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Smoking & Hair Loss : Are They Linked?

Have you ever walked down a road especially in India with absolutely not a single person smoking along the way? 
Tough question to answer now, huh? 
Well, as it may be, smoking has become a common habit among the young and the old, no specifics here. According to a report by the WHO, it’s said that in India itself, there are 120 million smokers. 
Now I’d say it’s a bad thing and all just like the typical intro to the movies in theaters and tell you about the bad side effects that it has on your health but...Traya believes that humans are way smarter than that and are capable of making well informed choices.
To get to the health part of things - is smoking dangerous? Yes. You’ve seen enough of explicit commercials to tell you that but what does it do to your health?

For someone who smokes continually, you’d know that the most obvious ingredient in ciggs is - nicotine. This particular ingredient has a temporary effect on your Central Nervous System, helping you enhance your mood just for the time being. It has a tendency to get you glued to it, so, anxiety, irritation and the common headaches are part of the withdrawal symptoms. Well, it doesn’t stop just there. Then there’s the obvious exposure to respiratory disease like chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), strokes, heart attacks, etc. But did you know it can also affect your hair, skin, teeth and nails? 

With smoking, skin undergoes a change in skin structure and increases the risk of skin cancer. For teeth, unfortunately, smoking tobacco can stain it leaving it more yellowish than white.
And for hair?

One of the few common triggers to hair loss especially for those living in India is smoking and pollution. Smoking can result in hair loss and further balding and greying of hair. This happens because when nicotine enters your bloodstream, it causes your blood vessels to tighten ;  interrupting the smooth flow of blood to the rest of your body parts.  How is that related to hair? Well, the folliculitis of your scalp are entirely dependent on your uninterrupted blood flow to keep it nourished and functional. This is because your blood flow which carries all the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy and functional is restricted. So the folliculitis of your scalp don’t get the nutrients they need. When this happens, your scalp folliculitis gradually shrinks and hair starts falling out with a reduced rate of regrowing. . 
So what can you do in this situation? 
Probably rethink if you really need to smoke…..for the sake of your health and hair! Plus, if you’re bothered about hair loss, you might as well give it up completely - you’ll be working on one of the many causes and triggers to your hair loss. 
In terms of treatment, Traya’s always here for you. Hair loss care isn’t a journey you need to take all on your own. We’ll be by your side with experts experienced in the field to guide you at every step. The doctors here at Traya also stress on the fact that smoking can further hair loss. So why risk the chance of saving your hair health? Begin with a small healthy routine with a gradual step towards quitting. This can help you go a long way into getting better and healthier. 
For more information and guidance on quitting smoking click here >

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Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS

Ayurveda Practioner

A modern-day Vaidya with 11 years of experience. He is the founder of Dr. Shailendra Healing School that helps patients recover from chronic conditions through the Ayurvedic way of life.

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