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Procapil For Hair


We all have been through our hair loss journey at one or another point in life, and procapil for hair can be effective. If you're here reading this blog means that you too are a part of the hair fall clan and are probably looking for a solution to get you through this. Well, Traya offers more than just a product to help you with hair loss but rather an entire treatment with 93% efficacy to give you the best results with visible hair regrowth in just 5 months of the regular treatment plan. Take the FREE hair test to know more but if you're here to know just about how procapil works for hair then read on to find out.

Procapil for hair has been making its breakthrough, such as procapil hair serum, claiming hair regrowth. Besides procapil, so many other clinically proven and cosmetic hair care brands have been offering hair serum benefits. So how is procapil different from those already available? Procapil for hair enhances hair growth naturally and claims to eradicate hair. 

It is proven to reduce the effect of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone on hair follicles and increases the blood flow circulation in the scalp, promoting thick and healthy hair. Procapil for hair also helps fight direct hair loss causes. But before we go deep into the benefits of procapil and procapil uses, let us understand first what exactly procapil is.

What is Procapil?

Procapil is a scientifically proven formula that naturally promotes healthy hair growth and gives the hair follicles strength. This procapil for hair also reduces hair loss with less hair breakage. Its formula combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid, reducing the effects of DHT - a chemical derived from testosterone that affects the growth of new hair.

You can find procapil in products such as shampoo, hair serum, and procapil enriched minoxidil

Procapil for hair has been in great waves, and people have experienced much change in their hair condition, which again boosts their confidence. It is usually safe since it is made of all-natural ingredients, and both men and women can use it. 


What Are The Benefits Of Procapil?

Besides an effective DHT blocker, the Procapil is clinically proven and has several benefits. Below we discuss some of the procapil benefits for hair:

  • Prevents hair thinning
  • Hair thinning goes unnoticed most of the time unless major baldness occurs, which eventually attracts attention. Did you know that hair thinning in men is the first sign of male pattern baldness? Procapil, on the other hand, activates the hair follicles so that they do not become dead or dormant, hence eradicating hair thinning.

  • It strengthens hair
  • Procapil has apigenin in it, which is a vasodilator that stimulates healthy hair growth. It strengthens hair by activating hair follicles, nourishing them, and supplying oxygen to it. You can use procapil hair serum to support the hair root and tip. 

  • It helps you regrow hair
  • You can also achieve hair growth by using procapil hair growth products with minoxidil infusion in them. Both procapil and minoxidil are vasodilators that activate dormant hair follicles and increase blood flow to hair follicles. On using procapil for hair, your hair gets the required nourishment to facilitate healthy hair growth. 

  • Reduces hair loss
  • If your hair is weak and lacks the required nourishment, your hair strands tend to fall. Procapil is found to fight hair follicle aging and dormant hair follicle nature. It keeps the hair follicles nourished, preventing your hair from brittleness. 

  • Blocks DHT
  • DHT is derived from testosterone, and women have this hormone too. In some women, this hormone can be found more as compared to others. The underlying reason for this is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, along with adrenal hyperplasia. More DHT in the body means inadequate nourishment of hair follicles, leading to brittle hair and hair breakage. Procapil blocks the DHT in and strengthens the hair follicles.

    Procapil is prepared from natural ingredients and is generally safe to use even when women. It is highly effective for people with sensitive skin. 

    How to Use Procapil For Hair?

    Procapil is beneficial for hair regrowth and hair fall control. Available in hair serum, you can use this formula to slow down the aging process of hair and stimulate hair growth. It also rejuvenates, fortifies, and prevents hair loss. It improves the anchoring of the hair shaft to the hair, getting silky and smooth hair. 

    Here’s how you use Procapil serum on your hair:

    • Spray procapil five to six times evenly over the scalp. Once done, spread it by rubbing with your fingers so that it properly reaches your hair roots.
    • Apply twice after bathing and before going to bed at night or as prescribed by the doctor. 

    Make sure you discuss the side effects of the formula with your doctor before using the product. Once you start using the product, be assured that it may help you slow the process of greying of hair. It will also help hydrate your scalp and improve blood circulation to repair the damaged hair. 

    Side Effects of Procapil

    Since procapil is made of natural ingredients, there are no side effects of procapil. That said, if you see anything different or anything that bothers you after or during usage of procapil, consult your doctor immediately. 

    However, according to a study published in 2013, the key ingredient in Procapil is oleanolic acid which is known to cause liver damage when ingested by mice. Again according to a survey conducted in 1988, oleanolic acid causes infertility in rats. But this was temporary and the effect went away after the drug was stopped. Apigenin is another ingredient in procapil which was found to create toxicity in cells. 

    The manufacturers of procapil state that it has virtually no side effects and has been tested in clinical studies. Procapil is meant to stop male pattern baldness from progressing and helps in growing new hair, according to the manufacturers. The oleanolic acid is meant to block DHT production in the hair follicles, and the apigenin is intended to boost blood flow on the scalp and support hair growth.    

    If you are suffering from hair thinning or hair loss issues, you can use minoxidil 5% and minoxidil 2% to stimulate thicker hair growth. Traya brings you an extensive range of natural hair care products such as hair rashair vitamin that blocks DHT, and hair root serum that can help you fight hair related issues and stimulate healthy hair growth. Take the hair test today!


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