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How to prevent white hair, delay greying and hair loss due to scalp aging?



Premature greying of hair and excessive hair loss is a nightmare for many people. Be it female or male, waking up to a bunch of hair stuck to pillow cases is not a pretty sight for anyone. Even a bright grey hair peeking out from a scalp of black hair is embarrassing and worrisome for many. While there are multiple reasons related to the greying of hair and  hair loss, one particular cause is the aging of the scalp. Similar to how the skin and body undergo the aging process, your scalp ages too. But although there are several hair loss and grey hair treatments available in the market the questions on  ‘how to stop white hair?’ and ‘how to prevent white hair from spreading ?’ are still being asked.

There are many reasons for scalp aging, which results in grey hair and hair fall. But before we dwell on the causes, let’s look at the exact definition and meaning of scalp aging.

Facts about white hair

The pigmentation of the follicles occurs due to the presence of  melanin of 2 different types, eumelanin and pheomelanin. More eumelanin is responsible for darker hair while less eumelanin makes the hair lighter. Also, with age the pigment cells present in our follicles die, and in due course the hair will become white, silver or gray. Sometimes a deficiency of vitamin B12 could also be the cause behind premature whitening of hair.

What is Scalp Aging?

As the name suggests, scalp aging relates to the scalp getting older with time, becoming thinner, and losing its elasticity. It is known that scalp ages faster than the rest of our body and skin, making it difficult for people to experience healthy hair growth throughout their lives. The aging process leads to a reduced number of hair follicles in the head, resulting in hair thinning and balding. On an average, the hair growth speed on a normal scalp is roughly around 1.25 to 2 cm per month. But the figure varies when the scalp is aged. On an aging scalp, hair growth slows down to almost 80% or grows only 0.25 to 0.5 cm per month.

Often the process of aging is solely related to body, skin, and face, while the scalp gets left behind. However, your scalp needs just the same amount of care and treatment as your face and body.




White Hair - Causes Of Hair Ageing

Causes of Scalp Aging

There are several reasons for scalp aging. One most prominent cause is the time and structure of the scalp. There are other reasons, as well:

  • A decrease in the level of collagen present in the body
  • Poor or irregular blood circulation to the scalp and head
  • Problems related to kidney or liver
  • Low supply of required nutrients in the body
  • Dandruff or unhealthy scalp due to irregular washing and oiling
  • Any illness or disease that affects scalp and hair growth, such as PCOS and Cancer

Although we cannot delay scalp aging and cannot suggest ways on how to avoid white hair completely, we can always take care of our hair by regularly oiling, washing, and keeping it healthy. These are the most basic steps on how to stop white hair.

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Effects of Scalp Aging

Here are all the  negative effects scalp aging has on your hair:

  • Change in hair colour and accelerated premature hair greying.
  • Hair thinning and split ends.
  • Excessive hair loss and pattern baldness
  • Reduced growth of hair per month or over a long period of time

 As scalp ages, these causes become more and more prominent. But they don’t have to be permanent or highly damaging. You can always turn to hair loss and grey hair treatment along with hair fall and greying home remedies to keep your scalp healthy and hair thick. Let us tell you a little more about how to stop white hair growth.

White Hair and Hair Loss

You must already know about grey hair and hair loss symptoms by far. The natural process of hair greying usually begins after a person enters in his/her 40s. But many people are now experiencing white hair growth in their early teen years or 20s. Even the hair loss issue becomes excessive for people in their early youth when they do not pay heed to the demands of their scalp. The head becomes unhealthy to grow thick, healthy hair even as you start thinking of ways on how to stop white hair.

Can Stress Cause White Hair or Hair Loss?

Yes, stress is one of the leading causes of grey hair and hair loss. Stress affects the stem cells responsible for regenerating hair pigment, thereby accelerating the greying process as you frantically begin to search for ways on how to reduce white hairs. Moreover, people who experience regular bouts of stressful episodes also tend to lose more hair, as a large number of follicles in the scalp go into their resting phase.

Herbal Hair Oil

How to Prevent/Delay Hair Whitening and Hair Loss

It is quite evident that hair loss or greying of hair cannot be cured. Nevertheless, these conditions can always be controlled by using the right medication and hair care products and there are a lot of solutions available on how to stop white hair.

Organic essential oils:

Since the time of our grandparents, oiling of hair is very important to have silky, smooth hair. Even today, essential ayurvedic oils, such as Pinus longifolia, Ylang Ylang, and motia rosha are useful in delaying hair loss and greying of hair.

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Traya hair vitamins:

Often, the reason for hair loss and grey hair is hidden in what you put in your body. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals results in hair thinning, loss, and greying. In such conditions, multivitamin supplements are a huge help. Traya Hair Vitamins  is one such multivitamin supplement that contains several minerals, amino acids, and biotin, helping control hair and scalp related issues.


Another medication that works to prevent hair loss is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment approved by the FDA to control hair thinning in both men and women.

Ayurvedic herbs and mixes:

Many ayurvedic medicines are the best remedy to prevent hair loss and greying of hair. Hair needs care and essential minerals, which are usually present in ayurvedic herbs that improve scalp health, hair volume, and hair length. They have also been recommended by experts as one of the effective methods on How to Stop White Hair.

Diet Plan:

The health of your hair depends upon what you put inside your body. Hence, a healthy diet plan is required to maintain a good scalp health and hair growth. Ayurvedic hair potions and gut cleansers are best in such conditions. To avoid premature gray hair  or a diet rich in anti-oxidant rich food is recommended. The following could be followed as suggestions on how to stop hair whitening:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Food rich in vitamin B-5 like fish and yogurt
  • Copper rich foods like almonds peanuts and lentils
  • Iron rich foods like meat and dark leafy greens
  • Beans and citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin B-9
  • Food with zinc like whole grains and red meat
  • Vitamin B-6 supplements for people who do not consume red meat
  • Biotin supplements

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Home remedies for White Hair

Premature white hair during your 20s or 30s could be the result of your genetics, diet or lifestyle. There are a couple of home remedies that could however be useful in slowing down the pace of hair whitening or could be recommended as effective remedies on How to Stop White Hair Let’s take a look at a few:

Coconut oil: Massage coconut oil onto your scalp every alternate day before going to bed and wash your hair in the morning.

Ginger: Mix a teaspoon of grated ginger with a tablespoon of honey and have it every day.

Amla: Massage your hair with amla oil once a week.

Onion: Grate an onion and apply the juice to your hair and scalp. Wash it off after 30 minutes. Do this every alternate day.

Ghee: Massage pure ghee into your scalp and hair twice a week.

Catalase: Get foods rich in the catalase enzyme into your diet. They include food like broccoli, almonds, garlic, cabbage etc.

Other than that organic hair medicine and formulas for better results such as Scalptone, a homeopathy remedy for scalp and hair care, which improves the condition of hair and the scalp. It contains a myriad of organic drugs that keep the roots healthy and reduce hair fall. Scalptone also helps in preventing excessive hair loss, scalp itching and irritation, dryness of scalp, thinning and splitting of hair, and dandruff. Usually, Scalptone is available in the form of tablets, which are best taken on the advice of an expert who can prescribe the right dosage to your hair related issue. Home remedies are like band- aids and not a solution, you can also turn to consultation with our experts at Traya. They will be helpful, as we go about detailing the solutions available on how to stop white hair.

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