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Benefits Of Herbal Hair Oil For Hair Care


Herbal hair oils have always been very popular for the range of benefits that they bring to your hair. They are essentially plant extracts and have a combination of antioxidants, bioactive compounds, and different nutrients which work in synergy to add to the health of your hair. The natural properties of herbal hair oils help treat various hair problems including hair fall and dry scalp issues. These oils help in promoting hair growth by facilitating better blood circulation in the scalp. The oils also help in curbing the growth of dandruff and add volume to your hair. The fatty acids and other ingredients present in these oils also replace lost lipids in the hair which is one of the reasons for split hair. You can also combine the benefits of different oils by creating a blend of different herbs with coconut oil or any other essential oil.

How Do You Choose The Right Oil

To choose the right oil you have to diagnose the problem correctly. If you have dry hair you need to choose a shampoo that will curb the production of sebum, like tea tree oil, while normal hair would not demand any specific oil but grape seed oil would be the right way to start. So, you have to use a trial and error method to finally decide on the right oil for your hair. There are also different oils that you need to use to conform to both summer and winter routines as both require different hair maintenance approaches.

Homemade Herbal Oil For Hair Growth

Homemade hair oils is trustworthy simply for reasons of purity. Since you will be using genuine and authentic ingredients the chances of any adverse effects are minimized. A hibiscus-infused hair oil would be a good option. Take 20 hibiscus flowers, 30 curry leaves, 30 neem leaves, 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds, 5 small onions, 1 aloe vera leaf, 20 jasmine flowers, and 1 litre of coconut oil. Soak the fenugreek seeds for 30 minutes, cut the aloe vera leaf into smaller prices, and put all the ingredients in a grinder. Add the mix to a litre of coconut oil and heat it on a low flame for an hour till the color changes to green. Turn it off and strain it after it cools down. The qualities of hibiscus, onion, and curry leave help in hair growth while aloe vera adds to its lustre and shine. Neem helps reduce dandruff, fenugreek help in the overall health of hair,  and jasmine provides the aroma to the mix. Use this oil twice a week and you will feel the results soon. Leave the oil in your hair overnight for better effects.

Best Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Growth

 A nice good hair massage with any good herbal hair oil will help promote hair growth. However, there are some blends that are considered to be better for faster hair growth. Let’s look at some of them. 

Bhringraj Oil: Bhringraj oil is believed to help in augmented blood circulation to the scalp and roots, and this helps in faster hair growth. It is blessed with the goodness of several ingredients including vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, and iron. This is one excellent herbal hair oil for grey hair. The hair follicles are activated and this accelerates hair growth. Massage your scalp in a circular motion with this oil for 10 minutes and experience the full impact of its benefits. 

You can also experience the benefits of Bringadi Oil which are created from an Ayurvedic recipe and have potent herbs like Bhringraj, Indigo, Amla, Balloon Vines, and Hibiscus which are extracted and added to pure sesame oil. It is full of nutrients that deep condition hair and bring out its natural shine. Indians have been traditionally known to have lush, shiny hair and this is the result of traditional Ayurvedic oils with the beneficial properties of herbs like Bhringraj and Amla that add to its potency.

Jatamansi Oil: Experts recommend jatamansi for hair growth. It increases the size of the hair follicles and extends the phase of hair growth. The increase in hair follicle size leads to stronger and thicker hair strands. By applying Jatamansi oil to your scalp you can control hair fall and promote faster hair growth. The oily and healing properties of Jatamansi help in curbing hair fall and leads to enhanced darkening of hair. You can use Jatamansi herbal oil for black hair.

This oil also makes hair soft and silky. You can see a significant difference if you use the oil extracts and massage them onto your scalp. It is very effective for dry and brittle hair. It even helps reduce dandruff with regular oiling and also prevents split ends.

Brahmi Oil: This is very useful in reducing the effects of pitta and helps decrease dandruff and curbs hair loss. It is also believed to contain beneficial alkaloids which help in augmenting hair growth.

Haritaki Oil: Haritaki is an excellent remedy for dandruff and scalp itchiness. It helps cleanse the hair follicles of dirt and reduces hair fall and in the process also helps in hair growth. 

Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil is used extensively to stimulate hair growth. The advantage is that it can stimulate hair growth with minimum scalp itching as compared to other remedies for hair growth. Let’s look at the different ways in which rosemary oil can assist in hair growth:

  • Help repair nerve damage to the nerves and facilitates the recovery of the tissues in the scalp. That is why rosemary oil is popular as a remedy for hair regrowth. It is very effective for split ends and helps remove them over time.
  • The oil is also very effective in the growth of hair follicles and facilitates better blood supply. It can be used with carrier oils to increase its potency and stimulate hair growth. 

Herbal Hair Oil for Hair Fall

Hibiscus Oil: The capacity of the hibiscus flower to revitalize the hair cells has inspired the belief that it has been endowed with natural anti-aging properties. The natural acids present in the flower break down dead cells and regenerate them while the oils help keep the hair moisturized. A silky and lustrous mane is one of the main benefits of the hibiscus flower. It also has flavonoids, fatty acids, and phenolic compounds among other things that help in fighting split ends and reduces dullness. 

Hibiscus has come to be increasingly considered the best herbal hair oil for baldness. In fact, it has come to be regarded as a viable alternative to the drugs traditionally used to treat baldness, like Minoxidil and Finasteride. A further advantage of hibiscus is that it does not have any particularly harmful side effects. This is your chosen herbal hair oil for hair loss.

Grapeseed Oil: This is a lightweight oil and is blessed with antioxidants and fatty acids. Grapeseed oil has excellent conditioning properties and provides moisture to the scalp. If you are looking for the perfect oil for hair loss issues you need to look no further. 

Tea Tree Oil: This oil has potent antimicrobial and cleansing properties. It helps clean the hair follicles of impurities and spurs hair growth. It is however important to take directions from a medical practitioner before using this oil as it comes in different concentrations ranging from intense to mild.


Herbal hair oils combine the assorted goodness of ingredients such as rosemary, jatamansi, bhringraj, amla, and other herbs to nourish your hair from the roots. The vitamins and a range of micronutrients provide all the necessary fodder for enhanced hair growth. These hair oils are also blessed with rare fatty acids which add to the shine and smoothness of your hair. There are also a number of hair oils that help correct premature greying of hair. Do take the Traya hair test and get an accurate diagnosis of your hair problems. You can of course approach our experts for more herbal oil benefits for hair apart from seeking comprehensive solutions for your hair problems.


Q1 - How To Make Herbal Oil For Hair Growth At Home.

Ans - Take 10-12 curry leaf stems, 30 healthy hibiscus leaves, 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, 10 tulsi stems, a tablespoon and a half of onion seeds, I litre of coconut oil, and any essential oil of your choice. Put all these in a blender to make a paste. Heat 500 ml of coconut oil in a pan and drop the paste into it. Cook it until the moisture disappears. Let it cool down and pour it into a jar. You can add more essential oils if you so prefer.

Q2 - Which Herbal Oil Is Best For Hair Growth?

Ans - Bhringraj hair oil is considered the most effective herbal hair for hair growth. It can be further enriched with different herbs including amla that can help nourish and revive hair roots to aug

Q3 - Does Herbal Oil Help Hair Grow?

Ans - There are some herbal oils that help enhance hair growth tremendously. This includes Chinese hibiscus, an evergreen shrub whose flowers are used to make herbal tea. Hibiscus helps stimulate the hair follicles, increase their size and help in faster hair growth.


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Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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