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Coarse Hair


There are so many hair types you might have heard about. And you even dream of having straight hair, curly hair, treating your hair with color, and whatnot. Maybe sometimes you even feel envious of seeing someone having thin wavy hair that can be fingered readily. Don’t you? Despite all this, you need to understand the type of your hair and take proper care before thinking of all the styling you could do with your hair. It’s confusing to understand the hair types. Well, having dry or frizzy hair is so common but what often gets unnoticed is coarse hair.  So, if you are having coarse hair, you might think you are having a lot of hair which is why it becomes extremely difficult to handle. But always remember if you can give proper attention to your coarse hair, it’s the best type of hair you can ever have for styling and curling, and believe us, it looks strong and healthy as well. Besides that, you need to know that there are a lot of features that make your hair coarse and that’s mainly because of the hair strands which tend to have thicker circumference than other usual hair types. Many people get confused between coarse hair and thick hair and consider both as similar types. In reality, both are different, so, if you are wondering how to identify your coarse hair and dig through the real causes behind it and also want to make a routine for the maintenance of your coarse hair, this article might help you out.

How to identify Coarse Hair?

Coarse Hair is a very natural hair type that appears to be the liking of many. It’s not damaging, it is one of the strongest hair types; the only thing that is required is a bit of extra care for your hair. What exactly is coarse hair? Coarse hair men in very simple words can be explained as hair with thicker and wider strands than usual that generally covers a larger circumference or diameter. While running your finger through the hair you can sense the thickness. But it’s not thick hair. So, do not get confused amid coarse hair and thick hair. Thick hair means more hair follicles are growing from your scalp than usual. Coarse textured hair can be rough curly hair as well as smooth straight hair. This completely varies from person to person. If you are having rough or dry hair, that’s an alternative way to identify coarse hair. Understanding the density, thickness, and diameter of you is the best way to identify coarse hair. There might be some cases where your normal hair might tend to become wiry and coarse. Well, that might happen for some external causes like sun exposure or if you are having some hormonal disorder or suffering from some thyroid diseases. Hence, it is very important to note the causes of coarse hair as well so that you can take necessary precautionary measures to protect your hair.

Causes Of Coarse Hair

  • Hormonal Disorders
  • If your quality hair is turning out to become frizzy, comprehend that you are suffering from hypothyroidism, which means there is insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones causing mutilation to your hair.

  • Heat Styling Tools
  • Hairstyling using heat styling tools is so communal nowadays. People fall in so much love with the hair straighteners and hair curlers and blow dryers that they start using those every day. It becomes unbearable for your hair to absorb so much heat thus it starts losing moisture and your hair turns out to be coarse, dry, and frizzy.

  • Acquaintance with Chemicals
  • Usage of products having a high content of chemicals can effortlessly make your hair look coarse and wiry. Be patient and go for the right choice of products that are made up of natural ingredients.

  • Iron and Calcium Deficiency
  • Deficiency in iron and calcium can cause disintegration of your hair. As we all know calcium is necessary for blood circulation and hence it is important for the health of your hair.

    How to manage Coarse Hair? 

    Before we move on to the hair care routine you need to follow for maintaining your coarse hair and keeping it free from becoming frizzy and wiry, here are some easy ways on how you can manage and style coarse hair.

    Do you feel lazy to figure out what hairstyle to try out this time which will be easy and less time-consuming yet a bit different as well as following the trend? We have some solutions for you.

    • Coarse hair is disposed to get tangled very easily. You can try out braids or multiple braids as it protects your hair from getting tangled.
    • Coarse hair is voluminous and it is easy to style them in various ways. You just need to manage and carry the style like a pro. You can make a half knot and leave the other half open. It’s trending! And your hair will look healthy as well unlike thin hairs where this hairstyle could be nearly impossible.

    Coarse hair has a thickness, volume, texture. It is strong and healthy as well. Isn’t it enough to try out on a variety of hairstyles? Don’t think much anymore while you see any of your friends having thin hair. Always remember it’s easy for people having thin hair to keep their hair uncluttered most of the time, but unlike coarse and thick-haired individuals, their hair does not provide them the possibility for trying out on a variety of styles.

    You just need to follow some basic hair care routines, and your coarse hair will look shiny and smooth. To know what those are, keep scrolling.

    Hair Care Routine For Coarse Hair

    Coarse hair easily becomes dry and rough. If you want your hair to look as smooth and shiny, try out these basic hair care tips:

  • Oiling
  • Oiling is very essential for your hair. Moreover, if you are having coarse hair it means your hair is wanting moisture. You can opt for coconut oil or even sesame oil. Sesame oil is known for its benefits and provides a good massage to your hair. Usage of botanical oils will provide nourishment to your hair and keep your hair hydrated.

  • Conditioning
  • Conditioners are a must after shampooing your hair. Conditioning is one of the best ways to control your coarse hair and keep it smooth and shiny. Select proper shampoo and conditioner and also use conditioning masks which are made up of natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, or olive oil for extra nourishment.

  • Hair Trimming
  • As coarse hair lacks moisture content, it can easily lead to breakage resulting in split ends. Though there are certain home remedies for split ends which you can try out, hair trimming will help you manage your hair effortlessly. Go out for a hair trimming after every month or two as this will cut off the unhealthy hair making your hair look healthy.

  • Bound Heat Styling
  • Heat Styling products which are very much in these days can just take away all the moisture from your hair and turn out to be lethal. Use such products as little as possible to keep your coarse hair protected.

  • Spurn Chemical Products
  • Keep your hair away from all the chemical-based products and customise as many natural products as possible. Most hair care products like hair sprays and hair gels contain chemicals. It might provide you a solution for the time being by taking away all the moisture from your hair making the already dry coarse hair even drier.

    Other than this, maintain a proper diet, intake vitamins, try using a silk pillowcase while sleeping, and lastly choose the right brush to comb your hair.

    If you have coarse hair, you are sanctified. You don’t have to go for products or treatments to make your hair look voluminous. It is the strongest of all other hair types but like all strong things are delicate from within, the same is the case with coarse hair. Be patient with your coarse hair and be caring towards it as heat can make your hair even more coarse, dry, frizzy, and brittle.

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