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Natural remedies to grow your hair long and strong


Healthy hair enables you to style and looks trendy. And on top of long hair is never out of fashion. Hair is adored by everyone. People spend thousands of money on growing hair. Hair loss, hair breakage, and baldness have been major issues in today's scenario. 

Hair regrowth

People invest in hair products, hair styling, and hair treatments hoping for positive results. But unfortunately, the chemicals in these products and treatments do more harm than good. In addition to the chemicals, people often suffer from hair damage and hair loss due to an unhealthy lifestyle, processed food consumption, and stressful mind. 

So, what could be the solution to hair damage and hair loss? How can you grow hair without investing your earnings that mostly go in vain? To answer your queries, we have come up with natural ways through which you can achieve a hair regrowth solution. It will not only save your few bugs, but these remedies are also free of side effects and can sustain for a longer period.

Let's dive into more detail to understand the mechanism of natural hair regrowth and procedure to help you achieve long and strong hair.

Stages of Hair growth

Hair strands in your comb and room upset you terribly. We apprehend how it feels to lose hair. You hunt for remedies and treatments that would help your hair grow again. This hunt mostly takes you nowhere. Before we disclose the remedies, we want you to understand the mechanism of hair regrowth.

Let's understand the science of the hair growth cycle. Understanding the cycle will help you look after your hair that will eventually prevent hair issues. The first action is to become aware of the process. 

Hair Growth cycle

The hair, on average, grows 6-7 inches a year. In human beings, hair, fall, and growth are not seasonal. It has no fixed cycle. Human beings can grow or shed hair at any point in their life. They can even induce hair growth or hair loss! There are 3 stages of a single hair strand.  

  • The active phase (anagen) – The hair grows rapidly from the hair follicles.
  • The push phase (exogen) – The old hair shaft is pushed by the new hair shaft, which results in the old hair loss.
  • At the end of the active phase (anagen complete) – the hair shaft matures and keeps on growing beneath the skin.
  • The transitional phase (catagen) – The hair roots get attached to the scalp, and the hair growth gradually slows down.
  • The resting phase (telogen) – The hair no longer grows. If pulled, you can see a white shaft stuck on the root of the hair strand. 

The hair growth mechanism- What you need to do?

The number of hair follicles in the human body develops in the 22nd week of their life. You cannot increase the number of follicles. The main idea of hair growth is to prolong the anagen and catagen phase of the hair growth cycle. The more the hair strands are in these phases it will allow your hair to grow more. Let not your follicle become stagnant. 

So the main idea is to make your hair strands stay on your scalp and not wither down. As mentioned, hair growth and loss can be induced by you. Certain mechanisms like stress, poor diet, nutrient deficit, chemicals, pollution, and dirt result in hair fall. There are ideas through which you can induce hair growth too! You will learn in the later sections of this article. 

Reasons for hair loss

Hair loss has been a major issue in the present situation. With the pandemic and quarantine, the challenges faced to keep up with the pacing world, and poor diet pattern, we all have worsened their condition of our hair. Among the several causes of hair loss, some common reasons for hair fall will be discussed in this section. Being aware of these causes can aid you in preventing hair loss.

  1. Hereditary 

Both genders can experience hair loss due to hereditary issues. This occurs if you have inherited the genes of your parents or ancestors that cause your hair follicles to shrink and become stagnant. 


  • Women have female hereditary hair pattern loss where hair thinning is seen on their crown area. 
  • Whereas men lose the hair where baldness can be seen from the top of their head.
  • This type of hair loss may occur in your teens.

Is re-growth possible?

Yes, you can slow down the hair loss process with remedies and treatments. 

  1. Age

Age is another major factor that causes hair loss in both genders. With age, the human body cannot function the way it used to operate. The organs, bones, and muscles all become weaker with age. This causes the hair follicles to slow down the hair growth process as you age.


  • Graying of the hair starts
  • The hairline thinning gradually becomes prominent

Is re-growth possible?

Yes, but one needs to start early. When you are in your early 30’s make sure you use products that have fewer chemicals. 

2.Imbalance in hormones

Another cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalance. This occurs mainly in women. Hair thinning is visible in women who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), are expecting a baby, and consuming pills for controlling birth. 


  • Men do not lose hair due to an imbalance in hormones
  • Once women reach puberty, they may suffer from hair loss due to hormonal imbalance

Is re-growth possible?

Yes, treatments and techniques can help solve the problem. Once can also consul their gynecologists for working on balancing their hormones. 

3.The side effect of Medication

Some medication might cause hair fall as its side effect. If you are doubtful regarding the hair loss with the start of medication, then clear your doubts with your doctor. If it is one of the side effects, request him for an alternative prescription. 


