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Monsoon Hair Care Tips


Come monsoon and it is not uncommon for hair fall issues to assume a rising trajectory. This is because the high levels of humidity during this season make your scalp oily and you end up washing your hair a number of times. But if you do this you are also stripping your scalp of its moisture leading to dandruff and dry hair issues. This is why during this time monsoon hair care tips are of the essence.

Tips to Reduce Hair Fall in Monsoon 

Monsoon is the time of the year when you need to enhance the protection of your hair by increasing its immunity. To this end you need some very effective monsoon hair care tips. Your hair tends to absorb the excess moisture from the hair and this makes it frizzy and vulnerable to breakage. Research indicates that people, on an average, suffer 30% more hair fall during monsoons.  If you experience hair fall of about 200 hairs per day that means you are experiencing abnormally high hair fall and a case of telogen effluvium during the rainy season. There are a number of small but effective steps to minimise the harmful effects of monsoon on your hair. 

  • One of the basic monsoon hair care tips is to keep your hair clean and dry. Shampoo regularly with a mild shampoo to remove the excess oil from your hair. Excessive build up leads to seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections and weak roots. Do not use harsh shampoos that have a high chemical content, use mild herbal shampoos that will strengthen the follicles.  Experts recommend the use of a micro fibre towel to dry your hair as it is designed to cause minimum friction. 
  • If you get wet in the rain, the acidic rainwater may cause an imbalance in the pH levels in your scalp. You should therefore shampoo your hair immediately to avoid causing damage to your hair. Do not tie your wet hair as heat accumulates. This is one of the important monsoon hair care tips to keep your hair safe during this season.
  • Keep trimming your hair every 5-6 weeks as that will help you avoid problems like split hairs. 
  • Get a hot oil hair massage done on a regular basis. This will increase the strength of your hair roots and also add to the quality of your strands. Almond hair oil is a good option. The rich vitamin E content will add the robustness to your hair follicles. However, take care not to take too much oil, as the humidity will add to the oily texture of your hair during this time. This is one of those monsoon hair care tips that will keep your hair safe for the season. 
  • Include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and lots of proteins to battle hair fall during the rainy season. Keep your body hydrated, try to drink at least 12 glasses of water daily. Add sprouts which are full of the goodness of vitamin E, potassium and iron to your diet. This is one of your natural monsoon hair care tips. 
  • Lemon juice is a very good remedy to keep your hair shiny and healthy during monsoons. Apply the juice to your scalp and hair and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. 

Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall in Monsoon  

Apart from this there are a range of home remedies that could be your solution for hair fall when it starts pouring. The following monsoon hair care tips are convenient solutions that you can try out at home.

  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek (methi) is considered one of the most potent remedies for dandruff and hair fall issues. This is due to its nicotinic acid content which also helps fight against baldness and hair thinning issues. 

Keep 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Make a paste of this and apply this to your scalp and wash it off after 30 minutes. 

  • Aloe vera: This is useful in repairing any type of scalp cell damage. The enzymes present in aloe vera heal the scalp and also stimulate dormant follicles to promote regrowth. Extract the gel from the plant. Apply it all on your scalp and hair. Use a mild shampoo to wash it off after a couple of hours. Aloe vera is a panacea for all hair issues and this is one of the most effective monsoon hair care tips.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil is extremely good for hair growth. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties offer excellent protection against any form of infection. The ricinoleic acid is good for hair growth and its vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acid content offers good nourishment for hair.  

Mix 2 parts of castor oil with 1 part of coconut oil and apply it to your hair and scalp. Keep overnight before washing it the following morning. This is an excellent option for hair care in monsoon at home.

  • Onion: Onion is a powerful antioxidant and its anti-bacterial properties help prevent infection and dandruff. Onion for your strands is definitely one of your extremely useful monsoon hair care tips. It has sulphur which helps prevent   hair breakage and thinning issues.

Blend 2 onions and sieve out the juice. Add equal parts of onion juice and blend perfectly before adding it to your hair and scalp. Keep for half an hour before washing it off with a mild shampoo. 

  • Henna: Not only does henna give your hair that beautiful tone it also provides a protective layer and improves scalp health. It also helps clear the pores allowing nutrients to reach the follicles and enhance hair growth. This is one of the best monsoon hair care tips as well as a hair beautifying tip. 

Add I cup of henna leaves to 250 ml of boiling mustard oil. When the oil changes colour, allow it to cool. Sieve and apply this oil to your scalp 2-3 times a week. Massage thoroughly and wash your hair after half an hour. 

Best Hair Care Products for Monsoon

Numerous hair care products have been designed for the monsoon season as this is the time when infections are on the rise and scalp issues proliferate quickly.  If you experience hair fall in rainy season remedies need to be potent, let’s find out more about hair care in the rainy season.

  • If you have dry hair, you should use a deep conditioning shampoo, but opt for those without sulphates and parabens.
  • Hair oils with ayurvedic ingredients like neem, brahmi and bhringraj are very soothing for your hair roots and balance the acidic levels brought on by the rain water dropping on your scalp. Neem oil is widely regarded as one of the best hair oils. A number of experts suggest this as one of the more effective monsoon hair care tips.
  • This is the time when your scalp is prone to fungal infections, so an antifungal shampoo with the mandatory conditioner is important.
  • Go for a hair serum to help you control frizz, as you get your strands wet during a downpour. You can even carry a serum as one of your handy monsoon hair care tips.
  • Combing wet hair is an absolute no. Let your hair dry out and then use your fingers to untangle your hair. Use a wooden toothed comb to put some conditioner along your tresses. This is one of your crucial rainy season hair care tips.
  • The humidity and consequent washing take its toll on your hair. Use a hair mask to deep condition and nourish your strands and help you control frizzy hair in monsoon.

The pollution in the environment also aggravates the problem as the rain combined with the pollution and carbon dust plays havoc with your hair. This is why you need some good hair care in the rainy season and some potent home remedies. 

Monsoon hair care tips are a quite underrated component when it comes to ensuring your hair health but they could make a significant difference to the quality of your hair. A quite effective solution is using a water-proof cap or jacket to keep your hair covered and avoid those rainy issues altogether. The use of a cap is your summer hair care tip too, as it keeps your tresses protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Do visit us at Traya and learn more from our experts about more effective monsoon hair care tips and also find out more about improving your hair growth during every season.


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