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How To Get Shiny And Silky Hair


Silky, shiny hair which you can run your fingers through effortlessly, remains an achievable dream for many, but not an easy journey for most. Apart from regular care and treatment, the hair demands adequate moisture and nutrition so that they stay glossy and remain healthy. However, the process of attaining healthy hair could be a long haul for quite a few aspirants because of the wrong habits that they cultivate. Overbrushing and shampooing, chemical treatment, and hair rods could all become roadblocks in your march towards good-looking and robust hair. Let’s learn how to make hair silky and shiny.

What To Do To Make Hair Silky 

Silky hair does not necessarily require a visit to the doctor provided you follow certain processes. The presence of reflective oils in your hair and good hydration gives the required shine to your hair. For this to happen, a good diet and proper hair care techniques that would bring back the health into your hair are necessary. This is a preliminary step, as you learn how to make hair shiny and silky. 

  • A Cold Water Rinse: This is a tried and trusted way of getting silky hair. While warm water makes the cuticle rise, cold water closes it and this makes the hair stay flat. This ends up putting less pressure on the hair and allows it to settle. A cold blast of water after a shampoo and conditioner will help block the cuticle and not allow water to enter. This will help prevent frizz. 
  • Comb Your Hair When Wet: A very effective way of detangling hair is to use a wide-toothed comb to clear the tangles when it is wet. Start combing from the ends to clear the knots and tangles, and not from the roots as it might aggravate your problem.
  • Use A Silk Pillowcase: Silk for silk is the way to go. Use a silk pillowcase instead of cotton as the friction caused by sleeping 

on cotton might end up harming your hair. A silk pillowcase on the other hand helps you maintain the levels of your scalp oils and this could be your secret on how to make silky and shiny hair.

  • Trim Your Hair: Remember to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks for even if your hair looks silky from the outside, you might yet have damaged ends. The split ends make your hair vulnerable to further damage as it extends from the shaft of your hair to the roots. Trimming your hair will help healthy hair growth and make styling more convenient as the rough edges are removed. The hair is detangled very easily and the silkiness is achieved conveniently. 
  • Use A Protective Serum When Applying Heat Treatment: The immediate effects of heat styling do affect your hair in a positive way. For e.g., if you blow dry your hair and use a flat iron after that, you manage to get a glossy effect but long-term use will reduce the quality of your hair and make it rough. A serum before going for your heat treatment will offer much-needed protection for your hair.
  • Ayurvedic Solutions: Bhringraj oil is a very effective traditional remedy for a number of hair problems. It nourishes the hair follicles and provides shine to your tresses. You can also prepare a paste of bhringraj powder by adding it to water. This can then be applied to the roots of your hair.

Amla which is rich in vitamin C, helps augment blood circulation and improves hair health. Amla can also be added to shikakai, this combination makes your hair silky and glossy.

Brahmi oil can also be applied to your hair and scalp to make your hair silky smooth.

  • A Healthy Fat Diet: Shiny glossy hair is easier to get if you have the right lipids and healthy oils in your diet. Foods like nuts and salmon have the goodness of healthy fats and improve the look of your hair. You also need to drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated so that your hair cells receive proper nourishment. Do not fail to add foods rich in protein, zinc, iron, and copper to your diet for they are immensely beneficial for hair growth. Sweet potatoes, nuts, spinach, and eggs should be part of your meals as they have a lot of nutritional value.
  • A Nourishing Conditioner And A Hair Mask: Apply coconut oil and leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning for that silky effect. To make it more effective add a couple of curry leaves to the oil and heat it until it is warm. Apply this mix to your hair and cover your head with a shower cap; leave it on for half an hour before washing it off. 

You need a deep conditioner to counter the effects of heat treatment and this needs to be combed throughout your hair to moisturize your locks. Wash it off with cold water after letting it sit for half an hour. 

Eggs could provide that instant shine to your hair as they provide moisture to dull hair. 

Avoid Making These Mistakes

  • Don’t Shampoo By Rolling Hair On Top: Do not roll up your hair on top to apply the shampoo onto the entire length of your hair to the ends. This will end up creating tangles and drying your hair, especially of those with curly hair. Use a cleansing conditioner instead of a normal shampoo.
  • Avoid Brushing Your Hair Forcefully: A typical tendency of most people is to brush their hair quite forcefully under the false assumption that they are clearing all the tangles and providing a good massage to your scalp and strands. On the contrary, the sound of the brush going through your hair is actually bad news as your hair is being pulled from its roots. This is damaging to the outer layer. 
    • Do Not Wash Your Hair Daily: Unless your hair is very oily you do not need to wash your hair frequently. If you do, you will end up stripping your scalp of the natural oils which give your hair protection and shine and prevent damage. You should ideally wash your hair 2-3 times a week but the ones with really oily hair can wash it daily.

    Sulfate-free shampoos are preferable as they can wash the hair without removing the protective oils from the scalp.