  • Anyone can be affected by the medication’s side effect

Is re-growth possible?

Of course! The side effects of the medication will wear away when you stop it. If the medicine is to be taken lifelong, ask your doctor to prescribe an alternative medicine.

4.Lack of nutrients 

One of the major conditions of hair loss is improper and poor diet patterns. People nowadays, due to a busy schedule had done pay attention to what they are consuming. They look for food that is processed, ready to cook, or fast food. This diet pattern makes them weak, and their bodies lack the nutrients necessary for proper operation. 

Hair follicles need nutrients so that they can push the hair out of the scalp. If it doesn't get proper nutrients, it might become stagnant. This causes the hair tissues to fall out of your scalp. 


  • Hair growth requires biotin, zinc, protein, and iron
  • Dairy products, meat, fish, egg, green leafy vegetables need to be incorporated into your diet for healthy hair

Is re-growth possible?

Yes, adopting a healthy diet pattern and avoid junk and processed food will nourish your hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

5.Hairstyling and use of chemically infused products.

Hairstyling requires the use of sprays, heat tools, and often hair colors that are infused with chemicals. Hairstyling damages the hair tissues, and eventually, the hair strands become weaker. Weaker strands may break out or fall off your scalp. 


  • The use of chemical infused dyes and hairstyling techniques cause your hair to wither and fall off your scalp

Is re-growth possible?

Yes, it is one of the easiest and simplest ways that can encourage hair regrowth when you stop styling your hair with products and techniques that are harmful to your hair.

6.Dirt, pollution, and harmful UV rays

Your hair needs care and attention. Just like skin, hair needs to be protected from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, and pollution. These foreign agents are not only harmful to hair strands but may also cause scalp infections and dandruff that can accelerate the hair loss process.


  • Dirt, dust, pollution, and sun rays might also cause graying of your hair
  • This agent causes your hair to become frizzy, and it might fall off when you comb your hair

Is re-growth possible?

You can prevent hair loss due to foreign agents by taking care of your hair and making sure that you wash it at least twice a week. Also, make sure you cover your head with a scarf or a hat when you expose your hair to sunshine. 

TAKE NOTE: Identify the pattern of your hair loss before you opt for any treatment for re-growth. Ask these questions to yourself;

  • Is your hair falling out gradually or suddenly?
  •  Is your hair thinning?
  • Is your hair falling out as patches?

Determine the pattern and then decide if you need to take immediate action or it would grow on its own. It is always recommended to communicate to your doctor for hair growth treatments. You will learn some of the major treatments here in the following sections.

Traya’s Hair Regrowth Options

At Traya we deal with all the hair-related problems. We have experts and doctors who help you guide through hair regrowth and hair loss preventive measures. We show you ways so you can work on your hair issues and resolve them. Our hair regrowth treatment options are simple, easy, and pocket-friendly. It provides you with a long-term solution. The list of best hair growth treatments is provided to you.

  • Medication 
  • Diet plan for hair regrowth
  • Home remedies for hair growth
  • Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth

Visit our website for the medication and diet plan for the best remedy for hair growth. We help you examine and identify your hair type and help you fight hair loss. At Traya, the remedy and treatment options just work!

Hair Regrowth Techniques and Methods

Being aware of the techniques and methods of hair regrowth helps you to decide on which of the methods will best fit your case. Understanding each technique will guide you towards the pros and cons of each of the methods so you can decide what is best for you. 

  • Medication – Visiting your hair care therapist or dermatologist can help you get medications that would help hair regrowth. Make sure you do not decide on any medicated products by yourself. Let your doctor identify the cause of your hair loss and then prescribe you drugs accordingly. 
  • Laser Treatment or surgery: These are methods you can adopt in extreme cases of hair loss.
  • Hair transplant: you can opt for this if you are suffering from baldness
  • Ayurveda: the best hair regrowth solution that is effective and pocket-friendly. 
  • With the help of natural remedies: it saves you money are free from side effects
  • Yoga: is a good platform that guides regarding techniques and exercise to stimulate hair regrowth
  • Commercial potion: various hair products claim to promote hair growth. Always look for biotin as their active ingredient while you purchase one.

Take note: always start early when you identify that you are suffering from hair loss. Be patient and regular in any of the ways you adopt for stimulating hair growth.

Natural remedies for hair growth

Natural remedies are always better than scientific remedies. Natural remedies save you money and are free of adverse side effects. It helps you achieve your desired state with a long-term impact. Who doesn't want their hair to shine and grow? You get upset when a good amount of hair falls out of your scalp. Hair lifts your personality.

