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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Stronger


We all want to stimulate hair growth, but getting those long dreamy strands is not easy-peasy.

Your hair growth is determined by many factors like hormones, age, gender, genetics, and overall health. There is no single method to grow hair faster.

Hair growth requires a healthy scalp, a healthy hair care diet, and a healthy body to create the most optimal hair condition, one needs to address the root causes of hair loss. We at Traya, believe in working from inside to outside and use three scientific approaches to stimulate hair growth. To understand the Traya Traya science better, read our article here:

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Research says that hair growth generally takes place at 0.35 millimeters per day, which makes it ½-inch per month. You are born with all the hair follicles you will  ever have, but when these follicles stop producing hair it can cause baldness or hair loss. This can happen due to a lot of reasons or conditions like Androgenic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium (TE), etc, that are caused due to hormonal imbalances or disturbances in the normal hair growth cycle.

Stages Of Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth cycles take place in phases and every strand follows its timeline.

  1. Anagen: The growth phase that has a timeline of 2-8 years.
  2. Catagen: Transition phase, lasts up to 10 days
  3. Telogen: Resting phase, lasts around 3 months
  4. Exogen: New hair phase, the shedding of old hair and the growth of new hair take place.

The average scalp has around 90% of the hair follicles in the active growth phase, around 1% in the transition phase, and about 9% in the telogen phase. 

How To Promote Healthy Hair During The Anagen Phase.

  • Pump With Adequate Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of your hair growth. Their deficiency can directly affect your hair health. You can take them along with your diet as well as in the form of supplements. Traya offers vitamins for hair growth that are made with natural and ayurvedic ingredients to promote thicker, healthier hair and reduce hair fall. Hair Multivitamins for hair fortified with biotin and natural DHT blockers. Click here to shop Hair Vitamin with Dth Blocker.

  1. Zinc: Zinc deficiency can be a contributing factor in hair loss. Low levels of zinc were found to be associated with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. These include nuts like Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, and almonds, fruits and vegetables, oysters, etc.
  2. Biotin: Also known as vitamin B7, it plays an important role in promoting hair growth by increasing the oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Biotin also facilitates the better performance of the enzymes known as carboxylases, which help in the production of glucose and fatty acids. The effective breakdown of these fatty acids helps in distributing the nutrients to the different parts of the body, thus ensuring hair health as well as better health of the body.

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  • Iron 

It increases oxygen delivery to the follicles by boosting scalp circulation which results in better and faster hair growth. The best iron sources include clams, oysters, eggs, red meat, spinach, and lentils.

  • Vitamin C and E

These vitamins are known to exert antioxidant activity and protect hair from oxidative damage. The oxidative stress can cause graying as well as hair thinning. Some best dietary sources are citrus fruits, walnuts, almonds, lemons, strawberries, etc.

  • Keep A Check On Your Protein Intake

Make sure that you are eating enough protein for your hair growth because your hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin. Along with this, the raw material required for healthy hair also comes from protein. Some of the best dietary sources include meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, plant-based milk, etc.

  • Scalp Massage 

A very simple yet effective way to stimulate hair growth is a relaxing scalp massage. It increases blood flow to the scalp, enhances the strength of hair roots, and helps nutrients to get to the follicles faster. A nutrient-rich oil can additionally deliver nutrients to your scalp. Along with this, it also has beneficial effects on stress hormones, heart rate, and blood pressure.

  • Stress Levels 

Long periods or serious stress can affect your hair, it may send your hair to the resting phase directly by skipping the growth phase. Some people have a habit of tightly pulling hair during stress periods which can make your hair fragile.

  • Take Good Care Of Your Hair 

Healthy strong hair requires good hair habits. Try including some of the mentioned habits in your hair care routine:

  1. Do not overwash, twice a week is enough.
  2. Use chemical-free shampoo which does not contain harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, etc. Traya offers the best shampoo with natural ingredients and is chemical free. It is completely safe to use. 
  3. Try regular trimming, when you trim your hair, the weakest parts are shredded which if left can cause split ends. These split ends can travel up to  your hair shaft and reduce your hair quality.
  4. Get rid of dandruff as it may also cause hindrance in hair growth. Traya offers a one-of-a-kind Anti-Dandruff shampoo that reduces the occurrence of dandruff over time. This shampoo contains a 2% of clinically tested anti-fungal solution that provides relief from all kinds of dandruff and can treat mild to moderate dandruff very easily. Click here to shop the product anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Don't Lose Weight Too Fast 

Sudden weight loss can trigger hair loss just like stress. When you lose weight, you consume a restrictive diet. If your body does not get enough protein, your hair growth will be staggered as the available protein will be used for other high-priority body functions. So be mindful of the quantity of protein you take along with other nutrients.

  • Dry Your Wet Hair Naturally Dry

Wet hair is super stretchy. Combing on wet hair can damage cuticles, the shingle-like cells that protect each hair. Heat styling on wet hair also causes damage as it creates bubbles in hair shafts, making it extra fragile.

  • Use A Silk Pillowcase

Silk is easy on hair and does not cause breakage or tangles. This being said, you should also know that the less breakage your hair experiences, the longer it will grow.

  • Home Remedies For Hair Growth  

  1. - Apply onion juice on hair: take small slices of onion and squeeze the juice out of it, apply this juice for around 15 to 20 min and rinse it off.
  2. - Try an egg mask: eggs contain high levels of proteins which help in the formation of new hair. It is also rich in sulfur, zinc, iron, and other minerals. Separate the egg whites in a bowl, add a teaspoon of oil such as olive oil mix and apply for about 20 mins.


There are many ways to promote healthy hair growth, but there is no magic trick that makes your hair grow instantly. We have already summed up some of the most simple practices that can boost hair health and make your hair grow faster and stronger. 


  • Does cold water help stop hair loss?

Cold water closes or causes the contraction of cuticles or pores and increases the grip of your hair follicles on your hair shaft thus reducing hair fall.

  • Does sunlight stimulate faster hair growth?

Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. A little bit of exposure every day can stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. It also helps in preventing hair from falling out.

  • Is hair regrowth possible naturally?

It depends on the situation if the hair follicle is injured, disrupted, or has not generated new hair in years that regrowth is not possible however if the follicle is intact it can regrow. On your part, you can eat healthily, eliminate the negative hair factors such as stress or hormonal imbalances or take tropical medicines.

  •  What can I do to make my hair grow faster?

You can follow the above-mentioned practices. The best way to make your hair grow faster is to work on the root cause of hair problems. Moreover, you can also seek professional help and accelerate hair growth.

  • What is a healthy diet for hair growth?

A healthy diet for hair growth contains a good and balanced amount of nutrients along with essential fatty acids. The diet should be adequate in protein, zinc, iron, biotin, and other vitamins and minerals.


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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