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Invest In The Best Olive Oil For Hair


If anyone asks you what do you consider your most valuable asset? What would be your answer? You might answer - your tresses! You love your beautiful, long, and shiny mane and do not want to see them losing their qualities. The hair also demands care from your side and to care for them, you invest in costly and sometimes chemical products which you should not. You should care for your hair with natural products which do not leave any side effects on your hair.

Otherwise, also, you should invest in natural products to keep the health of your hair intact. Among all the best products for hair, olive oil for hair is one. Do not confuse yourself as olive oil is mainly popular for cooking purposes seeing its health benefits. Olive oil benefits hair in many ways and you will learn about what olive oil uses for hair in this article.

Olive oil for hair is advisable as it helps your hair to deal with environmental pollution, dirt, and hard water which spoils the quality of hair. With the introduction of various styling products such as heat devices, colouring, chemical shampoo etc. your hair needs extra care more than before. So, you should consider olive oil as your best option.

What is olive oil (Jaitun Oil)?

Tender fruits of olive are used to extract oil. The Mediterranean region is the ideal region to cultivate olive. For many years, olive oil has been in use for health purposes and later it has appeared as a magical ingredient for hair care and skincare. People admire the properties of olive oil across the world.

As compared to other oils, olive oil for hair is less sticky, light to hair, and moisturizing properties. The nutrients present in olive oil keep the quality of your hair maintained.

What are the kinds of olive oil?

Olive oil is quite famous around the globe for its nutritional value which works great for hair. Before purchasing olive oil for hair, you should understand the kinds of olive oil present in the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and varies from each other.

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade of olive oil you can use. Then comes virgin olive oil. Then refined olive oil. The method of extraction decides the grades of olive oil.

In the extra virgin olive oil and virgin oil, you will find the rawness, naturalness, natural flavour, and natural taste of olives. These two variants benefit a lot and olives are ground to extract the oil. The cold pressing method is the method used to extract oil from the olive fruit directly. After extracting oil from olive for extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, the oil goes under a chemical process where it loses the originality and becomes refined variants of olive oil.


Olive oil benefits for hair can do wonders to your hair, so read it below.

Benefits of olive oil for hair

The very popular oil has many advantages for hair which targets many hair related issues. You can use olive oil for hair to solve your hair problems. Following are the solutions:

● Olive oil for split ends

Split ends are prone during the winter season. The dry season dries the hair and it leads to hair breakage and hair gets split at the hair strands. The use of olive oil for hair provides moisture to the hair and treats dryness.

You will need two drops of good olive oil such as Traya olive oil to massage at the ends of your hair. Olive oil rejuvenates hair and treats split ends. Warm the oil, massage it on the ends of the hair and leave it to work overnight. You can also trim your split ends a little and then start using olive oil for hair.

● Olive oil for hair smoothening

You can feel the roughness of your hair when you use a comb in your hair. If you feel brittle hair then it is time to treat your hair. Olive oil hair massage can treat the roughness and smoothens the hair.

You will need a generous quantity of olive oil to massage your hair and scalp. Warm the olive oil as per your hair length, massage it thoroughly and leave it to work properly overnight. You can have honey also as it is loaded with conditioning properties. Mix honey in warm oil and massage gently. Wash it after 20-25 minutes of application. A shower cap can be used to cover your head.

● Olive oil to manage hair

If you love styling your hair with heating products every now and then, then your hair definitely needs treatment and what would be better than a massage of olive oil. Also, the hair becomes lifeless when it is exposed to heat. To manage your hair and prepare it for styling, massage your hair with warm olive oil a night before styling your hair. Leave it on your hair overnight. Rinse the hair the next day. Your hair becomes more manageable.

● Olive oil for hair strengthening

The antioxidant property of Jaitun hair oil is good for maintaining the health of hair. It keeps the scalp maintained, nourished, and of better quality. Olive oil massage enhances blood circulation in the scalp which results in nourished hair.

To prevent hair fall and provide strengthening to hair, you will need a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for hair, a tablespoon of cinnamon stick powder and honey. Stir the mixture thoroughly and start applying it from top to bottom of the hair. This hair mask should be on the head for 20 minutes. After that, wash it off. Make sure that cinnamon powder should be freshly ground.

● Olive oil for hair growth

Sebum is responsible to hinder hair growth and olive oil restricts the production of sebum. Massage with olive oil helps to grow hair longer and gives essential nutrients to the hair.

To speed up the growth of hair, you should rely on an olive oil hair mask with avocado. For this, take an avocado and olive oil. Take the flesh of the avocado and make a smooth paste of it with olive oil. You can use water to make a lump-free mixture. Apply this mixture thoroughly from top to bottom of your hair. Wash the paste from your hair after twenty-five minutes.

● Olive oil to repair damaged hair

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and vitamins E which are responsible to repair your damaged hair. When you undergo any chemical treatment on your hair, your hair gets damaged and olive oil helps to repair it. It also locks moisture in your hair.

For effective use of olive oil for damaged hair, you will need coconut oil and olive oil. Warm about 3 tablespoons of our recommended Traya oil and one tablespoon of any carrier oil (coconut oil). Massage with this mixture by parting your hair in sections. Let it stay on the hair for 20-25 minutes.

● Olive oil controls frizziness in hair

Olive oil should be your first option to treat frizzy hair. It conditions hair and hydrates hair. Jaitun oil for hair is loaded with moisturizing properties which enable it to deal with frizziness. After washing the hair, dry it up naturally. Then, with the help of fingers apply a few drops of olive oil on hair. It locks the moisture and controls frizziness.

You can also opt for a hair mask of mayonnaise and olive oil. You will need one tablespoon of our recommended Traya oil and mayonnaise for about a quarter cup. Mix it well and then apply it to the hair for 30 minutes. Use only mild shampoo to clear it. You can add essential oil to it as well.

