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Traya Review: Ayurvedic Natural Products Customer Reviews



At Traya Health, we value the opinions and experiences of our customers. We understand that when it comes to health and wellness, hearing from real people about their journey and the effectiveness of our products is invaluable. That's why we greatly appreciate and prioritise Traya reviews from our customers. Here are a few Traya Hair Products reviews from our own Customers who have tried these products! 


  1. Traya Hair Ras Review
  2. Traya Hair Vitamin
  3. Traya Health Tatva
  4. Traya Consti Clear
  5. Traya Cholest Vati
  6. Traya Gut Shuddhi
  7. Traya Digest Boost 
  8. Traya Nasal Drops 
  9. Traya Scalp Oil 

1. Traya Hair Ras Review

Traya Hair Ras

#1 A safe and natural hair loss solution.

Just before my wedding which was in the middle of the pandemic, I was so stressed that it triggered rapid hair fall for me. So, I was advised by one of my friends to try this natural and safe tablet. It not only improved my hair health but also helped me with other health issues, especially the reduction of excess heat in my body. A must-try! I also got it for my mother and father.

#2 It REALLY works.

It really works. I bought this product after a long survey and reading comments. Some were good & some were negative. But I thought of trying it. Now I can say "Its really working". So try it for at least 3 regular months. You can notice some changes after 15 days but thoroughly after 3 months. Try it.
-Poonam Tangoria

#3 Best For Hair Fall Control

This product is so promising that I totally trust it. It's been 15 days since I have been consuming these tablets and they have reduced my hair fall so much. I totally trust and swear by this product. It has also improved the thickness and volume of my hair.

2. Traya Hair Vitamin Review

Traya Hair Vitamin

#1 Fantastic product 

I was suffering from severe hair fall when a friend introduced Traya to me. This product did wonders and there was a remarkable difference in my hair quality and hair fall from the 1st month itself. Today is my 3rd repeat for Hair Vitamin, hair Ras, shampoo and hair oil and I am writing this review so that you all can benefit from my experience. Thanks Traya Health and Amazon :)
-Anu S.

#2 Perfect for your Daily Micronutrient Requirements

Excellent product. I am a doctor myself. It adds the daily micronutrient requirements for our hair. It has all the nutrients necessary for good hair quality. My hair fall has decreased drastically within two months of usage. Must try
-Jay Roy

#3 Life-Changing Medicine - A True Game Changer!

I recently used Traya's hair vitamin and I must say, it has been a true game changer for me. This medicine has completely transformed my hair life. A must recommended product.

3. Traya Health Tatva Review

 Traya Health Tatva

#1 Game changer

Health Tatva and Gut Sudhi is just a game-changer for me, my parents as well and my grandparents. Everyone takes health Tatva after morning breakfast and G6ut Shudhi after the final meal of the day. Here is how every one of the different age groups started reaping benefits out of it.

1) Me(age 26): Used to have too much tiredness, gastric issues, and less stamina while playing any sports. But, when I started using them my energy levels skyrocketed. I feel light and my brain feels supercharged during meetings. My motivation levels are improved and my stamina, and focus levels improved while playing sports.

2) My mom( age 47): She feels tired, her stomach is heavy, she has gas problems, and during her menstruation too much stomach pain. Now all issues are sorted. She is just enjoying her life. During her recent menstruation period.. except for a bit of tiredness, there is no stomach pain.

3) My grandparents( age 70+): Had a hard time while sleeping, digestive problems, and too many leg pains. Now they can sleep well. With just two dosages the leg pains just faded away and with gut sudhi the digestive issues are sorted. It may work very well with us because of too many doshas imbalances and main issues with our gut. To date, I ordered around 8 health tatva and 16 gut shudhi.
-Mohana Krishna Chittoor

#2 The best one from Traya Health

The best part is its perfect value for money and is also made from natural composition. It comes with 60 tabs that last up to two months. Overall it improves my digestion, regulates metabolism and detoxifies my body.
-Jatin Gupta

#3 Detoxifies my Body

Totally a genuine and herbal product. Made up of natural herbs. No chemical is used in it and it helped me to regulate metabolism and detoxify my body. I recommend this product.

4. Traya Consti Clear Review

Traya Consti Clear


#1 I feel Lighter 

If you read on the back of the label of this Consti Clear pack, you can actually see how all the ingredients are Ayurvedic. Now that's what I love about this product. Apart from this, I have experienced significant improvement in my digestion and excretion. I feel lighter, fresher and healthier.
-Rishi P.

