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Stages of receding hairline: Causes and treatment

Stages of receding hairline: Causes and treatment

Have you observed your forehead getting larger or more noticeable skin across the temples? A receding hairline is an indication of early-stage male pattern hair loss. Let us understand what that means and what might be the cause. Pattern hair loss can be triggered by poor nutrition, high stress, poor sleep, health conditions (thyroid), and vitamin deficiency. That's why something like an Iron deficiency hair loss treatment can be an efficient strategy for receding hairline. However, having information about the reason, stages, and when to look for treatment will help a lot.

So how to stop hair fall? So if your hair is thinning and you look at old photos and think your hairline has gone back. Increased scalp visibility is a sign of pattern hair loss.

While most people associate receding hairline is normally seen in mature age, we understand that you might be anxious that it has started for you in your 20's and 30's. Now let us talk about causes and treatment options. Not only that we can also help you understand how to use Ayurveda to reverse grey hair. Another problem associated with shrinking hair follicles. 

What is a Receding Hairline?

What does it mean when your hairline is receding? It means you are in the initial stage of pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. Why are you experiencing this? It happens as a result of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT starts shrinking your hair follicles, this reduces the blood flow to your follicles. Because of this, your hair gets thinner, its growth phase becomes shorter. If not treated properly it results in your follicles getting sealed shut resulting in balding. Pattern hair loss is seen in both men and women. How hairline receding is a symptom associated with men.



What are the reasons for receding hairline?

Well, a receding hairline is only a symptom. The real question is what is the cause of pattern hair loss? Like we mentioned above, DHT turning into an enzyme that affects hair loss is the main cause. But DHT is present in everyone. So, how do you know if your DHT is causing this? For starters. It is not because of DHT, but a result of DHT turning into an enzyme called alpha-reductase. This is genetic or due to a gene present in some people making them susceptible to pattern hair loss. But that is not all. Hair loss gets triggered by factors such as poor nutrition, poor sleep, high stress, poor lifestyle, poor digestion, low metabolism and absorption and vitamin deficiencies. 

But hold on, this doesn't mean that all is lost. A receding hairline is only one of the first signs of pattern hair loss. Which has a total of 7 stages. So, if you start treatment at this time. You can prevent balding. However, it is important that you choose a proper treatment that holistically deals with all the symptoms and root causes of this condition. Traya hair loss treatment will not only provide you with clinically proven and FDA approved solutions like Minoxidil 5% but also Ayurvedic medicines to work on your root causes and related issues such as hair greying. 

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Receding Hairline In Men

In men, receding hairline starts from the side of their temples. Your hair will stop growing at one or both temples. Making a M-shape hairline and is often accompanied by men's thinning hairline which occurs gradually . This is the most common type, for some people the entire hairline can go back making the forehead larger than before. 

Receding hairline is a sign of male pattern baldness. This is an early sign but if not treated it will lead to thinning in your crown area (which is the top portion of your scalp). The good thing is this condition results in very gradual hair loss. Which can take months or years, depending on your lifestyle. But if you don't treat it, it will result in balding. Once you are at that stage, you will not be able to treat it with medicines. It will require hair transplant and maintenance. So, how do you know what stage of hair loss you are at? We've got you. You can look at this image to understand which stage you are at.

Receding Hairline In Women

In contrast to men, women don't experience a recession in their hairline. Female pattern hair loss presents as hair thinning, which is visible in their partition getting wider. However, if you are someone who ties their hair too tight then it is possible that your hairline is receding, because of a condition known as traction alopecia. However, both of these show a women's thinning hair line.

Female pattern hair loss can be the result of multiple causes as well. Such as anaemia, hair conditions (such as PCOS or Thyroid), poor nutrition and lifestyle, high stress, poor sleep or poor internal health. It can be treated using Ayurvedic medicines and doctor prescribed solutions such as Minoxidil 2% or Redensyl 3% solution. This will not only stop hair loss and promote regrowth but also improve hair quality.

Female pattern hair loss can be experienced by women between the ages of 20 to 60. But if you start early you can get ahead of this condition and fix it before it progresses to an advanced stage. So, what stage of female pattern hair loss are you at? Here's how you can find out: 

What are the stages of hair loss? Let us understand in detail

Stage 1:

For men, at this stage, your hairline is going to recede and you will notice your forehead is larger than before. For women, they will notice the first signs of thinning around the hair partition. How do you know if there is thinning? Just wet your hair or oil it and see if your scalp is more visible than it was earlier.  

Stage 2:

At this stage, in men, you will see your hairline has gone back quite a bit. And you are thinning in the top portion of your scalp or around your vortex (the spiral portion at the back of your scalp). In women, the partition will be wider and your hair loss would have increased.   

