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Why shampoos alone don't help you solve hair loss


Shampoo for hair growth has been a constant hit in the hair care world. While some shampoos claim to clean the scalp and give the hair a healthy shine, most other shampoos claim to care for common hair problems. Brands invest in millions to create convincing ads that claim to eradicate most hair related issues, amongst the prominent one is hair loss.     

Shampoo to reduce hair fall is available in the market that usually taps on your insecurities, such as hair loss. But do hair loss shampoos actually work and help stop hair loss? That’s a question you must ask yourself before investing in your new hair loss shampoo. Most shampoo brands do not go forward to explain why you are facing hair loss issues or how they will curb the root cause. 

There are so many reasons for hair fall. If you know already, DHT or dihydrotestosterone; is a kind of hormone responsible for shrinking the hair follicles, which eventually leads to hair loss. Shampoo for hair growth claims to help you stop hair fall, as the makers of these commercial shampoos promise to enhance hair health and increase hair growth. The question is how true these promises are because if you want to curb hair fall, it is not just the shampoo for hair growth that helps, but you will actually need to block DHT, and amazingly enough, some shampoos do claim that too. 

Before we dive into the claims made by such shampoos and how effective shampoo is for hair growth, let us understand what shampoo for hair growth is.

As you already know, shampoo for hair growth can never work against baldness or pattern baldness but can be effective for some when treating hair loss in the initial stage. Shampoos designed to stimulate hair growth, slow down thinning of hair, and promise to block DHT are hair loss shampoos. 

Now coming to the question, do hair loss shampoos actually stop hair loss? The answer is, it depends on the kind of hair loss you are trying to treat. Shampoo for hair growth or hair loss is more effective for scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, which is also called dandruff, which can be causing the hair loss. Besides shampoo for hair loss, shampoo can also help if you are experiencing hair loss due to inflammation, as such, shampoos consist of anti-inflammatory agents. 

That said the effectiveness of shampoos does not entirely depend on the ingredients it has, but the quality of the ingredients and how they are incorporated into the shampoo. However, the way you use shampoo hair loss also justifies its effectiveness. 

Claims Made By Hair Loss Shampoos

In the context of helping you recover from the grave concerns of hair loss, shampoo for hair growth has been claimed to fix the issue of hair loss. There are innumerable shampoos to reduce hair fall in the market, and each has their own special ingredient that would nib the problem in the bud. From shampoos and oils to hair masks and serums, you cannot just exhaust the list of prized brands that offer an extensive range of hair loss treatments.

Some shampoos claim to provide your hair with the goodness of milk protein and eggs, while others are dense with plant-based goodness. Back in 2018, Alpecin, one of the well-known brands, is the maker of thickening shampoos and serums that promised that their products would provide caffeine to the hair, which will help reduce hair loss. However, objections found these claims futile and banned Alpecin from producing such products. 

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the end of the war, and the brand hit back, claiming that they have invested fortunes in countless researches and studies to back the effectiveness of their products and how caffeine can actually help reduce hair loss. So, you see, numerous hair care brands make such claims and even go to the extent of helping someone recover from balding issues. 

Experts Take On Hair Loss Shampoos

No matter what a leading daily or popular opinion has to contribute to the effectiveness of shampoo for hair growth, expert’s take on this matter is essential. Hair care experts at Traya are of the opinion that there is no such thing as a miracle cure. Today, most people are worried about their hair health, and men have been majorly affected by male pattern baldness. According to our experts, Finasteride and Minoxidil are considered the most effective tools to fight hair loss when combating such issues. 

People suffering from hair loss issues have been seeking relief by using Finasteride and Minoxidil for some years now. Besides, certain Ayurvedic treatments for hair fall have helped people in the past with hair fall issues. Shampoo for hair growth, consisting of anti-inflammatory, caffeine, and DHT blockers, is beneficial for hair fall. That said, when these solutions are diluted with water, their efficacy is even minimal. Until there are clear and defined clinical trials, it is impossible to say whether or not these shampoos actually work. 

Experts Tips to Manage Hair Loss

No matter what gender or age group you are in, hair loss has become a common hair problem. From teenagers to seniors, it seems everyone has tested the bitter dose of hair loss issues, and it is apparent that you treat by identifying the root cause. If you wonder how much hair fall is normal, shedding between fifty to a hundred strands of hair every day is normal, and if you are experiencing more than this every day, you are facing excessive hair fall. Besides shampoo for hair growth, there are certain things that you need to consider to manage hair loss. 

Here are some expert tips to manage hair loss:

  • Healthy diet

Nutrition-dense diet is at the utmost priority when it comes to treating hair loss issues. While you are using shampoo for hair growth, go for a diet rich in vitamins A, B, and E that helps you strengthen hair follicles, promotes hair growth, and reduces hair damage. Include food like spinach, egg, dairy products, carrots, nuts etc. to see changes in hair fall.

While you are using shampoo for hair growth, do not ignore the importance of oiling. Oiling and scalp massage provides nourishment to your hair and prevents hair loss. Oiling also helps promote hair growth. Oils such as coconut, neem, argan, avocado, jojoba, castor etc, are some of the miraculous hair oils that improve blood circulation and promote hair growth.

  • Avoid hot shower

Hot water for your hair is damaging. Even while using shampoo for hair growth, consider using cold water. Hot water makes your hair weak and leaves your hair dry, which eventually leads to hair loss. So washing your hair with cold water is a good habit that you should practice. 

  • Hydration is must

Even when you find your ideal shampoo for hair growth, drinking plenty of water every day is essential to keep your body and scalp hydrated. A hydrated scalp is less prone to dandruff, thus making your scalp healthy.

Hair Products to Consider

There are endless shampoo for hair growth that promises you all the benefits you can think about when it comes to hair health. Do not get carried away by the exponential ads that claims miracles, rather hair care experts at Traya suggests Minoxidil 2% for women and Minoxidil 5% for men that stimulates hair growth.

Besides, if you are looking for a healthy and natural approach to curb hair loss problem, here are some of the expert-recommended hair care products:

  • Traya herbal hair oil. This oil is a great blend of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, motia rosha, goat milk etc.

  • Scalp controller which relieves you of dandruff and inflammation. It has rosebay extracts that help in hair growth and reduces itching. Combine the use of shampoo for hair growth along with the scalp controller for healthy hair.
  • Shatavari nasal drops is another miraculous drop for hair health. This drop has unique herbs and helps in boosting hair growth. If stress is the reason behind your hair loss, then this nasal drop can be helpful. Along with shampoo for hair growth, you can consider using this drop.

Apart from shampooing your hair with shampoo for hair growth, these above-mentioned hair care products will help you keep your hair in good condition and combat hair fall issues. You can also consider taking Health Tatva to detoxify your health for beautiful hair.

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