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Having Hair Issues? Try these 7 Yoga Asanas to Reduce Hair Fall Naturally


Voluminous hair at the bay is the dream of every individual. Each one of us dreams for long, healthy, and strong hair, but this dream rarely comes true for many. Everyone is fighting with the horror of hair loss issues.

Several factors such as stress, lifestyle, poor diet, and hormonal imbalance are responsible for thinning of hair which ultimately leads to hair fall.

Do not fret, we at Traya believe in a holistic approach: and reintegrate yoga and Ayurveda to reduce hair fall naturally. All you have to do is, perform some yoga asanas every day to resolve your hair-related issues. Here we go!

Vajr-Asana (Diamond Pose)

This pose is very effective to release tension and stress which is the root cause of greying hair and hair loss. Regular practice increases blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair overtime.

This is the simplest asana even newbies can perform with ease. Kneel on the floor while keeping the spine erect immediately after eating the meals. The side of the soles should be kept close. Place your hands on your upper thighs. Sit in a relaxed position and take a deep breath in a steady rhythm. Keep this posture for 2-8 minutes and then stretch your leg forward.

Balayam Yoga Mudra (Rubbing Nails)

This yoga mudra is so effective that it stimulates the blood flow to your scalp and damaged hair follicles.

It is the simplest form of Yoga, which is famous all over the world. It can be performed anytime, even when you are sitting on your couch. You have to just rub the fingernails against each other with both hands. Practice it every day for 5-10 minutes.

Pavanmukth-Asana (Wind-relieving Pose)

This Asana helps in digestion by eliminating gastric gases trapped in the intestine which means the better digestion the more it improves hair growth.
Lie down on the floor on your back, take a breath in and pull your leg towards your chest and clasp it with both hands. While exhaling, take your forehead towards both the knee. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Take a deep breath and while exhaling, pull your forehead backward and stretch your leg forward.

Uttanpad-Asana (Standing Forward Pose)

This Asana is very effective for the regrowth of hair follicles. It should be performed daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lie down on the floor with your palm-facing floor. Stretch your leg upward and form a 45-60 degree angle from the floor. Hold this position for a minute and then relax.

Parvat- Asana (Mountain Pose)

This Asana increases the blood flow in the scalp region, which helps in the nourishment of hair follicles.

Stand on your four limbs. Slowly lift your hips and stretch your knees and elbows such that your body forms inverted V-shaped. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to normal posture.

Utthan-Asana (Standing Forward Pose)

This Asana helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. It also increases blood supply in the scalp region, which helps in preventing hair loss.

Stand while keeping your knees close. Lift your hand while exhaling and bend forward to touch the floor with your hands. Hold this position for a few seconds while breathing normally and then stand back with a deep breath.

Shashank- Asana (Rabbit Pose)

It is one of the useful Asana for hair fall control just like a rabbit who has beautiful silky hair.

Sit in Vajra-Asan position and stretch both of your hands forward touching the ground. Place your forehead on the floor and hold this position for a five to eight breath. Slowly unroll yourself and come back to the Vajra-Asan position.

In Conclusion

At Traya we believe in the threefold way that is Ayurveda, Dermatology, and Nutrition. Our approach is to combine yoga and Ayurveda to resolve hair-related issues without using any chemicals. So trust our ayurvedic treatment at Traya and talk to our hair expert now!

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