Stage 3:

Now your hair thinning and hairline recession has become noticeable enough for people around you to notice it. In men, you see the formation of an M-shape along with some scalp visibility. In women now your partition has become a wide strip and your hair quality has become poor. Your hair looks dull, lifeless and your poor growth.

No! Don't reach out for hair loss shampoo or oil. They will not help to resolve your hair loss. Look for a proper hair loss treatment like the one at Traya instead. 

Stage 4: 

This is the final stage where you have a high chance of seeing improvement through medicinal treatments. The best treatment after this stage will be an invasive procedure like a hair transplant. 

At this stage, in men, you can no longer see a defined hairline and even the crown area has significant hair thinning. Making your scalp quite visible. In women, your partition might have a small strip where the hair follicles have become inactive and your hair thinning has become widespread. You will also notice poor hair growth at this stage. 

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Stage 5: 

This is a phase of a maturing hairline which means the stage begins to advance with very little active follicles as also the follicle count for both men and women begins to decrease and the scalp visibility is very high. Here you also begin to notice frontal baldness and makes it difficult for hair to grow back to normal.

Stage 6: 

At this stage, hair thinning and hair fall are both happening rapidly. So your scalp is quite visible even when dry. For men, the hairline and crown area will have very few strands. In some people, the hairline will have bald patches on the sides. In women at this stage, there is baldness in the parting and the hair after the patch of balding has started to thin as well. At this point, hairline regrowth becomes difficult and the only treatment suitable for this is a hair transplant or a plasma therapy.

Stage 7: 

This is the stage where you have partial balding and hair density is normal only at the sides and back of your scalp. 

The hair strands exist in the middle of your scalp and they begin falling and thinning.


What are the causes of receding hairline?

If your hairline is receding, we are sure you have many questions. Like what's the reason and whether or not it can be stopped?

We have already covered why hairline recedes according to dermatology, the main trigger is DHT in people genetically susceptible to pattern hair loss. Along with other triggers that will be discussed in a moment. However, as per the Ayurveda, there is another factor that is important when it comes to hair loss. According to Ayurveda, your body has three doshas - Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. When these doshas are in balance your body is healthy. But when there is an imbalance in these doshas, it affects your internal health, skin and hair. In case of hair loss the concerned dosha is pitta. 

What is pitta dosha?

Pitta Dosha is the fire element and is responsible for digestion. And keeps all of your chemical and metabolic reactions in the body. When your pitta is balanced it results in good digestive health, skin and hair health. When your pitta dosha is high it can affect your digestion and trigger hair loss. Which presents as receding hairline, hair thinning and eventually hair loss. But, that on it's own is not enough to cause hair loss. So what are the other triggers: 

1. Stress

High stress due to an incident such as loss of a job, death of a close one, separation or breakup or physical trauma. It can not only aggravate pattern hair loss or trigger conditions such as telogen effluvium (can be triggered by Covid-19, thyroid, pregnancy, typhoid), alopecia areata, and trichotillomania.

2. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as thyroid, diabetes, anaemia, thyroid, PCOS, depression. And certain medications which you would take for this condition may also lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Sudden weight loss can also be a trigger for hair loss. 


3. Smoking

Smoking can affect blood flow to hair follicles, which are already shrinking due to DHT. This is a blow to already unhealthy hair follicles which leads to increased hair thinning and hair loss. So smoking on its own doesn't cause hair loss but can increase or trigger it in someone already susceptible to hair loss. 

 4. Hormonal Changes

The imbalance of hormones is the most well-known reason for going bald in females. Hormonal changes happen because of menopause, pregnancy, stress, and thyroid.


5. Hereditary

If anyone in your family (any blood relatives) have hair loss, you are most likely to get it too. And it will not necessarily be the same age as it was for them. For example, if they had hair loss in their 40's and 50's. It could start much earlier for you in your 20's or 30's based on other diet and lifestyle factors. 

6. Traction Alopecia

When people tie their hair too tight it results in pulling of hair follicles. Continuous pulling of follicles can lead to weakening and irritation which can cause hairline to recede, even in women. This is known as Traction Alopecia

7. Internal Health

Internal health issues such as digestion, metabolism and absorption can affect your hair health. By affecting important enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and hormones resulting in increased hair loss. Or trigger hair loss conditions that can lead to receding hairline and hair thinning. Particularly in women hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, post pregnancy and menopause can all affect hair health. 


8. Environmental factors 

Exposure to indoor or outdoor pollution can aggravate hair loss conditions by irritating the scalp. Factors such as hard water and exposure to elements such as the sun or acid rain can also increase hair loss in those already susceptible to it. So if you have moved to a new place, city or country and experienced that your hairline is receding or your hair is thinning and falling. You should check the water quality, pronto! 

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How to know if my hairline is receding?

