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Use Clove (Lavangam) For Healthy Hair And Skin


Cloves are the dry buds of the flowers of the evergreen clove tree. Cloves are considered a popular spice in India. Famous by the name clove, laung, and lavangam, in science, it is known as Syzygium Aromaticum.

Clove (lavangam) is used to enhance the flavour of food and to benefit hair, health, and skin. Clove is known to give immense health benefits. Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda relies on cloves for curing many diseases. It adds aroma and taste to meals and each part of the clove tree such as leaves, fruits, stems, and oil is useful.

Interesting Facts About Clove For Hair

Clove for hair is rich in antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties which make you fight many medical and beauty issues. You can also use it as a home remedy by combining it with various other ingredients. Moreover, the antioxidants property of clove for hair and skin prepares you to handle problems. In every Indian household, the use of clove to treat a toothache is quite common.

Cloves are made after drying up clove buds which takes 9 years of time to grow. You can get more clove for hair benefits from its oil. Even Ayurveda recommends clove oil rather than cloves in its original form. However, clove oil for hair and health benefits are not different from the original clove. You should invest in pure clove oil such as clove oil for your hair, skin, and other health problems.

Clove is mostly grown in Asia and parts of South America. In the manufacturing of products such as soaps, cosmetics, cigarettes, toothpaste, and perfumes, clove is used as an active ingredient. Its medicinal uses are non-ignorable and you should know about it. Here are a few clove benefits:

Medicinal Uses of Cloves for Hair & Health

Clove herb, oils of clove, leaves of clove, stems of clove, and dried flower buds of clove are used for medicinal purposes. You can use clove as a medicine for treating upset stomach and to promote sputum secretion as an expectorant to ease cough up phlegm. 

General medical problems such as bad breath, hernia, intestinal gas, vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea can be treated by using clove.

Clove for hair is also good for health as it works effectively in tooth pain by applying it directly to the gums. In the process of dental treatment and tooth extraction, clove is used to relieve pain. You can see the usage of clove in throat inflammation and mainly as a counterirritant in pain.



Health Benefits of Clove (Lavangam)

You can find cloves in whole and ground forms too. In many delicacies, clove is used as the main ingredient to give a unique touch to the recipe. Famous for its aroma, traditional medicine also contains cloves. There are many compounds present in cloves that benefit health. One of the principal bio components of cloves for hair growth is Eugenol, which is responsible for most of its health benefits. Below you will learn the importance of clove from a health point of view.

  • Rich in nutrients

Whether it is whole or ground, clove for hair growth has vitamins, fibre, and minerals in it. In about 2 grams of clove, you will have

Calories: 6

Carbs: 1 gram

Fibre: 1 gram

Manganese: 55%

Vitamin K: 2%

Each content has its benefits. Manganese present in cloves works to maintain brain function.

  • Rich in antioxidants

Lavangam contains antioxidants in abundance which helps in reducing the level of oxidative stress. Eugenol is responsible for its antioxidant properties. Thus, using clove maintains your overall health.

  • Cloves for bones

You can take advantage of Cloves to give strength to your bones. Actually, cloves contain manganese, which can make bones strong.. Its hydrochloric extract is a bone-preserver. It protects your bones against hypogonadal osteoporosis or ortho-paedic disease.

  • Cloves for Asthma

Studies suggest that cloves can be used to treat asthma, as the compound eugenol exerts anti-asthmatic effects and is a bronchodilator, which further helps in minimizing the discomfort of asthma. 

Clove oil has a specific aroma that cleans the nasal passages. Also, it helps in treating cough, cold, asthma, sinus, bronchitis. 

The antioxidants property of clove oil heals stress by preventing pathological changes. However, the exact way of how clove oil exerts its anti-stress property remains unclear for the time being. 

Clove oil for hair makes the circulatory system active by reducing mental exhaustion and reduces signs of fatigue. It reduces the signs of memory loss, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

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  • Cloves for digestion

The use of cloves for digestion helps in boosting the digestive system by activating the enzymes in the body. You can see the reduction in intestinal irritation after you start the consumption of clove. It can heal your problem of indigestion as well. Gastric symptoms like flatulence, nausea, diarrhoea, gas, indigestion, and vomiting can be reduced by using cloves. It also relieves the symptoms of peptic ulcer or stomach ulcers.


  • Clove for inflammation

Cloves may ease pain and reduce inflammation. The presence of Eugenol compounds in cloves works as an anti-inflammatory agent, hence its effect can be seen in the body. The compound appears as a protective agent while fighting diseases caused by inflammation. Sometimes inflammation becomes the reason for acne and cloves help heal it .

  • Clove for Diabetes

Cloves are a potent tool for managing diabetes. The medical condition which increases the blood sugar level i.e. diabetes can be managed  by using cloves. It controls blood glucose.

As per research, the presence of hypolipidemic, antihyperglycemic, and hepatoprotective properties in cloves improves lipids level in the body which helps in the protection of the liver.

