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Is Curd And Egg Good For Hair Growth?


 Ghar ke nuskhe or home remedies have always been our go-to, especially for skin care or hair care. DIY techniques have become so popular that brands tend to incorporate them too. Right from onion shampoos to rice water serums, every brand wants to hop onto the next big hair care trend which is using natural, home remedies. Out of the many, curd and egg for hair seem to be everyone's favourite. Curd and egg for hair benefits are many but do they actually work? Let's find out. 

Curd For Hair

Curd has always been considered good for health considering its probiotic nature. It not only helps to build immunity but also increases and maintains bacterial balance also known as the gut flora. By doing so, they naturally become a good source to build hair and health. While curd must be incorporated into a balanced diet to support hair with all the healthy nutrients, some people also consider applying curd to the scalp. It might sound a bit off to some people but it actually helps to soothe the scalp of infections, mainly dandruff. 

Dandruff is one of the scalp infections caused due to a fungus called Malassezia that affects the quality of hair. Curd contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe an itchy scalp and reduce flaking.

Here’s How You Can DIY

  1. Take 2 Teaspoons of curd into a bowl and mix it till it smoothes out. 
  2. Apply it to affected areas of the scalp and keep it for around 15 mins before washing. 
  3. (Optional) You can also add a teaspoon of fresh lime juice as the last rinse of hair wash. 

Note: However, its action is just temporary and works just for mild or seasonal dandruff. (You can also use a teaspoon of honey with curd if you are looking to just moisturize your hair) If you’re looking for a permanent solution for dandruff, you need to consider dermatologically tested and approved treatments to remove dandruff from the scalp effectively like zinc pyrithione or ketoconazole. 

Curd for hair growth? Is this really true?

Well, partially true because curd or dahi is a great moisturizer. It helps to soften and strengthen the hair cuticles. But an important thing to remember is that curd is used for hair care and not for hair growth. It helps to condition the hair making it look soft and silky but does not work to drastically reduce hair fall and regrow new hair. What you can do is consume curd on a regular basis. It contains biotin along with zinc that strengthens the hair from the root. The absorption is better when eaten rather than when applied. So curd for hair growth is good but better when it’s consumed as part of a balanced diet to nourish hair and maintain healthy hair growth. 

Egg For Hair

Egg is a superfood when it comes to hair. It contains a unique set of vitamins (A, E, biotin and folate, and other B complex vitamins) and proteins. The proteins found in eggs help to strengthen the hair thereby improving hair texture and volume. But again, just like curd, eggs for hair are now popular as a way to apply them to the hair. They were first popular in the 1940s when egg-infused shampoos were introduced to the public. It was assumed that these egg-infused shampoos would boost hair shine and overall quality. This is true as they serve as a good moisturizer, they too are beneficial for hair care and not hair growth. 

Egg yolk contains several vitamins, minerals, and moisturizing agents like lecithin. But no studies claim that egg yolk application is effective in reducing hair fall or promoting hair growth. This could just be another marketing gimmick that brands do to sell their egg-infused shampoos. So, if you want softer hair, here’s what you can do. 

  • Take an entire raw egg without mixing it with anything else to deeply moisturize the cuticles. 
  • Next, simply mix the egg or egg and the oil mixture 
  • Now using a set of gloves, apply the egg or egg mask onto the hair lengths and not the scalp. Allow it to set for 15-20 mins and wash it off with a shampoo to get rid of the smell. 
  • Make sure to coat the ends of your hair. 

Note: It is important to note that there can be a few side effects of applying egg on hair. Hence, this is only helpful if you can look to deeply moisturise and not to control hair fall or increase hair growth. If you are looking to improve hair growth with eggs, here’s what you can do. Consume 2 eggs a day which is ideal for a healthy breakfast, since the absorption of nutrients is better when eaten than when applied for hair growth. It nourishes the hair roots by providing all the essential nutrients, especially biotin thereby strengthening the hair roots. 

Is Consuming Curd Or Egg Enough For Hair Growth?

The answer is no, a big no. Just eating curd and eggs every day still might not give you the desired hair growth if you are having a heavy hair fall or a widening partition and your scalp is visible. This is because hair fall occurs due to multiple internal factors. These factors include indigestion, acidity, bloating, gas or constipation. Apart from gut and digestion issues, the hair also falls and doesn't grow back if there is high stress, lack of sleep, imbalanced diet, or even hormonal imbalances like PCOS, thyroid, the spike in cholesterol levels, menopause, or more. Here's how these factors bring about hair fall. 