#2 Improved my relationship with food

Constipation doesn’t just affect your digestion, it affects your confidence and your relationship with food. I remember not wanting to eat anything because my stomach would always feel full and bloated. I’m genuinely thankful to Traya for formulating something that actually reduced my constipation and brought back my positive relationship with food.
-Tanmaya M

#3 I feel energised 

This supplement has worked wonders for me. Have experienced so much relief and better bowel movements. I feel more active and energised. Would 10/10 recommend.
-Mishika J

5. Traya Cholest Vati Review

Traya Cholest Vati

#1 Ingredients are scientifically proven

My family has cholesterol and heart disease history so I have started using this for prevention. I did a lot of market research before selecting this product. And this looked promising because it does not contain any non-vegetarian ingredients or artificial hormones. The ingredients are also proven by science and do the job without giving side effects.
-Himanshu D

#2 Improves Metabolism 

My dad has high cholesterol and we bought this for him. He has been using it every day since. Can’t say about cholesterol levels as we can’t see them on the outside but he says he feels his metabolism getting better. He doesn’t appreciate supplements usually. So that is enough for me to understand this product definitely is something.
-Garima B

#3 Improved my LDL HDL Levels 

Used it for three months and can see the improvement in my health. I get my cholesterol checked every year as I follow a keto diet sometimes due to medical reasons and this year my LDL and HDL levels were more balanced. Have used this for 4 months and am looking forward to continuing with it.
-Ritesh B

6. Traya Gut Shuddhi Review

Traya Gutt Shuddhi

#1 Digestion problem is really gone

It really helping me in my digestive problem, which was a concern issue to my health, this is 100% natural so I was not worrying about any side effects and it keeps its promise, It is really good to regulate bowel health, gut health and I also feel good to my hair as well.

#2 Good product for digestion

I was suffering from constipation and it's improved my digestion.. prices are also responsible .. it regulates the bowel movements and relieves the body of constipation
-Mukul Pant

#3 Go for this if you have a digestion problem

As prescribed on the bottle, I took the tablets after my dinner every day for about a month now and it really helps me with my digestion. I'm quite satisfied with the result after consuming it.

7. Traya Digest Boost Review

Traya Digest Boost

#1 Tremendous Improvement after using 

Really impressed by the results of this product. I usually suffer from acidity and gas issues, but have experienced a tremendous improvement after using this. Traya claims to use Ayurvedic herbs so I was already high on expectations, and they have clearly met them. Have finished the first month and I’m here to buy my second pack.
-Tarun R.

#2 Best Formulation 

I live in a hostel in Bangalore and the mess food had really ruined my digestion. I was sceptical of this product working for me initially because I understood that my food source would still be the same. But I am amazed at how this has helped. No doubt it’s the power of all those herbs used in it in the right proportion. Kudos to Traya’s team for formulating something for people like me. Now I am a regular customer and have already made my 4th purchase.
-Karan B

#3 Came here for hair, ended up improving my digestion

Absolutely love how I came here for hair but also ended up improving my digestion. Got this product as a part of my customised hair kit and have been using it for 4 months now. The best part is that it is natural and has no side effects, so we can continue it in the long term unlike those prescription drugs.
-Vinita G.

8. Traya Nasal Drop (Ghrit) Review

Traya Nasal Ghrit

#1 Relieves Stress 

Such a great product for relieving disturbed sleep and stress. Have been using it for a long time and the results are commendable. The aroma of the drops itself is so natural and satisfying!
-Harsh J.

#2 Helped me Destress 

Got these nasal drops along with my Traya hair growth kit. Since I was told that one of the reasons for my hair loss was stress, these were recommended to me. They have wonderfully helped me de-stress and I sleep like a baby now. Not to forget how all of it is also helping my hair.
-Mrinali A.

#3 Has changed my Sleep Game

Read about Nasya Ghrit on the internet but I wanted to be sure. So I checked with an Ayurvedic practitioner and he explained the benefits clearly. Now I can vouch for it too. These nasal drops have changed my sleep game. The results of this nasal ghrit therapy are so relaxing and calming, that I would buy it again.
-Nikita A.

9. Traya Scalp Oil Review

Traya Scalp Oil

Review 1: Saw Regrowth

Traya Growth Booster

I have received growth therapy booster with my scalp oil. At first I only applied the scalp oil which was good but once I started using the growth booster along with it, I saw growth. Highly recommended. 

Review 2: Got rid of my dandruff 

Traya Dandruff Booster

Dandruff has always been a constant battle for me, but Traya's Dandruff Therapy Booster changed the game. It not only eliminated my dandruff but also made my hair feel softer and healthier. I received it with the Dandruff kit but the oil deserves a special mention.
- Shruti  

Review 3: Makes me calm 

Traya Calm Booster

A fantastic product I massage it on my scalp in every 2 days and then wash it in the morning. I suggest using it twice a week. The scalp oil also has a calm therapy booster which gives a soothing effect to my brain. 

Review 4: Improves regrowth on scalp 

Traya Scalp Booster

I've tried many oils for my scalp but either didn’t like the smell or the texture, but Traya Oil with ScalpTherapy Booster is the most effective. The booster is a nice touch. It makes my scalp cleaner and has improved my hair texture. I can't thank Traya enough for this. 

Review 5: Traya Oil Rocks 

I love Traya’s Scalp oil because of its herbal nature and no side effects and I also kinda like the smell. Good product. Bought it from amazon and I haven’t stopped using it. 


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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