  • Cloves for Teeth

Toothache, gum infection, and cavities are quite common and annoying problems that you too might have faced once for all. If you are dealing with a constant toothache, it will be irritating for you as it interrupts your daily routine. You will face problems in having food and in speaking too. Your mind gets stuck to pain. To tackle this problem, clove is an effective treatment that is always ready to rescue you.

You will need just a whole clove to place it into your mouth. Make sure to place it between the teeth which hurt, bite it to allow the clove to release its oil and then wait for the clove to work. It will release a bitter taste with a different kind of tingling sensation on your gums.

Do not rush to rinse your mouth after sensing the bitter taste in your mouth. Wait for some time and let the clove oil work. . Let it stay for 10 minutes, then clean your mouth. 

  • Cloves for cough

Cough is common during a particular season and you should not depend on popping a pill for sore throat and cough. Lavangam can naturally treat your cough and sore throat. Also, it makes your immune system strong.

The herb is loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are present in eugenol and gallic acid which are its phenolic compounds. Clove treats cough, sore throat, and also reduces pain due to constant cough. The expectorant present in the clove helps in clearing the respiratory passage and alleviates an itchy feeling in the throat. Moreover, antiviral and antioxidants help to clean toxins from the body.


Benefits of Cloves for Skin

You know the effects of clove in treating cough but you may also like to know how clove benefits your skin.

  • It prevents acne and pimples

You have known that cloves have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which are helpful in killing bacteria responsible for acne. The Eugenol compound of clove removes acne, reduces the inflammation on the skin and redness too.

You will need a few drops of  clove oil and carrier oil. Mix both the oils and mix it to your face cream to apply on a regular basis. People with sensitive skin should avoid it.

  • It fights signs of ageing

Many cosmetic products contain clove oil to prevent the signs of ageing. Clove properties help in fading of the fine lines, removing the wrinkles, and reduces sagging of skin. Cloves speed up blood circulation that results in a radiant glow on your skin.

You will require a few drops of clove oil to mix it in your moisturizing cream or lotion. Add it into your regime and apply it before going to bed.

  • It fades blemishes

Clove works not only to heal acne and reduce signs of ageing but also fades blemishes and dark spots. With its exfoliating property, it removes dead skin cells from the skin.

You will need a few 2-3 drops of clove oil and carrier oil. Mix both the oils to massage your skin. Add this into your routine and do not forget to apply before going to bed to get rid of blemishes left by acne on the skin.

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How to Use Cloves for Hair?

You can use lavangam in daily life for various purposes and helping hair to face different problems is one of them. Cloves work for hair in many ways. Learn about it below.

  • Clove for hair is used to treat dandruff

Dry scalp and flaky skin on the head give birth to dandruff as believed by many people. You too might have faced the problem of breeding dandruff in your hair. If anyone spots dandruff in your hair, it will be embarrassing for you. So, why to worry, open your kitchen's cabinet and take out cloves to fight this hair problem. The antimicrobial and antifungal property present in clove oil helps to get rid of the problems of dandruff.

You'll need to add around 12-15 drops of clove oil to your shampoo to treat dandruff. Use only this shampoo until your dandruff goes forever.

  • Clove for hair enhances hair growth

As already mentioned clove contains a compound named eugenol and interestingly it helps in the growth of hair as well. Regular use of clove oil for hair repairs damaged hair provides strength to hair and gives a silkiness to locks. It promotes hair growth.

To take the advantage of clove oil for promoting hair growth, you will need a teaspoon of clove oil and coconut oil. Mix both the oils and warm it a bit. Then apply it to the scalp. Leave it for 2-3 hours on hair, then rinse it off.

Grey hair before the thirties does not look good and it lowers down the self-confidence also. To treat the premature greying of hair, you will need the benefits of clove. Clove oil for hair speeds up the process of pigment production which directs to maintain the natural colour of your hair.

You will require a mixture of essential oils for example clove oil and eucalyptus oil. Mix these two oils and apply them to your hair twice a week.

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Side Effects of Cloves

Clove oil benefits hair and clove oil benefits health in many ways. However, it has a lesser-known side too. You can face some side effects while using clove 

  • On a general note, consumption of cloves is safe in limited quantities. When you use clove in food and take it by mouth, it is considered safe. However, more than a limited quantity shows the opposite effect.
  • Clove for skin is believed to be safe. When any product contains clove in it, apply directly to the skin. But, sometimes it damages the skin, tooth pulp, and gums when taken by mouth. Excessive use can result in irritation and burning sensation.
  • You should not give clove oil to children as it can result in seizures, liver damage, and fluid imbalances.


The dried flowers of cloves are famous for their immense advantages. The consumption of clove for hair and health prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps blood sugar level in the body balanced.

No doubt, clove has many benefits but it should be taken in limited quantities and included in a balanced diet. Try to use grind cloves in foods to enhance the taste of food and effective health benefits. 

To take the clove benefit, you can also consume Traya’s gut shuddhi and health tatva.

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