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Biotin: For Hair Loss Prevention And Growth


Biotin is one of the essential B vitamins recommended for hair health and good hair growth. Biotin deficiency can cause hair thinning. Biotin is also important for the body to function properly. The biotin that we consume through various foods helps our body convert them into energy. Biotin facilitates hair regrowth, but only in people who have a biotin deficiency. This however is not a very common phenomenon as biotin is found in most of the foods that we consume. Nuts and seeds, legumes, and vegetables are some of the rich biotin sources.  Biotin helps stimulate keratin and thereby enhances the rate of growth of the hair follicles. It is also believed that lower levels of biotin will lead to grey hair. However, since biotin is not stored in the body, it needs to be incorporated into the daily diet to be effective. But in the recent past, it has been increasingly used as an over-the-counter supplement. 

Biotin is believed to contribute to stronger and better hair growth which does not break at the ends. The crucial aspect is the dosage which is essential for the biotin benefits for hair. Adults are recommended a dosage of 30 mcg per day while pregnant and breastfeeding women have to take a higher dosage of upto 35 mcg per day. Though various amounts have been suggested according to different age limits and conditions, the amount has to be specified with the help of some medical supervision.

To strengthen the hair shafts and improve the health of the hair, the suggested dose is 2000 to 5000 mcg. Biotin-rich foods like carrots, bananas and legumes can help you achieve these levels easily.

Before using biotin for hair fall, it is advisable to test the biotin levels in the body as well as confirm if you have other ailments and nutritional issues. Experts will then be in a position to explore different options for solving your issues with a customized diet and then consider introducing different supplements if required. This is because biotin supplements can at times interfere with other medications and contribute to health complications.

Using biotin for hair growth has certain advantages, the major one being the fact that it does not bring with it any risk of overdose or toxicity. If you suffer from bad hair fall you need to ascertain if a lower dose is in fact the cause for all your ailments. In most cases, a good biotin-rich diet or prescription medicines are enough to solve your issues. 

Biotin helps enhance the performance of carboxylases, which are enzymes that facilitate the production of glucose and fatty acids. The effective breakdown of carboxylases helps in the breakdown of these fatty acids which are then distributed to different parts of the body to ensure better hair and body health.  The absence of biotin may restrict the capacity of the body to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and lead to vitamin deficiencies.  It is vital to include biotin as part of a good and balanced meal plan. Foods such as walnuts, and whole grains should be an essential part of your meal plan. 

How To Use Biotin

The main role of biotin is to facilitate the conversion of the foods that we consume into energy. This is essential to stop hair loss but might not actually assist hair growth. Biotin deficiency is majorly seen in people who suffer from chronic alcoholism, malnutrition, and inflammatory bowel disease. People with Biotinidase deficiency, a condition in which the individual is unable to recycle or reuse biotin, could also suffer from similar ailments. 

Also, even for people who suffer from biotin deficiency, it might not necessarily lead to hair growth if there are other reasons for hair loss. Therefore, a visit to a medical practitioner is essential before beginning a biotin-heavy diet. Biotin can be used to address your hair fall issues; it can be used as an oral medicine or applied topically to your scalp to solve your hair issues. This helps the biotin work quicker on hair.

Biotin should ideally be included in your first meal for the day to infuse the body with greater energy. On the other hand, if you have biotin before you go to bed, you might not be able to have a sound sleep. Many people use biotin tablets specifically for hair growth, but the deficiency is also cured as a byproduct. Non-deficient users will not be able to experience additional benefits. The best biotin tablets for hair growth are the ones made from natural ingredients which do not affect your body in any adverse manner. 

Always have biotin an hour or two before meals. You are recommended a daily dose of 30 mcg of biotin which can be added to water. 

The following is the suggested dosage of biotin for better hair growth in adults:

14-18 years – 25 mcg

19 and above – 30 mcg

Biotin-Rich Foods For Hair Growth

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and so the biotin levels in the body need to be replenished on a daily basis. 

Legumes like peas and lentils are high in protein and micronutrients. A good serving of this is guaranteed to up your body’s biotin levels. 

Similarly, nuts and seeds with nutritious fibre and protein can also be used in your salads and sides or to garnish numerous foods to provide taste and also health benefits.

Eggs are also a rich source of biotin. But it should be noted that cooked eggs must be preferred as the protein content in raw eggs is not easily absorbed by the body.

A major portion of the biotin in your body is stored in the liver and this makes the consumption of organ foods such as liver an option to increase the biotin in your body. 

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables with a good vitamin, fiber and calcium content. Steam it or have it with olive oil and seasonings. 

Sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of biotin and apart from being nutritious can be eaten in a variety of ways. They are blessed with good fiber, mineral, and vitamin content and can be consumed in a variety of ways as a whole or as mashed fillings. 

Carb and fiber-rich bananas are always recommended as they are easily available and even easier to consume. They can also be added to smoothies and desserts among other things.

A lot of people have also explored the possibility of biotin patches that are placed on the back, hip, and shoulders. This facilitates the release of biotin into the system slowly after they have been attached to the skin for the required time. However, it is suggested that you begin this procedure only with medical supervision. 

Biotin is also a very useful ingredient for shampoos, oils, and other products which can be used to increase hair growth. Several herbal ingredients are also added to biotin to better the quality of your hair. There are also several shampoos with biotin content that help in the growth of thicker hair. 

The best biotin for hair growth depends on the levels of biotin deficiency that the individual is facing. Apart from food, even the bacteria present in our intestines can help in the production of biotin.


Biotin for hair has numerous advantages, and the benefits outweigh the potential problems. No wonder it is termed as ‘Hair food’. Consistent and regular use could go a long way in correcting hair problems. However, you need to ensure that it is taken in the right dosages so that you can restrict the side effects. Once done you will be well on the road towards creating those shiny strands that would make your tresses stand out. For more such remedies do get in touch with our experts at Traya who will help you with the right solutions for all your hair problems. 


How Much Biotin Should I Take For Hair Growth?

The daily recommended limit for adults is 30 micrograms/day. A well-balanced diet is sufficient to satisfy your daily requirements. 

Does Biotin Help Increase Hair Growth?

It is generally believed that biotin can facilitate keratin production and contribute to enhanced hair growth.

Does Biotin Grow Thicker Hair?

Biotin has good hair-strengthening properties and this ensures that hair does not split or break off easily. This will also ensure that the hair grows thicker in course of time.  

What Are The Side Effects Of Biotin?

If your daily dosage of biotin exceeds the daily limit then one could also experience sleeping disorders, digestive issues, kidney problems, and skin rashes among other things. Side effects of biotin are extremely rare as surplus amounts are excreted by the body. However, at times you could develop skin rashes which is one of the more common effects of the excess consumption of biotin. It interferes with the absorption of vitamin B5 which could be damaging to the skin’s protective layer. You could also develop digestion issues that can also lead to cramping and nausea.

Is It Good To Take Biotin Every Day?

Since your daily diet contains enough ingredients to fulfill your biotin requirements, one should ideally not have any biotin supplements unless specifically advised by the doctor. However, some rare conditions would require a daily intake of biotin supplements.


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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