occur in this phase at a given time. In this phase, a new hair starts the growth phase while the existing hair is resting.

Thus, redensyl serum promotes hair blooming/growth by moving the hair follicles from the telogen stage to the anagen stage. Clinical studies have proven that redensyl may decrease the hair count of the telogen stage and increase the percentage of hair in the anagen stage.

Redensyl Is Available In Which Products?

Redensyl is mostly found in oil and serum. It is inexpensive, extremely convenient for both women and men, and easy to administer.

Using a redensyl-based product is always a smart decision to deal with hair loss as it does not have the associated side effects—some brands mix redensyl and other ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of their products.

The best treatment may be to use a redensyl-based product to achieve complete and optimal hair growth treatment. This gives you shiny long shiny hair and can help prevent hair loss.

How Long Does It Take for Redensyl To Hair Growth?

Hair growth takes 3-6 months. Place the product on your scalp, let it dry, do not wash your skull. It can also be applied to eyebrows. Since hair growth cycles can take at least one to four months, Therefore, it will take three to six months to use Redensyl to notice the beneficial effects.

Direction Of Use: Separate your hair and apply one or two drops (0.8 ML to 1.6mL) and apply directly to the scalp in areas that are thin or brown. Massage your thin hair into the scalp twice a day for the first two weeks with fingers, then once daily make sure that as much serum as possible is applied to the scalp instead of the hair shaft, then rub your hands thoroughly. Place the product on your scalp, allow it to dry, do not wash your scalp. Also can be applied to eyebrows.

Since hair growth cycles can take at least one to four months, it will take three to six months to use redensyl to see the beneficial effects. Remember that any reasonably effective hair loss treatment can take up to three months to initiate results, and one to two years since anagen for optimal results to be reached, or the hair growing phase. The duration is at least two years.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Redensyl?

Talking about Redensyl side effects, clinical studies say that there are rarely any side effects of Redensyl. It does not have any harmful effects and is completely beneficial for hair growth.

Because it is processed by biotechnology and is plant-based, it gives impressive results.


Hair fall is a common problem that can be caused by pollution or food, and also age is one of the biggest factors. As hair loss is very common, we cannot just take it for granted as it can turn into severe hair loss if necessary steps are not taken at the right time. 

The introduction of Redensyl in this industry has changed people's minds, and it is now a very popular product for hair growth.

People are liking it for being natural and safe, and they do not have to spend a lot of money on the treatment of any hair transplant. It makes it strong and corrects hair quality without any side effects or allergic reactions, so it creates a tendency to use products with Redensyl as the active ingredient.


  • How long does Redensyl take to work? What are the Side Effects of Redensyl?

Ans. Redensyl takes three to six months to show results. Redensyl has shown results and has no side effects.

  • Does Redensyl grow hair?

Ans. Due to its unique cellular concept, the clinical results obtained with redensyl respond to the request of consumers without yet: within 84 days, volunteers have more hair (up to + 17%), the number of anagen (increasing) Hair grows (+ 9%).

  • Can you use Redensyl and minoxidil together?

Ans. Topical treatments can also help restore your hair. Minoxidil can be used to reverse hair thinning caused by androgenic alopecia. If you use 2% minoxidil then it is applied to the scalp once a day if you use 5% or twice a day. Redensyl can be used as an alternative to minoxidil.

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