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Does Coconut Oil Help for Hair Growth?


Coconut oil is a miraculous oil that has been used since time immemorial but is coconut oil good for hair growth? Coconut oil is a fatty acid that is extensively used in cooking and DIY skin and hair care treatment. Coconut oil looks like solid white butter and melts when heated. Many people love it because of its versatility. Many people swear by its benefits and how the oil has helped cure their brittle hair and problems such as split ends and dandruff. 

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a kind of fatty acid that penetrates deep into the hair shaft, protects the hair from losing proteins, and gives it a long-lasting moisturizing effect, making it fuller, shinier, and healthier. But then, is coconut oil good for hair growth? Well, the answer is yes and no. The effectiveness of coconut oil and how we'll help you grow your hair depends on your hair's porosity.  

Due to its molecular size, coconut oil can reach the hair shaft's depth and provide natural proteins. It is beneficial for fine hair to medium hair that lacks proteins as protein is essential for hair strength and results in healthier and shinier hair. But there’s a catch. If you have dry and brittle hair, it is best to stay away from coconut oil. It might come as a shocker to anyone who believes and swear by the power of coconut oil to cure dry hair. Before taking on coconut oil, people usually ask is coconut oil is good for hair growth if used in different hair care regimes? Yes, based on your hair condition and the type.

If you have coarse and thick hair, using coconut oil for hair growth can cause protein build-up, blocking your way to the much-needed moisture, eventually making your hair drier, less elastic and stiff. So when your hair becomes less elastic, it is prone to damage and finally, hair breakage and hair fall. Why are not many people complaining about it, and is coconut oil good for hair growth? It can. If you do not have coarse and thick hair, using coconut oil for hair fall can actually work. Using coconut oil to aid hair loss can help in healthy hair growth. 

Now that you know, coconut oil has lauric acid, which strengthens the hair follicles when it penetrates deep into the hair shaft. Did you know that a damaged cuticle can allow harmful substances that can easily cause hair breakage? Greater impermeability will result in less breakage. So if you ask, is coconut oil good for hair growth? The answer is yes, but depending on your hair type.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Hair

From coconut oil for dandruff to virgin coconut oil for cooking, coconut oil has many uses. Here are some benefits of coconut oil:

  • Fights fungal infections

Is coconut oil good for hair growth when used on the scalp? Healthy scalp results in healthy hair growth. Coconut oil can help reduce fungal infection on your scalp and prevent dandruff.

  • Treats split ends

Coconut oil prevents breakage and split ends and absorbs better hair strands than other mineral oils and essential oils. Hence massaging regularly with coconut oil might help you treat split ends. 

  • Hair loss treatment

Should you ask, is coconut oil good for hair growth? The answer is yes, as you can use coconut oil to massage your hair, keeping your hair in good condition and thus preventing your locks from heat damage caused due to excessive styling.

  • Coconut oil as sun protection

UV filters can protect your hair from sun damage. According to certain studies, coconut oil can protect your hair from sun damage as it has a sun protection factor of 8. 

  • Lice prevention

According to some studies, combining coconut oil with anise in a spray is forty percent more effective at treating head lice than the chemical permethrin. So if you or your kid is affected by lice, coconut oil can do wonders.

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Hair care enthusiasts have asked questions - is coconut oil good for hair growth, and now you know the answer. 

Does Coconut Oil Really Grow Your Hair?

The answer is, it can. There is no denying that coconut oil is all nourishing to your skin and hair, and it has a history of helping people suffering from hair loss. Firstly, coconut oil has lauric acid, which is an excellent moisturizer. It can also help fight inflammation which has been reported as one of the causes of hair loss. So to validate the question - is coconut oil good for hair growth? You can have yes for an answer. 

Elaborating further, lauric acid is the main component of coconut oil, and it allows the oil to penetrate into your hair easily, strengthening the roots and cuticles. As we have already discovered earlier in this article, how damaged cuticles can lead to the entry of harmful substances that cause hair damage, coconut oil can curb the damage done to the hair and cuticles. So is coconut oil good for hair growth when applied to the roots? Yes, it is effective. However, there is no sufficient data to claim that coconut oil can actually promote hair growth at the follicle level. 

How To Use Coconut Oil on Hair?

People usually ask and seek answers for, is coconut oil good for hair growth, and the response has been affirmative to date. But then using the oil the right way is essential to reap the benefits. There are so many different ways to use coconut oil on your hair, and by doing so, you can get maximum benefits from using this powerful oil. 

  • Oiling 

You can oil your hair with cold-pressed coconut oil before shampoo to get silky and conditioned hair. You can also apply coconut oil to your hair after shampooing to lock in the moisture, which is essential for hair growth. So answering the question, is coconut oil good for hair growth, yes, with the application of good quality cold-pressed coconut oil. 

  • Hair mask

Is coconut oil good for hair growth when used as a hair mask? Definitely yes. Simply warm the coconut oil and apply it to your dry and brittle hair. Make sure you distribute the oil evenly from the roots to the ends, leave it for about thirty minutes, and then shampoo. 

  • Finishing oil

Should you ask, is coconut oil good for hair growth when used as finishing oil? You can happily go ahead. Ditch the chemical-laden serums to soothe frizz. You can apply some amount of coconut oil to your split ends or the frizz that pops up and eases the flyaways. Applying coconut oil to damp hair is an excellent idea but then avoid applying it to the roots as you might end up with greasy hair.

Expert take on coconut oil for hair

While we come across all the benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin and the best way to use the oil for maximum benefit, the question lingers, is coconut oil good for hair growth? So let’s hear it from the hair experts at Traya, who notes that coconut oil directly doesn’t affect hair growth. However, it might benefit your hair health overall, but there aren’t enough credible studies that can make you blindly trust the fact when you ask if coconut oil is good for hair growth. 

Nonetheless, coconut oil nourishes your scalp and strengthens your roots, but it won’t give you the same benefit as that of Minoxidil. Coconut oil can penetrate deep into your scalp and reduce hair breakage, making it less brittle. That said, answering the question, is coconut oil good for hair growth - the oil cannot increase hair growth unless it is included as a part of an anti-inflammatory diet. If you are someone who has been affected by chronic inflammation, including coconut oil in your diet can help reduce inflammation which is also one of the active reasons behind hair loss. 

The bottom line is, coconut oil and coconut as a whole is a wonderful gift of nature that can help you eradicate a lot of skin and hair problems, but it somehow does not stand the test to help you in hair growth without a good diet and required natural supplements. However, suppose you are looking for some natural hair care remedy for hair loss. In that case, you can check out Traya’s hair fall shampooMinoxidil 2%Minoxidil 5%hair vitaminhair root serumscalp oilscalp controllerhealth tatva and other hair care products that are natural and can help you fight the common hair problems. The next time you have this question in your mind, is coconut oil good for hair growth, be confident to use the oil to strengthen your roots and moisturize but then use it with other supplements to get maximum benefit.

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