Traya Hair Treatment Reviews - Customer Story on Hair Thinning?

Traya Hair Treatment Reviews - Customer Story on Hair Thinning?

Meet Shreya Mishra, a medical student, who wanted to share her story with her ‘thin-haired friends’. Shreya had realized that her hair started thinning and it became a cause of concern for her. She got to know about Traya through her sister who was also suffering from hair thinning. After experiencing Traya’s treatment first hand, and impressed with the results, Shreya’s sister insisted her to order a kit for herself. Following her sister’s advice, and after consulting our hair coach, Shreya ordered her first package.

Based on her diagnosis, Shreya was given a completely ‘customized female treatment plan’. was suggested Gut Shuddhi in her first month. While she was working on her hair externally by using Minoxidil 2%, Herbal Hair Oil and Hair Fall Shampoo, she was also getting rid of her Gut issues. ‘Gutt Shuddhi is a magical thing’, said Shreya after consuming it for just one month. Satisfied with the results, she then re-ordered the kit for the second month.

Shreya started noticing the difference from her third month. The crown of her head, which had really thin hair initially started filling up. Subsequently, she saw massive hair growth in that particular region and her overall scalp. She was surprised as she was expecting the results in 4-5 months but instead, she got it in just 3 months.

We, at Traya, often tell people to be consistent to get the best results. We also believe that a person’s diet and lifestyle play a major role in the treatment. Shreya explained to us how she used to exercise daily, avoided dairy products and followed everything that her hair coach advised.

Our doctors finalized her dosage as per her current condition. She has been a part of Traya treatment for almost 5 months. She is happy and satisfied with the results, and so are we!

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