Reasons Behind Hair Fall And Delayed Hair Growth:


The main reason behind 72% of the Indian population is genetics. Just like diabetes runs in the family, in the same way, hair thinning and hair fall can be hereditary. But it happens due to the sensitivity to the hormone called Dihydrotestosterone a.k.a DHT. In an ideal state, DHT is an essential hormone that is required by the body. This means it provides men with characteristic features like their hoarse voice, muscular strength, and beard. But, when the levels of this hormone spike up due to a sensitivity that’s when it causes trouble. Excess DHT is said to attack the hair follicles at the roots and cause miniaturization. This means with every hair cycle the diameter of the follicle starts reducing and leads to hair thinning and eventually hair fall. This is where egg white and curd hair do not help.

Stressful Events:

Another factor that causes hair thinning is stress. It could be any kind of stress. Events like surgery, fever, COVID, dengue, or even psychological stress all take a toll on your hair health and cause hair thinning. This is because, during stress, a hormone called cortisol is released. And excess cortisol hampers the hair growth cycle which signals the hair to shift from the active growing phase to the shedding phase. As the growth cycle is hampered it leads to hair thinning and hair fall. Now if you simply use egg and curd pack for hair in such a case where hair fall and improper hair growth is because of stress, it simply won't help. 

Lack Of Sleep:

The Circadian cycle also called the sleep-wake cycle plays an important role in hair health. This is why sleep is of utmost importance when it comes to literally any organ activity. Irregular sleeping patterns also aggravate stress and cause hair thinning. A hormone called melatonin is released during sleep which is also essential for a smooth functioning of the hair cycle. This also works against DHT - the main hormone responsible for hair fall which it causes DHT to unbind from the hair follicle receptors.  Lastly, if melatonin is not produced in equal amounts due to not getting proper 8 hours of sleep, this can hamper the cycle and cause hair thinning. This is where egg and curd masks for hair won't work. 

Low Energy Levels:

The body's ability to convert the food we eat to energy is what determines how much or how less energy we have. This is called metabolism. A good metabolism is required for the body to break down nutrients from food and supply it through the blood to the follicles. If the metabolism is slow that means most of the body's energy is being utilized to break down nutrients and supply them to other parts of the body other than hair. This is when hair gets neglected and causes hair thinning. This is where a treatment much stronger than egg and curd for hair has to be used. 

Nutritional Deficiencies:

Hair needs food too. Biotin, iron, Zinc, etc as in all macro and micronutrients are required by the hair for it to grow in an ideal manner. This means that when any of these nutrients fall short in the body, it reflects on the hair as hair thinning along with looking dull, and lifeless. Here, however, you can consume egg white and curd for hair. 

Traction Hair Thinning:

Hair thinning also happens with the constant use of helmets, wearing caps and beanies too often, or tying hair too tightly in a man bun or ponytails. This causes hair to get pulled back which makes it weaker and thinner and fall off. Consumption of curd and egg for hair is simply not useful here.  


In terms of application to the hair, although the benefits of egg and curd for hair are many, you simply cannot apply them for hair growth. Curd and egg for hair are great moisturizers, period. If you need healthy hair growth, the best thing to absorb the nutrients from egg and curd for hair would be to include it in your daily balanced diet. While if you're looking to just get rid of hair damage like dryness or looking for smooth silky or shiny hair, go ahead and use the steps mentioned above. 


Q1 - Is Curd And Egg Good For Hair Growth?

Ans - Although curd and egg are good to keep hair moisturized and improve overall hair quality, just applying curd and eggs for hair won't improve hair growth. Rather one must consider consuming both curd and egg for hair as they are packed with nutrients that supplements hair growth. 

Q2 - Does Egg Make Hair Thicker?

Ans - Egg contains moisturizing properties due to the presence of lecithin present in it. This helps to make hair silky and smooth just like a conditioner but it does not make hair thicker by just applying it. However, if you consume eggs daily, it might help provide hair with essential nutrients, especially biotin and folate.

Q3 - Is Curd Better Than Egg For Hair?

Ans - In terms of hair care, curd does seem better for the scalp to get rid of mild or seasonal dandruff while egg helps to make hair soft and smooth. 

Q4 - Does Curd Thicken Hair?

Ans - Curd is a great moisturizer. It helps to clear the scalp of mild and seasonal dandruff, maintain the pH of the scalp and soothe the scalp of itchiness and inflammation. However, curd alone cannot make hair thicker. Consuming curd, on the other hand, is important to maintain good gut flora and help hair get ass the essential nutrients. 

Q5 - How Long Should I Keep Egg And Curd In My Hair?

Ans - Curd should be left for 15 mins before washing while egg should be left for around 10-15 mins and immediately washed off with an SLS & paraben-free shampoo to get rid of the stench. 

Q6 - How Do I Make My Hair Thick?

Ans - Eating a well-balanced diet is the key to improving hair health and getting thicker, voluminous hair. Apart from nutrition, serum ingredients like minoxidil, capixyl, redensyl, and other hair growth actives help to improve hair thickness with regular application.


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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