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How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair


There’s no denying that coloured hair can change your appearance drastically, and immediately add glamour to your looks. But maintaining it is another story altogether. Without proper care, coloured hair can turn dry, frizzy, and look unkempt as the colour fades with time. Your hair when coloured needs the right treatments and products to keep it looking fabulous. Here’s how to take care of coloured hair.

Hair Washing Tips for Coloured Hair

  • Your coloured hair is in its most fragile state on account of the hair dye. Experts recommend waiting to wash your coloured hair for at least 72 hours after colouring to reduce chances of the colour being washed out. The colour in your hair needs adequate time to set and by washing your air sooner than the recommended time, you risk losing much of the vibrancy of your coloured hair. By waiting before washing, you not only keep your colour looking fantastic for longer but you also get to increase the time in between salon appointments. Both your wallet and your hair will thank you.
  • Even after the time period is up, reduce your hair showers to about three times a week and avoid washing it daily. When you wash your coloured hair too often, you end up washing away all the protective natural oils that coat your strands and keep them healthy. The healthier the state of your coloured hair, the more you can continue to colour them.
  • Your coloured hair is also vulnerable with the chemicals from the colour, and can easily split and tear if you add even more harsh chemicals to it. Hence, it’s best to opt for a gentle, mild sulfate-free shampoo that will protect both your strands and your colour. Regular shampoos that are filled with drying sulfates that can damage your already delicate hair as well as affect your colour by stripping it off. Remember to also to pick a shampoo that has been specially formulated for coloured hair, which will retain the moisture and colour in your colured hair strands.
  • Conditioner is equally important in your coloured hair routine, and again, pick a conditioner for coloured hair with no sulfates and one that is meant for coloured hair. These will have the right ingredients needed to add shine, restore moisture, and keep your colour bright for longer. And be generous while applying a conditioner. However, just slapping some on your strands will not do the trick. Your coloured hair needs some TLC. After shampooing your hair, take some conditioner and really work it into your hair. The key is to massage your strands properly for a few minutes. Then allow it to rest on your strands for some more minutes before rinsing it off. A good tip is to use really cold water for the last rinse to pump up the shine of your coloured hair.
  • Keep your water temperature lukewarm at best. Avoid steaming hot water, which will strip hair off colour faster as it opens the cuticles of your hair, leaving them exposed to damage. Once your coloured hair is exposed to this intense heat, it will lead to losing a lot of the vibrancy of your colour.
  • Exposing your coloured hair to damp air can also hasten the colour fading, and affect the health of your hair, especially the ends. To prevent this, use a shower cap, and avoid stepping out in the rain with your coloured hair. While you might not be able to avoid the rain, you can certainly ensure that your protect and cover your hair from the harsh rainwater, which has chemicals that can ruin your coloured hair.

How to Hydrate Coloured Hair

Your coloured hair needs to be well hydrated to infuse it with moisture and as mentioned above, the right products are key in your quest to take care of your coloured hair. Here’s a lowdown of how to take care of hair after colouring.

  • There’s one key product you need to invest in besides a colour protective shampoo and a conditioner for coloured hair as part of your hair colour products kit – a rich hair mask. The aim is to keep your strands as healthy as possible because the healthier they are, the less the fading. The right mask is filled with nourishing ingredients to soothe, pamper, and nourish your hair, making it gleam with health and leaving your coloured hair looking fresh.
  • Apply this mask as a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your coloured hair. If your hair is very dry, you can even apply it twice a week.
  • Massage the mask into your coloured hair strands, and then cover with a hot water towel and leave it on either overnight or for at least 30 minutes. The heat will allow the mask to penetrate deep into your hair.
  • You can even whip up a DIY treatment by making your own mask with ingredients you have at home. Bananas, avocados, curd, aloe vera gel, coconut milk, and honey make great nourishing masks. These should not be left on overnight but for about 20 minutes before shampooing off. You can even try an egg mask for an added protein boost.
  • A hot oil treatment can work wonders for your coloured hair. Warm the oil of your choice in a bowl and gently apply it to your hair massaging it into the scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes before washing and see how soft and healthy your coloured hair looks.

How Long Does Hair Colour Last?

While this varies according to different hair types, here is an estimate.

  • Semi-permanent hair colour is used when you want to make your original colour darker. It doesn’t contain peroxide so it cannot lighten hair. It makes a good treatment for white hair and lasts for about 12 shampoos.
  • Demi-permanent hair colour has a bit of peroxide and can lighten the hair to a slight degree. This can last for up to 26 washes.
  • Permanent hair colour will last till it grows out but as mentioned, it can fade and needs the right care to keep it looking good for longer. 

Tips To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

  • One of the best tips to keep your coloured hair vibrant is to avoid hair henna. Some henna brands can contain metallic salts and it can block the colour from catching on and staying put on your hair.
  • Keep heat styling down to a minimum to avoid loss of colour. Even when you use any styling tool, first apply a protective serum on your hair.
  • Stay away from clarifying shampoos. While these are great when you want to remove any build-up on your hair over time from using too many products, they are far too harsh to use when your hair is coloured.
  • A smart tip is to use your shampoo only in the roots of your hair and not along the lengths. The shaft and ends will automatically get clean from the shampoo suds and lather that drips down during your shower.
  • Stay away from pools, as chlorine is not your friend and can cause your colour to fade or even turn brassy and dull immediately. Use a protective cap while swimming to avoid this damage.
  • You can also use hair mist with in-built SPF to protect hair from being destroyed by the elements.
  • Dilute a bit of apple cider vinegar in some water and use as a last rinse. The acid pH of vinegar stops your colour from fading.
  • As a last step in your wash routine after you use a regular conditioner, add in a leave-in conditioner that will give your strands and your colour an added layer of protection.
  • On the days when you are not washing your hair but still need it to look, feel and smell fresh, invest in a dry shampoo. Simply spray this in to your coloured hair roots and brush off for hair that looks immediately refreshed and clean.
  • Opt for regular trims for your coloured hair, which will get rid of the dry, damaged ends. These, when left on their own, are unable to hold colour and fade faster than the healthier portion of your hair. Getting rid of them not only keeps your hair healthy but also makes your colour look better for longer.
  • You can also try a bond building hair treatment that restores the elasticity of your stands and keeps them supple.
  • Lastly, it won't help you much to do all the above but not look after your diet. At the end of the day, you are what you eat. So have a healthy, balanced diet that is filled with wholesome fruits and vegetables and watch the effect it has on your hair.

Follow all these tips and your coloured hair is sure to look vibrant and stunning for months.


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