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Hair Straightening

Straight hair looks stunning. You all believe this right? Frizziness is something you all hate and hence look for permanent hair straightening treatments. Hair Straightening has the superiority among all hairstyles and it can be done in any hair type regardless of the original surface being curly or smooth. It is a method by which you can style your hair as is and you will have sleek and smooth and shiny hair free from frizz and curls. Hair Straightening first came during the 1980s and is still extremely popular among youths even today. Prevalently known as hair smoothening, it is popular as hair rebonding in the southeast Asian parts of the world, whereas keratin treatment is a Brazilian method of hair straightening. Other than hair rebonding and the keratin treatment, Japanese hair straightening, hair relaxing or straightening your hair using hot straightening combs or irons, blow drying are some other types of straightening. Hair Straightening when done using chemical treatments or by using heat styling tools can cause bane to your hair as it results in split ends taking away all the moisture from your hair leaving your hair imperfect from within. Your main motive is to style your hair flawlessly hence you can try out some ways of a permanent hair straightening at home as well. To make things easier for you we have tried to gather some points through which you can have straight hair as well as know the limit of using chemical treatments and the after effect it has.

How does Permanent Hair Straightening Work?

You are looking for a straight texture for your hair and that’s where permanent hair straightening treatments come to your mind. Well, permanent hair straightening treatments can be achieved mainly through chemical treatments. Now, how this permanent hair straightening works for that, you need to know about the temporary treatments as well as in every chemical treatment, these temporary techniques are also being used.
Non-chemical Treatments:-
Use of tools for non-chemical treatments are -
  • Hair Straightener
  • A hair straightener can be easily found in every home. This is one of the best temporary straightening tools that is used. This method tends to break the hydrogen bond in your hair and often leads to roughness and split ends.
  • Blow Dryer
  • Blow drying is quite similar to hair straightening though it is less damaging unlike the latter.
  • Hair Straightening Comb
  • Brushes producing heat are readily available in the market. These combs run with the help of an electric supply and have wide bristles which help to straighten your hair. This can lead to hair breakage very easily.
    Chemical Treatments:-
    Chemical treatment means some chemicals or alcohol-based products are used as permanent hair straightening.
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Hair Smoothing. You hear this often, right? Yes, this is the most common term used and is another name for keratin treatment. As you might have heard from salon experts that keratin treatment is good for your hair as naturally, keratin is a type of protein which if used will make your hair healthy and shiny as well. But, that’s not the only thing being used to straighten up your hair strands. Here, keratin is the main ingredient along with other chemical products that may turn out to be harmful to your hair. Not only this, after the application of those chemicals, the method of blow-drying and hair straightening is performed to permanently straighten your hair. Keratin treatment is expensive to try out. This permanent hair straightening price is somewhere around 8000 varying from salon to salon.
    • Hair Rebonding
    Hair is also performed in the same way as applying chemicals and then heat to make your hair straight. This helps in rebonding the structure of proteins in your hair. This is a pretty long process taking away a lot of your time. After shampooing your hair, your hairstylist will try and understand the texture of your hair. In this process, steam is being applied to your hair and your hair is deep conditioned before going forward to the heat styling process. This treatment can last longer unlike the keratin treatment and will cost you around 15000 to 18000.
    • Hair Relaxing
    This is a very expensive method since a lot of chemicals and heat are used to give you perfectly straight hair. Through this method, the bond between the protein strands of your hair is broken down so that it can be reshaped into a straight finish. The chemicals being used in this method might cause itching to your scalp. This takes fairly less time than the other methods.
    • Japanese Method
    Japanese method, also known as the thermal reconditioning method, is pretty similar to the hair rebonding method. Same as the keratin treatment, it follows the process of chemical infusion and heat incorporation in your hair. This treatment is more suitable for people having frizzy hair. This treatment costs almost the same as the hair rebonding process.
    As you might have noticed, all chemical treatments are followed by non-chemical treatments thus becoming even more deadly for your hair. You might be wondering how much damage these chemicals can cause to your hair. Don’t worry as we have covered that base too.
    How long does Chemical Straightening Last?
    It is said that chemical straightening is permanent but it has a certain time duration as well.
    • Keratin Treatment will last for about three to six months depending on your hair texture and how coarse or thick it is
    • If you opt for hair rebonding, it might last longer than other treatments. Typically it can last for about twelve months.
    • Hair Relaxing treatment has a shorter life span and generally lasts for about two to three months.
    • The Japanese treatment is almost the same as the keratin treatment and can last a maximum of about seven months.

    Does Hair Straightening Damage Your Hair?

    Hair Straightening can turn out to be extremely deadly for your hair. The degree of heat heat produced while straightening and the chemical products used tends to take away the natural moisture from your hair making your hair rough and dry. The naturally occurring protein bonds of your are broken down and reshaped to straightened hair. Moreover, keratins are found naturally in your hair and they decrease as you become older, but regular heat to hair can also damage it making your hair dry and frizzy. The extreme use of such chemicals might not be suitable for your skin and hair and can lead to side effects like itching or rashes. Carcinogen present in straightening solutions can become the cause of respiratory disturbances. Thus, using such methods should always be kept under check. This however is not the end of dreams for having silky straight hair. You can always try out natural hair straightening treatments at home.

    Types Of Hair Straightening

    As explained hair straightening types can be classified broadly into three categories:
  • Temporary Hair Straightening
  • Hair Straightening using iron rods
    Blow Drying
    Hair Straightening Combs
  • Permanent Hair Straightening
  • Keratin Treatment
    Thermal Treatment
    Hair Rebonding
    Hair Relaxing
  • Natural ways of Hair Straightening
  • Egg Mask
    Hot Oil Massage
    Milk Spray or Mixture of Milk and Honey
    Use of Rinsed Rice Water
    How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally
     Some very common hair straightening treatments at home are:
  • Egg Mask
  • You can prepare a mixture of egg and olive oil for your hair and apply it for about one hour before rinsing off with cold water. You can also use rice flour with eggs and apply the mixture to your hair.
  • Hot Oil Massage
  • This can be a very effective method. This provides nourishment to your hair and repairs from damage. Gently massage natural oils like coconut oil or castor oil or olive oil for some time and let it rest on your hair before washing off
  • Milk spray or Mixture Of Milk and Honey
  • Milk is rich in proteins and calcium and can help remove frizz from your hair adding extra smoothness to your hair strands. Take a spray bottle and dispense some milk in it and spray all over your hair. You can also make a mixture of milk and honey and apply it to your hair and let it rest for one hour or so before shampooing your hair.
  • Use Of Rinsed Rice Water
  • Rice water contains phenolic compounds which can improve the texture of your hair giving it a smooth silky finish along with long sleek tresses. After straining the rice water, keep it aside to ferment for about a day and rinse off your hair after shampoo using the fermented water.

    FAQ’s About Hair Straightening

    1. If any natural permanent hair straightening at home is possible?
    A. Yes, you can achieve straight hair at home using natural products. But that will be a very lengthy process and you need to keep on doing those in a routine more. However, you might not get long straight hair strands that are obtained from chemical treatments.
    2. Are chemical treatments the best way for achieving straight hair?

    A. Well, this depends on your desire on how you want to look. Chemical treatments are a way for achieving straight hair yet it causes damage to your hair. So, you need to limit the use of such chemicals.
    Everything natural has a different charm of its own. Your desire of having straight hair is understandable but always choose natural styling agents and shun the use of chemical methods as much as you can. Even if you are going for chemical procedures, do not try those very frequently.

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