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How does Traya work - Is Traya really effective?


If you have a hair loss problem, you must have heard of Traya! But how do you know if Traya is effective? Here is full disclosure- detailed information and the whole truth behind how 93% saw results with Traya. In this blog, we have compiled everything you need to know about how Traya works, its effectiveness, month-on-month improvements, Traya hair coaches and the 100% money-back guarantee.  

Traya is an effective hair treatment solution where we work on the root cause of your hair loss by solving the internal issues triggering your hair loss. We have helped over 2.5+ Lakh men and women with their hair loss. Backed and recommended by doctors, Traya provides you with a holistic, scientific solution for your hair loss. 

Is Traya Effective?

Yes, Traya is effective.

We could leave it here but we won’t. 

The truth is, Traya’s (or any treatment’s) effectiveness depends on various factors. From the treatment perspective, these include the individual’s age, underlying medical conditions, stage of hair loss and from the customers' end, their consistency in following the treatment. 

Hair loss is much more complicated than it seems. It is not just limited to too much hair in your comb or visible balding. Hair loss is a symptom of internal problems like gut issues, thyroid, PCOS, Stress, Anemia, Nutritional deficiencies and so much more. Traya understands this and works on the cause of your hair loss. This is why Traya’s treatment is scientific and holistic. We don’t just give you shampoos and oils but also ayurvedic supplements, vitamins and diet tips.

Traya is effective not because we give you a personalised treatment plan, but because we believe in the values of purity, transparency and authenticity - both in our treatment and approach. We believe in telling you the science behind hair loss and the details of how the treatment works. Along with a treatment plan, we give you access to a free hair coach to guide you in your journey. Our hair coaches are doctor-trained individuals who ensure you get the best results by guiding you through every problem you face and every query you have. 

Factors of Effectiveness


1. Age

Age significantly influences the effectiveness of any treatment. Younger individuals generally show greater responsiveness to treatments due to higher follicular activity and overall hair health. Consequently, early intervention in addressing hair concerns gives favourable results. 

Traya’s study on 5 lakh Indian men found a growing awareness among young individuals below the age of 25 regarding hair loss, even at an early stage. However, it's concerning that a significant proportion of respondents aged 21-25 progress to Stage 2 of the Norwood Hair Loss Scale due to a lack of treatment during Stage 1. 

Younger individuals often experience better outcomes in terms of hair regrowth, thickness, and overall improvement in hair quality compared to older individuals. However, this doesn't take away the potential effectiveness of hair products for older individuals, but the age of the individual is a determinant factor in treatment response.


2. Stage of Hair Loss

The stage of hair loss is another important factor that impacts the effectiveness of hair products. Hair loss has multiple stages, ranging from initial thinning to advanced balding or widening in women. 

The effectiveness of a hair product often varies depending on the stage of hair loss at which the treatment is prescribed. Products designed for early-stage hair loss, such as thinning or shedding, maybe more promising compared to advanced stages of baldness where follicular activity may be severely compromised. 

By understanding the stage of hair loss, we at Traya curate treatments tailored to address specific needs and maximize the measure of success.


3. Consistency

Consistency is extremely crucial in achieving desired outcomes with any treatment.

Imagine this; You have recently purchased a new plant, and you bring it home excitedly and water it daily for a week. After a few days, the novelty goes away, and you start forgetting to water the plant. Will the plant survive? And even if it does, will it remain healthy? No! The same is the case with your hair.

Consistent application or use of the product according to prescribed guidelines ensures the best absorption of active ingredients and sustained stimulation of hair follicles. Irregular application will compromise the effectiveness of the product. Just like your plants, your hair too needs consistent care and proper nourishment. Hence establishing a disciplined regimen and adhering to it diligently is crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment and in achieving long-term results.

For this, we also have reminders on the Traya app that tell you to take your medicines on time. We also have hair coach support. 


4. Underlying Medical Conditions 

We've all heard the saying, "The sooner, the better," and when it comes to addressing hair loss, this couldn't be more true. When hair loss is addressed promptly, active follicles are more receptive to treatment, enhancing the likelihood of regrowth and restoration. Moreover, the underlying conditions causing hair fall can get worse over time and lead to more severe hair loss. 

One of the most unique aspects of Traya is the ability to deliver results across various stages of hair loss. Whether you're a man experiencing Pattern baldness or Telogen Effluvium, or a woman grappling with shedding or widening, Traya has you covered. With proven efficacy in stages 1-4 for men and all stages except areata, Traya offers hope and solutions, no matter where you are on your hair loss journey. 

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a full head of hair. Depending on individual factors, your Traya treatment duration could range from 3-12 months. However, don't fret – you'll start noticing positive changes within the first couple of months. From reduced hair fall to improved scalp health, Traya's user-friendly app lets you track your progress and celebrate each milestone along the way.

Why Traya Stands Out and is Effective! 

Diagnosis First Approach

Whenever someone asks “Is Traya's treatment good?”, we like to talk about our approach. Unlike other treatments that focus solely on selling products, Traya believes in a diagnosis-first approach. With our free hair test co-created by medical professionals, Traya ensures that each individual receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs. It's not just about selling products – it's about guiding you towards real, lasting results.

We are here for you- always

Embarking on a hair loss journey can feel scary, but with Traya, you're never alone. From the day you order, you have our hair coaches by your side, offering encouragement, advice, and help until you achieve your hair goals. From personalized treatment to ongoing support, Traya is committed to guiding you every step of the way. Whether you have questions, or concerns, or simply need encouragement, Traya's dedicated team is there to offer assistance and ensure that you stay motivated on your path to healthier hair. 

We are Honest!

The secret to our success is our genuineness. If we can’t help you, we don’t recommend a plan to you. We then recommend treatments like hair transplants and help you with the next steps too. So be assured- if a plan is recommended after the hair test, we are confident we can help you. 

Even after this, Traya provides a 100% Money back guarantee if you see no results after five months of consistent use**. This policy reflects our commitment and confidence in the effectiveness of Traya’s treatment plan. You can rest easy knowing that your satisfaction is their top priority.

Here is an example of Rajendra's Progress! 

We regularly track the progress of your hair growth journey. The pictures below are of our Customer, Rajendra Kumar. He consistently followed the treatment for 9 months and the results are right before you! 

Success Story Traya
The treatment is not just about hair growth, but also about improving our customer’s confidence and self-esteem. You can read more about the journeys of Traya’s customers on our website. 

Is Traya Fake?

Still skeptical? Don't take our word for it – let the numbers speak for themselves. A study validated by a 3rd party showed Traya's effectiveness as 93% of our customers saw results in 5 months of consistent use, thus solidifying Traya as a proven solution that's changing lives- one head at a time.

Hear it from a few more Traya Customers! 

Traya is Effective for ArundhatiDoes Traya work


Traya is indeed an effective solution for hair loss. With our personalised treatment plan and hair coach support, along with our focus on scientific and holistic treatment plans, Traya works wonders for people going through hair loss. 


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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