You need to know if you have something in order to fix it. So let's understand how to tell if you have a receding hairline. The first sign would be that your hairline is uneven, certain places with thinner hair and other places appear full. Once it progresses, it will take an M-shape. Where your temples will go deeper than before creating something known as widow's peak. Another way to check is to see photos from a few years earlier and then look into the mirror now and see if your forehead looks larger than before. If you don't want to indulge in such self-diagnosis you can reach out to a dermatologist or book a call with the Traya hair expert. Who will not only confirm with you whether your hairline is receding but also suggest a holistic treatment plan to fix your hair loss condition.

If you have sudden hair loss or any other symptoms, you can also undertake a blood test to check your haemoglobin, vitamin, PCOS and thyroid levels. To see if an underlying health condition could be triggering hair loss. 

What is the best treatment for receding hairline?

So, now that you know that your hairline is receding. Let's understand how to treat it. Let's discuss the top treatment options for the same:


Ayurveda believes that hair loss conditions that result in symptoms like receding hairline are a result of internal health issues. Based on the data collected from over 75000 customers who have used the Traya Diagnosis Dx form 22% suffer from thyroid, 76% suffer from gut issues and 52% suffer from anemia. This proves that you need a holistic treatment to fix your hair loss. And Ayurveda can help with that. 

Digestion - Fixing your digestion, metabolism and absorption can ensure that your body properly absorbs nutrition from your body. And also that important gut functions such as producing essential enzymes and hormones for overall health and hair. You can check out Traya's Gut Health Combo for a detox and gut cleanse if you think your poor digestion may be causing your hair loss. 

Sleep - Not getting enough sleep or not getting good quality sleep can affect your hormonal balance and stress. At Traya we use Nasya therapy to help improve your sleep with adaptogenic herbs such as yashtimadhu and shatavari. 

Stress - Is one of the top triggers for hair loss. It affects not only your emotional health but also can affect other body systems such as your digestion, metabolism and hormonal health. Traya's Hair Ras is a natural supplement which has stress-busting herbs such as ashwagandha and shatavari. This can not only fix your hair loss but also stop your receding hairline from progressing. 

Hormonal Balance - Hormonal health can not only be affected by health conditions but they can also affect your other internal health systems such as your digestion, metabolism and appetite. Ayurvedic herbs help improve your overall health to fix that. Dr. Shailendra's personally curated Ayurvedic formulations make you a healthier person so that your hair health improves eventually as well. 

Scalp Health - Overheating of the scalp, dandruff, irritation or stress can affect hair loss. Traya's scalp oil is customised based on your scalp concerns to help make you feel relaxed and ensure that your scalp pH and health to ensure healthy hair. 

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Diet - According to Ayurveda, it is important to be on a healing diet so your body is in a transition phase making it more receptive to ongoing treatments and medicines. Every person who gets on the Traya hair loss treatment is given a personalised diet plan to help enhance their results. 


Hair Follicle Stimulation - Your hair follicles get affected when you have a hair loss condition due to DHT and other internal health triggers. Your hair follicles start shrinking due to these effects and get progressively unhealthy due to reduced blood flow. There are clinically proven and FDA approved serums that can be used topically to stimulate follicles to make them plumper and reverse the damage. Serums such as minoxidil, topical finasteride, and redensyl. These not only increase hair thickness, reduce hair loss and reverse receding hairline. 

Nutrition - All healthy foods aren't created equal. Certain foods can be healthier for healthy people but not recommended for those experiencing hair loss. You can get a customised diet plan by getting on the Traya Hair Loss Treatment. 

What about a hair transplant?

 Hair transplant is an option for someone who wants their hairline exactly to go back to what it was. New innovation has allowed hair transplants in this day and age to look more natural. However, you must keep in mind there is post hair transplant maintenance that needs to be followed. Just ensure that it is done under the care of the best medical professional available to prevent your healthy hair from being affected by it.

Expert tips to prevent a receding hairline

Here are things you can do to prevent your hairline from receding any more than it has and to reverse it to get better density: 

  • Boost your metabolism with 30 minutes of daily exercise 
  • Use natural supplements to boost your digestion
  • Get up to 7-8 hours of good quality sleep
  • Use a physical or chemical protection to prevent exposure from sun or pollution
  • Massage you scalp gently with a natural and herbal oil 
  • Manage your stress using meditation or a hobby 
  • Get a overall health check-up done to check for health conditions 
  • Consume hair healthy foods and stay away from processed foods 
  • Try to avoid utilizing styling items that generate heat
  • Don't tie your hair too tight 
  • Don't wait for it to progress and consult a dermatologist to get proper treatment 


Hair loss conditions such as male pattern baldness that result in receding hairline and hair thinning are manageable when treated early. So look for symptoms or take the Traya Diagnosis Test to check what your hair loss condition is. And choose a holistic treatment plan to ensure that your condition doesn't progress any further. When preventive measures are taken in stage 1 and 2 of androgenic alopecia it is possible to get the hair volume back and reverse your receding hairline up to 80%. 

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