    • Do not bleach your hair frequently: Using bleach regularly on your hair will lessen its capacity to retain moisture and weaken it considerably.  Twice a year is a limit suggested by experts, more could lead to brittle hair and breakage.
    • Do Not Dry Wet Hair By Rubbing: A very commonplace yet very crucial aspect is the way you dry your hair after a wash. If you try to rub your hair dry with a towel you could end up harming your strands. This is because the friction fluffs up the cuticle and your hair becomes knotty. The correct way to do it would be to use an old cotton t-shirt and blot your hair dry. Try and ensure that the hair dries evenly to facilitate its smoothening. Let’s find out more about ways on how to make hair silky. 
    • Avoid Using Styling Products: Gels and mousses do not produce a very good effect on your hair as they make it feel like straw. Natural oils should be used to style your hair. If you need to use styling products rinse them out of your hair thoroughly.
    • Do Not Go Out In The Sunlight: If you do go out into the sunlight, your hair suffers a lot of damage. You need to treat your hair with natural oils after being out for a long time so that your strands are properly rejuvenated and the shine revived.

      Tips To Make Hair Silky

      The suggestions on how to get silky hair are numerous and probably more than you can handle. You will however have to select the right one based on your hair type. Let’s take a look at some of the ones which are more effective tips for silky hair and shiny hair. 

      • There are a couple of effective home remedies for silky hair. Drop 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl with 2 well-whipped egg whites, and add 2 drops of honey. Apply the mix along the length of your hair with a brush. Wash off with shampoo and water after 20 minutes.

      You can also try out an aloe vera mix on your hair. Extract the gel from a leaf, blend it nicely and add two tablespoons of water. Let it stay on your hair for half an hour before washing it off with cold water. 

      • You should make use of products having keratin which is a very effective ingredient for strengthening hair and also repairing your damaged strands. Better still is hydrolyzed keratin which is keratin in a liquid form as this can penetrate the hair follicles and nourish the hair.
      • An avocado mask is recommended for people whose hair is naturally dry and susceptible to breakage. The proteins and vitamins are great for your hair. Take a ripe avocado, add two tablespoons of olive and the same amount of honey and mix it thoroughly till it is perfectly consistent. Use a wide-toothed comb to apply it to your hair and wash it off after half an hour. 
      • While straightening your hair, start near the roots and then move towards the ends, using the straightening iron. Make it a point to follow it up with a brush and then use the iron again. The iron needs to be applied in an effortless continuous smooth manner as this will facilitate flat cuticles which are capable of reflecting light, leading to shinier hair.
      • Use a brush with natural bristles as they are very good at bringing the oils from the scalp to the ends of your strands. This will provide the right amount of moisture to your mid-hairs and ends. This also helps in the blood flow to the scalp which contributes to hair growth.
      • Do not wash the conditioner off completely from your strands, let it remain slippery.  This will allow your hair to take further advantage of the beneficial properties of the conditioner throughout the day. Use a deep conditioner with vitamin E. This will hydrate your hair as its oils are easy on the hair, and will not weigh them down.
      • Henna or Mehndi is also a great way to transform dull hair into a shiny hair. Make a thick hair pack by mixing water with the right consistency, and let it stay for an hour before washing it off. 
      • Use brushes made of natural bristles that are similar to human hair as they help carry the sebum from the scalp to the tips. This is similar to a deep-conditioning treatment and helps make the hair soft and silky.
      • For the ones with short hair since you will not be able to keep the conditioner away from your scalp, a mild conditioner is suggested.
      • Do remember to include at least 100 grams of red meat in your diet. This helps in the production of keratin which keeps your hair silky and shiny. 


      The above-mentioned procedures could be your go-to solutions on how to get shiny and silky hair. The road to those terrific tresses is not easy though. It will demand a lot of discipline on your part and adherence to a strict regimen. Do take the Traya hair test to get an accurate diagnosis of your hair issues and start your journey towards healthy hair early. Visit us at Traya as our experts are ready with their suggestions to make your goal of silken hair more achievable.


      Q1 - How Can I Make My Hair Shiny And Silky?

      Ans - Silky and shiny hair is the result of a disciplined regime cultivated over a period of time. It can be achieved through a few very basic but important steps. 

      1. Reduce the amount of heat used to style your hair or use a heat protectant.
      2. Rinse your hair with cool water to close the cuticles and retain the natural oils
      3. Use a microfibre towel to dry your hair, do not rub but dab. 
      4. Use a silk pillowcase when you sleep to prevent friction and prevent hair breakage & frizz.
      5. Always use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair to prevent breakage and split ends. Make it a point to brush your hair from the bottom up.
      6. Trim your hair regularly to maintain its health by removing dead ends and preventing flyaways.
      7. Use a hair mask to keep the hair moisturized, reduce frizz and keep your strands growing healthily. 

      Q2 - How Can I Make My Hair Shiny Naturally?

      Ans - You can use a number of natural ingredients to enhance the shine of your hair. However, you have to use them for a period of time to ensure that you achieve the benefits.

      1. Use aloe vera to add moisture to your hair. It helps repair damaged hair and also keeps it smooth. Do this 4 times a week.
      2. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil to nourish your follicles and promote growth. Do this twice a week.
      3. Eggs have a lot of protein and help improve the shine and texture of hair. Use this mixture with honey and olive oil.
      4. Mix onion juice with coconut oil to help boost the shine and health of hair.
      5. A balanced diet with a good mix of all nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and fat is also essential for hair shine. Also, drink the right amount of water to keep your hair hydrated.

      Zahra Lokhandwala

      Hair Coach

      Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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