● Olive oil to reduce scalp irritability

Irritation in the scalp is a common problem that is caused by fungus and bacteria living on the head. Olive oil has the capability to deal with irritation on the scalp.

To treat this hair condition, you will need a hair mask of olive oil and egg white. Whisk the egg white and add 2 tablespoons of Traya olive oil. After cooling it down, apply it as a hair mask on the hair. Use a shower cap to cover your hair. Let it stay for about 15-20 minutes. Then clear the hair with shampoo. Enzymes present in egg white kills the bacteria and reduces irritation. Avoid sulphate contained shampoo for better results.
Olive Oil for Dandruff

The dry scalp results in flaky skin and itchy scalp which will definitely be a problem for you. This scalp and hair condition gives birth to dandruff. To handle the problem of dandruff, olive oil is a sure short solution.

The mixture of water, lemon juice and olive oil in equal quantity work to get rid of dandruff. Massage this mixture on the scalp properly and let it stay on the head for 20-25 minutes. Repeat this process four times in a month and you can see the result. Traya olive oil is advisable to use for this mixture.

To remove dandruff from the hair, you can massage it with Traya olive oil by warming it up. After the massage, leave the oil on the head overnight. The next morning, clear the hair with a mild shampoo.

Tip: If you are applying the mixture of lemon and olive oil, then wash the hair before 30 minutes to avoid the acidic reaction of lemon.

How to use olive oil for hair?

Olive oil is surely one of the effective oils offered by nature. Use Olive oil for hair in various ways. Learn below how to use olive oil for hair:

● Quantity

If you are a new user of olive oil, then start with minimal quantities. A tablespoon or two is sufficient for your hair in your first application. You can also decide the quantity by how much you want to moisturize and on which part. If you are applying on the ends of your hair, then one tablespoon is sufficient. For the scalp, you will need approximately one-fourth cup of olive oil.

● Massage

After deciding the quantity and the area which you target, give a proper massage to the scalp for a few minutes. The dry scalp needs to be treated more, so give massage for some more minutes. Covering the hair with a shower cap will condition your hair better.

● Rinse

After leaving the hair massaged, detangle your tresses by using a wide-toothed comb. Then shampoo your hair and remove oil thoroughly. If needed, use shampoo two times.

For the best result, use olive oil for hair once a week. You can use it twice if your hair is dry.

Who should use olive oil?

The effects of olive oil on hair are impressive. The working will depend on the type and texture of the hair. Some types of hair retain oil for a longer time. In thin hair type, the oil produced by hair follicles travels faster down than curly hair.

● Thick hair
Thick hair requires the treatment of olive oil the most. The properties of olive oil keep the hair strong and moisturized.

● Thin hair
The case of the effect is different in thin hair type. It weighs down thinner hair. So, if you have thin hair, use it only once a week.

● Oily hair
Oily hair produces more oil than the other two types of hair. So, this type of hair does not require conditioning.

● Processed hair
If you have processed your hair with a bleaching treatment or relaxer, then you need extra moisture in your hair. Olive oil results better for processed hair. Before applying olive oil on hair, make sure that the time gap between the treatment and oil massage should be 72 hours. Also, test on a hair strand first before massaging it on the entire scalp and hair.

● Split ends
Split ends are the hair problem faced by many of you. To smoothen the hair strand and avoid splits at the end, apply olive oil on the hair. You should focus on the last 2 inches of the hair strands.

Side effects of olive oil on hair

You have read the olive oil uses for hair. However, olive oil has a few side effects as well. Your skin will get acne on using it in excessive quantity. People with sensitive skin can face minor allergic reactions such as skin rashes etc.

If you are a regular user of olive oil or using olive oil in your diet regularly then you might build the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, atherosclerosis, obesity, and colon cancer. Moreover, it lowers the blood sugar level down even below the normal level which results in problems like trembling, hypoglycemia, sweating, weakness, etc.

The use of olive oil on a regular basis can lead to a huge fall in blood pressure to result in dizziness, lightheadedness, stroke etc.

Common side effects of using olive oil in an excess amount:

  • Allergies
  • Skin rashes
  • Blackheads
  • Gallbladder stones/blockage
  • Diarrhoea
  • Unsafe for baby’s skin


Final Words

Traya Scalp oil is liquid gold and a great solution to hair related problems. Regular massage with oil promotes healthy hair. People in the Middle-east part of the world swear by this oil. The oil for hair is a magical treatment. So, switch to Traya Scalp for hair.


Q. Which olive oil for hair will work the best?

A. While buying the olive oil for hair, make sure that the product should be fresh with a due expiry date. Read the ingredients of the olive oil thoroughly to know if it has any added chemical. Your product should have olive oil mainly, so you can buy Traya Olive Oil without any second thought. Avoid fortified olive oil. Cold-pressed olive oil is advisable for purchasing as it contains more nutrients.

Q. Which essential oils should be mixed with olive oil?

A. To mix with olive oil, pick lavender or rosemary essential oil. Dried rose petal can also be used as an alternative. You will just need to put a dried rose petal in the oil and leave it for a period of 24 hours. Tea tree oil can be mixed with olive oil to treat dandruff. Neem, thyme and holy basil with warm olive oil also work effectively.

Q. How to make an effective olive oil hair mask?

A. To prepare an effective hair mask of olive oil, you will need aloe vera gel, olive oil and honey. These ingredients provide all the essential nutrients required by hair and scalp. Honey conditions the hair, aloe vera with antiseptic property kills the bacteria, and oil provides moisture to the hair and scalp. Mix these ingredients and apply for 40 to 45 minutes on hair and scalp. Then clear your hair with a mild shampoo.

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