Traya Hair Review - Shivogi’s Hair Growth Journey

Hair and Scalp Condition

Shivyogi was suffering from hair loss for more than a year. He noticed heavy hair loss across head with a severely depressed hairline and balding at the crown.

Hair Diagnosis

Traya diagnosed Shivyogi with stage 5 male pattern hair loss. Lifestyle factors such as no physical activity, disturbed sleep, coupled with unsatisfactory bowel movements contributed to his hair loss.

Customised Plan

For the first month, Traya doctors planned to target his internal health working on root causes such as energy levels, nutrition, activity and digestion. Our all natural herb mixes along with Minoxidil 5% were included in the earlier months. Later, Nasal Ghrit was added on to his plan to tackle his sleep troubles.

Results Seen In 6 Months


Stage 5 male pattern hair loss

Month 1

Male pattern hair loss

Month 2

Receding hair loss

Month 4

Male pattern hair loss Treatment

Month 6


Happy Customer Traya Review

I think for stage-5 baldness, getting hair back within 6 months is no less than magic. I still continue the Traya products and would strongly recommend people to try the treatment as its combination of kit, which does the magic. I am really satisfied with treatment. I wish I had known them bit earlier. Yes not to forget,the confidence which I regained.

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