 Let us guide you with some effective home remedies for hair regrowth solutions.

1.Improving your lifestyle 

The lifestyle adopted with the change in environment has caused a serious impact on our overall wellbeing. Not only health deteriorates, but our skin and hair get equally affected. The poor diet, usage of harmful chemically infused products, physical and mental stress contribute to stagnant hair growth and an increase in hair loss. 

If proper attention is given to the improvement in lifestyle, you can achieve healthier and shinier hair in no time! You will learn some of the few measures through which you can achieve healthier hair that will grow long and strong.

  • Take out some time for hair care 

    • Opt for natural dye rather than coloring it with harmful chemically infused colors
    • Stay away from heating tools, including blow drying
    • Do not brush your hair vigorously 
    • Never tie your hair tight that pulls your scalp and hair strands
    • Sleep in a silk pillowcase 
    • Wash your hair at least twice a week
  • Massage your scalp

      • You can choose from various carrier oils and essential oils that are extracted from natural sources (coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, neem oil, and olive oil are some good oils for the health of your scalp
      • Massaging your scalp will improve hair circulation and nourish your hair scalp
  • Avoid stress

      • Stress and anxiety leads to hair loss
      • Practice meditation or yoga to relax yourself
  • Improve your diet plan

      • Include protein, iron, zinc, biotin, and fatty acids in your diet
      • Avoid junk and processed food
    • Include leafy greens, beans, lentils, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and dairy products
    • You can also take supplements of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B complex
  • Apply hair masks occasionally

    • Opt for hair masks that you can prepare at home
    • Use yogurt, neem leaf paste, Brahmi powder, honey, banana, or egg in your hair mask
    • You can add your favorite carrier oil to the mask for healthier hair

    These are some of the measures through which you can stimulate hair regrowth naturally. Save money and invest wisely by improving your hair care regime.

    Ayurvedic Ways to Grow your Hair

    You can work on balancing your pitta, Vata, and dosha to achieve long and strong hair with Ayurveda treatments. Some Ayurveda therapies can help you prevent hair loss and also help hair regrowth.

    1. Shirodhara – this is a massage technique adopted by Ayurveda therapists. The therapists pour the mixtures of Ayurveda oils and herbs through a hanging container on your forehead. The oil travels to your head, and the therapists give you a gentle massage to your head. This helps in balancing Vata and pitta doshas, soothing your mind, and relives from stress – that contributes to prevention in hair loss, and increases blood circulation, and nourishes your hair follicles.
    1. Shiro Abhyanga – similar to the head message, this technique involves massaging with Ayurveda oils and herbs in your shoulder and neck region. This helps in relieving stress from your upper body and therefore prevents hair loss. 
    2. Shiro lepa – This technique involves applying a paste of Ayurveda herbs to your scalp. Then the head is covered with the leaf of banana, but the crown area is not covered. On the crown, the Ayurveda oil mixture is poured. This helps in nourishing your hair scalp and balancing the sebum production.
    3. D. Nasya – this therapy involves lying down and pouring some Ayurveda oil inside your nostrils, and hit on the back immediately after the application. This is believed to have a positive impact on the overall health of the human body. 

    A helpful tip: you can add Ayurveda herbs to your hair masks, massage your scalp with Ayurveda oils, and also consume edible Ayurveda herbs that enhance hair growth. The oils and herbs are enlisted in

     Facts and myths of hair regrowth

    You must have heard several myths about hair regrowth and hair fall. Here you will learn the facts that bash the myths away. 

    1.MYTH: The hair strands present in average human is uncountable.

    FACT: In an average person’s head there are 10 million to 15 million hair strands.

    1. MYTH: Falling of hair out of the scalp is always a problem.

    FACT: about 50 to 00 hair strands may fall out of your head normally per day

    3.MYTH: Hair grows very slowly 

    FACT: after bone marrow, hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in the human body

    4.MYTH: Hair is not stretchable

    FACT: Hair can stretch about 30% more when it is wet

    5.MYTH: You can extend the number of hair follicles in your body

    FACT: There fixed number of hair follicles present in the human body at the age of 22 weeks

    6.MYTH: Head is just a dead tissue

    FACT: Hair is made of keratin named protein 

    7.MYTH: there is no age of hair strand

    FACT: in average, a single hair strand lives for as much as 5 years

    8.MYTH: hair strands are weak

    FACT: Hair strands are stronger than copper wires

    9.MYTH: hair growth cannot be induced naturally

    FACT: hair can re-grow applying several measures as discussed above

    These are some of the myths and events you hear every other day about hair growth. Educate yourself about hair growth so you can be motivated and determined to grow yours. 

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