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Shikakai Benefits For Hair


Among many Indian herbal remedies for hair, shikakai benefits for hair have their own special place. In the recent past, shikakai as a hair softener and cleanser has made a comeback to the beauty industry. From shikakai powder for hair to shikakai shampoos, there are so many brands today in the market claiming the shikakai benefits for hair. 

Shikakai is a traditional herb that goes by the scientific name of Acacia concinna, primarily found in the tropical forests of the Indian subcontinent. It is a climbing shrub with oblong-shaped pods of dark brown colour, pink flowers, and bipinnate leaves. The shikakai benefits for hair include promoting hair growth, controlling dandruff, reducing hair fall, and relieving different scalp issues. 

People have been using shikakai for thousands of years in India for hair care. The tree’s pods, leaves, and bark are rich sources of vitamin A, C, E, D and K. This can be processed in the form of shikakai powder for hair, shikakai oil for hair, shikakai paste for hair masks. The soap pods of the shikakai are natural cleansers having a natural surfactant that cleanses the scalp. It removes greasiness from the hair and scalp and also removes dryness.

Shikakai is considered one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for hair growth, and by including it in your daily regime, you can reap shikakai benefits for hair. If you are looking for some natural hair cleanser or a natural way to pamper yourself, this blog is going to walk you through the benefits of this magical hair fruit shikakai and how to include it into your daily routine. Read on to discover more. 

Herbal Properties of Shikakai

The shikakai plant is full of goodness that is directed to your hair majorly. The plant has vitamins and antioxidants that help you maintain your beautiful hair and promotes hair growth naturally. Moreover, if your scalp is undergoing a specific bacterial infection or irritation of any kind, the shikakai benefits for hair will relieve most of the hair related issues. It has anti-bacterial properties used for medicinal purposes that can even heal wounds and other skin related problems. Below are the properties and uses:



Vitamins (A,C,D,E,K)

Support healthy hair and provides nourishment to the roots for better hair growth


Moisturises the hair, prevents premature greying and split ends, protects hair from getting brittle


When used water to wash, world up a fine lather

Anti-bacterial and antifungal

Prevents scalp and hair from lice, scabies, psoriasis, and eczema


It makes the scalp dandruff free, tangle-free and lustrous

You’ll find so many commercial hair cleansers and hair softeners that claim to give you gorgeous hair in one or two washes, but honestly, none can beat the shikakai benefits for hair. Not just the shikakai is natural and has fantastic natural properties; it also relieves you of several health-related issues. However, some natural hair care brands offer hair care solutions with the undissolved goodness of shikakai you can trust.

Excellent Benefits of Shikakai for Hair

Shikakai benefits for hair were once grandma’s beauty secrets and have now reached millions of beauty enthusiasts. Let us understand some of the fantastic benefits of shikakai for hair:

  • It makes hair soft and shiny
  • Shikakai benefits hair and makes your hair more manageable. When you wash your hair with shikakai, it adds a natural shine to your locks, making them healthy and soft to touch.

  • It gives you thicker and stronger hair
  • One of the best shikakai benefits for hair is that it makes your hair stronger. This powerful plant has vitamins that nourish the hair roots for healthy hair growth and thicker and stronger hair.

  • Prevents premature greying
  • The antioxidants present in shikakai benefits for hair protects your hair from premature greying, giving it a youthful shine. It is also known for reducing the greying of hair, which is one remarkable shikakai benefit for hair.

  • Heals scalp wounds
  • Another shikakai benefit for hair is that it has a calming property. Shikakai benefits for hair soothes your hair and can heal minor scalp abrasion or nail pricks. It also relieves your scalp of itching and irritation.

  • Detangles hair
  • Shikakai is a silky natural hair cleanser that detangles hair gently. Detangling of hair reduces hair breakage and hair loss. It also relieves you of split ends.

  • It is affordable yet better
  • Shikakai is more natural and cheaper than any of the highly-priced shampoos, which is one of the best shikakai benefits for hair. Because shikakai is a natural hair cleanser, it doesn’t lather much, but when mixed with reetha or soap nut, it lathers well enough to wash away the dirt and oil from your hair.

  • Removes hair lice
  • If you or your child has been affected by head lice, there’s nothing more safe and effective than shikakai to wash away lice with. You may also try shikakai oil for hair in case of head lice. It is another shikakai benefit for hair and can be used even by kids. 

  • Moisturise dry scalp
  • Yet another shikakai benefit for hair is that even though it cleanses your hair and scalp, it doesn’t dry it out. Shikakai is very gentle to the hair and doesn’t reap the hair of its natural oil. It gently cleanses the hair, making it manageable and soft.

  • Fights dandruff
  • Dandruff is a common hair ailment, and shikakai can help. Shikakai has antifungal properties that nourish the scalp and relieve it of dandruff, itchiness and dry flakes. When used regularly, shikakai has the power to cure dandruff, another benefit for hair.

  • Soothes your head
  • With a day full of stress, your head has to bear a lot. Shikakai powder for hair can be made into a nourishing paste and applied to relieve stress and headache, providing coolness to the scalp.

    How to Use Shikakai In Your Hair Care Regime?

    One of the best shikakai benefits for hair is that it is natural and can be used in several ways to give you beautiful, clean, and voluminous hair. Here we share some of the best ways to incorporate shikakai in your hair care regime:

  • Shikakai shampoo for hair wash
  • You can either invest in a natural shikakai shampoo or prepare your homemade shikakai shampoo on your own. You can use it once a week for hair wash or whenever required. 

    Soak a few shikakai pods, a handful of reetha and dried amla overnight. The next morning, boil the water until the pods soften. Let it cool, and once done, mash and strain the liquid and use it as a shampoo for hair wash. Since it is a natural formula, it will not lather much. If you ask how often to wash hair, wash it twice a week or wherever greasy.

    You can also soak some shikakai powder for hair, dried amla, neem leaves in a cup of water for about fifteen minutes. Let the liquid cool, and then mash it and use the liquid to wash your hair. 

  • Shikakai oil for hair
  • You can reap the shikakai benefits for hair by preparing shikakai oil. Add one tablespoon of shikakai powder to half a cup of coconut oil, basil oil, or any oil of your choice. Put the mix in a vessel and allow it to sit for a few weeks while shaking it in between. Use this oil for massaging your hair every week two to three times and wash it off with a mild shampoo.

  • Shikakai hair pack
  • Take care of your scalp ailments by using a shikakai hair pack. If you have been wondering how to stop hair fall immediately at home, you can try out this shikakai hair pack. 

    To reap shikakai benefits for hair:

    1. Take an equal amount of shikakai powder, methi powder, amla powder, and neem powder, mix them with warm water, and set for about thirty minutes.
    2. Apply this hair pack on your scalp and hair and allow it to remain so for another thirty minutes.
    3. Wash off with cold water for soft and shiny hair.

    This hair pack will also relieve you of dandruff, split ends, and scalp irritation.

    Various Shikakai Products for Hair

    Shikakai benefits for hair are innumerable, and there are so many ways you can use this magical pod. Shikakai powder benefits for hair is infused into several shikakai products. There are plenty of shikakai powder-based products available in the market, such as shikakai shampoo, shikakai oil, shikakai extract hair mask, and hair serum. If you are looking for a natural alternative to cleanse your hair and provide nourishment, Traya offers a wide range of natural hair fall shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, herbal hair oil, hair root serum, and health tatva tablets.

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