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Amla for Grey Hair



There is an inclination among the 50s’ people to have a salt and pepper look. But this delinquent of grey hair is very often found among the youths leading to premature greying. Are you getting frustrated and thinking of some solution through hair color? Let us tell you, hair color is appallingly evil for your hair as it contains chemical ingredients. Instead of giving you back your natural look, it might lead to more grey hair. So, what is the solution for premature greying? Well, there is one wonder fruit to our salvage! That magical fruit amla that you all must have tasted during your childhood days. Amla for grey hair is just a miracle. Little did you know then how wonderful are the benefits of amla for hair.

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Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. The Amla plant is grown natively in various parts of Asia. The fruit amla is a depot of nutrients and can be used in different ways and has amazing benefits on our health, skin, and hair. How amla for premature grey hair works like magic? Keep reading to learn more.

Amla Benefits for Grey Hair 

Using Amla for grey hair. What are the benefits of amla for hair? Here are some benefits of amla for grey hair:

  • Using Amla for grey hair can very well maintain the pH level of your scalp which reduces the growth of white flakes from the roots.
  • Premature greying can be caused due to genetics, improver diet; one of which is the inequity of pitta levels which causes greying. Amla can control such imbalance further controlling the production of pitta enzymes. This restricts premature greying and that’s how using amla for grey hair is the best.
  • As amla is rich in copper it leads to the formation of a dark pigment called melanin which is responsible for the black color of your hair. This also helps in blood circulation in your scalp.
  • Can amla powder turn grey hair black? Definitely yes, amla contains a high expanse of vitamin C and is a rich source of antioxidants. Thus, the intake of amla provides strength to your hair, fights the external damages caused to your hair, and nourishes your scalp from the mane reducing the chances of grey hair.

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How to use amla for grey hair? Amla can be used in various forms; amla powder for grey hair, amla oil for grey hair, amla juice for grey hair or even eating amla for grey hair works like magic on your hair.

Amla Powder for Grey Hair

Amla powder is extremely rich in Vitamin C along with some other ingredients like carbohydrate, fat, protein, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Wondering how to prepare amla powder for grey hair? It’s very simple.

Dry amla is used to prepare amla powder. You need to cut the amla fruit and let it rest in sunlight for drying purposes. Once the fruit slices are dried up, transfer it to a blender and finely blend it to a powder. Take a sieve and sift the blended powder to make it even smoother. That’s the recipe to prepare homemade amla powder for grey hair. This can be stored long in an airtight container.

Amla powder can be used in different ways. Amla powder for grey hair is an indispensable solution.

  • Eating amla powder for grey hair can be a part of your daily routine. Use a tablespoon of amla powder while you are preparing your morning tea and you are ready with your amla tea.
  • Amla powder can also be added to a glass of water. Consume the water with the richness of amla.
  •  Amla can also be applied to your scalp in the form of a paste. Mix amla powder along with lukewarm water, prepare a smooth paste, and apply it to your scalp. You can also add lemon juice in place of water. That’s how amla for grey hair is a go-to option.

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Amla Juice for Grey Hair

Eating amla for grey hair can be extremely benificial. While you can consume amla fruit with honey or with some sprinkle of salt and chili powder. But to avoid the sour taste of the fruit you can easily convert the fruit into amla juice for drinking. Like amla powder or fruit, amla juice has equal benefits. Amla juice for grey hair is the secret to achieving darker, brighter hair. Amla for grey hair is an absolute natural remedy that reduces premature greying. Amla juice provides rejuvenation to your hair follicles and counterbalances the heat from your body. Body heat is one of the causes of grey hair. Hence, drinking a glass of amla juice can keep all your hair complications at bay. You just need to cut down the amla fruit and remove the seeds and blend it in a juicer to get an amla juice concentrate. Mix the amla juice concentrate with water and drink daily.

Uses of Amla Leaves for Grey Hair

You all might have heard about Triphala. Amla is one dynamic ingredient of Triphala. It is that naturally available ayurvedic remedy for many problems. You can boil and grind the amla leaves and mix them with coconut oil or lemon juice and directly apply it to your hair.

Amla Hair Oil Benefits on Grey Hair

There are various amla hair oils available in the market but the suggestion would be to prepare a pure amla oil for grey hair. Amla oil is obtained from amla fruit but is not extracted directly from the fruit. Amla oil is the most effective medicine for all hair problems. Enriched with numerous nutrients amla oil provides denser, shinier, darker hair. How to prepare the best amla oil for grey hair? It is easier than you might think.

  • Similar to how you prepare amla powder, the first step to prepare the oil is to make dry amla.
  • Next, make the amla powder and mix it with coconut oil.
  • Heat the liquid till you achieve a nice aroma. Make sure you are not boiling it.
  • As the mixture cools down strain off the liquid and your best amla oil for grey hair is all set to be applied. 

Amla is one of nature's best gifts to man. It helps to treat various hair-related problems. Using Amla for grey hair helps to rejuvenate your hair by taking out the natural dark color. It maintains body heat and reduces stress which are the main causes of greying. An interesting fact about amla is: In Sanskrit, it is known as Amalaki which means mother. Just like a mother protects you from all the indemnities, amla too is such an indispensable asset in all the lives of humankind. 


Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS

Ayurveda Practioner

A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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