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Hairstyles That Don't Damage Your Hair


What to do with my hair? This question pops up in your mind every morning while you are getting ready for your job or when any occasion is round the corner. Right? You all love experimenting with your hair. You all try different hairstyles to look different every day. Don’t you? But there is a common myth that different hairstyles can damage your hair.


But this is not completely true.  It is suggested by the hair care experts to change your hairstyle often instead of sticking to a particular hairstyle. This ensures that your scalp is healthy and your hair is not getting damaged.

Moreover, while you are getting ready for college or office most often you run out of time and end up doing some tight braids or the same kind of ponytail every day. Well, you must be unaware that this can cause severe damage to your hair.

While there might be several reasons that cause impairment to your hair, certain hair-damaging hairstyles also do exist. Haircare is a serious part of your life and besides all the conditioning and natural remedies you try for getting long, healthy hair, hairstyle plays an important role as well.

What you need is, know hairstyles that don’t damage your hair. Also, your hair goes through a lot of pulling, towing, and manipulation which makes hair styling a solemn struggle. Relax, you need not freak out anymore.

Just keep scrolling to know some simple yet stylish hairstyles that don’t damage your hair. Traya is here with their advice on hairstyles that don’t pull your hairline.

How Do Proper Hairstyles Prevent Your Hair From Getting Damaged?

Your hair goes through a lot of environmental invaders, and besides having a hair care routine, you need to do proper hairstyles that don’t damage your hair. There is no time when your hair is completely protected as the ultraviolet rays of the sun during summer can do severe damage to your hair, the chill weather during winter is sure to make your hair dry while the rainy season brings in frizz and flyaways. You just need to know how to tie up hair without damaging it and when you know that, you are aware of hairstyles that don’t damage your hair. Before we move on to read about hairstyles that don’t hurt your head, let's see some of the benefits of proper hairstyles that don’t damage your hair.

  • A proper hairstyle can protect you from environmental aggressors that can cause havoc to your hair. 
  • Knowing perfect hairstyles that don’t cause damage to your hair also ensures that you are not manipulating your hair by constantly twisting and retwisting them while trying out something new.
  • Besides protecting your hair, it gives a variety to your appearance without causing any loss to your hair.
  • Hairstyles that don’t damage your hair means it increases the overall growth cycle of your hair.

Is Preparing Your Hair For A Proper Hairstyle Necessary? 

Are you thinking that changing your hairstyle often and knowing the hairstyles that don’t damage your hair means your hair is completely protected and you need not follow a good hair care routine? Well, you are going wrong then. Everything is interrelated.  You need to follow certain steps to maintain your hair, only then you can try out hairstyles that don’t damage your hair.

Always remember a clean scalp is a secret for achieving beautiful hair. So, never miss out on following your hair care routine. Make sure you are using essential oils like peppermint oil or tea tree oil. This ensures your hair is receiving proper nourishment.  Clean your hair using sulfate-free shampoo.  Don’t forget to condition your hair. This keeps your hair hydrated and gives a smooth and shiny texture. Use some home remedy for long and strong hair at least twice or thrice a month. This is the first and basic step that you need to follow for a gorgeous hairstyle and healthy hair look.

Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Hair

Stunning hairstyles and minimal hair damage? No worries! Traya is here with some very simple hairstyles that you can easily try out to look beautiful, also hairstyles that don’t damage your hair.

1)Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid

This is one of the simplest hairstyles that don’t hurt your head. Moreover, it is best to try during your summer days and you can effortlessly get a stylish look in marginal time. Loosen some of your hairs in front to frame your face. Next, make a low ponytail with a hair tight, continue adding some more additional hair ties leaving equal distance in between all the hair ties. Continue this step as long as your hair allows depending upon the length of your hair. Now pull the in-between hairs of the ties to give your hair a rich voluminous look. That’s all you need to do for a bubble braid. Comfy, Isn't it?


Chignon hairstyle

This hairstyle is the best hairstyle to avoid hair fall. Chignon protects your hair from split ends as the tip of your hair remains tucked. Wondering what you need to do for this? Take it easy. All you need to do is take your hair in small sections from both sides. Gently twist each of the sides and tie them using a soft fabric-covered elastic band. Subsequently, you need to tuck the rest of your hair in the section that is tied with a scrunchy.

3) Braided Bun

braided bun hairstyle

This is very simple. You all know how to make braids. Right? First, make a low and loose ponytail. Thereafter make a proper simple classic braid. Now, softly wrap the braided hair to give the shape of a bun and set it using as many pins as you require to get the confidence that your hair won't open. How to wear a bun without damaging hair? This is something you can positively try out.

4)Twisted Headband

Twisted headband

This is another hairstyle that doesn’t damage your hair and is superbly simple to do.  As is in the name, you will be requiring a headband. Wear a soft elastic headband. Now fold all your hair from the bottom and tuck them behind the headband. Fluff the hair to get a voluminous look and spread all your hair throughout the headband so that the headband gets entirely covered. And that’s it, as simple as it can be.

5)Twisted Ponytail

twisted ponytail

This is another easy hairstyle to do. Make a low ponytail first. Now, divide your hair into two sections making a hole just above the place you have tied the band. Enter your fingers from within the hole created, grab and twist the rest of your hair and slide through the hole; and that’s it, your hairstyle of twisted ponytail is done.

6)Twist Around Side Braid

twisted side braid

This is kind of a mixture of bubble braid and twisted ponytail. Follow the steps you need to get a twisted ponytail. Thereafter, you need to tie your hair like a bubble braid creating holes in between like the twisted ponytail, and keep on continuing this process till the end of your hair. Once done, pull each side of all the sections for a fluffy look.

7) French Braid

french braid

Part your hair in two different sections and take three strands from the front part of your hair; make a french braid on either side of your hair and make a low ponytail tying the rest of your hair.

These are some of the simplest and quick hairstyles that don’t damage your hair.


pigtail hairstyle

Pigtail can be done in numerous styles and varies from person to person. It is a version of classic braids and can be done by dividing your hair into two different sections. Try pigtail hairstyles to protect hair while sleeping.

Haircare is a must, while you follow these hairstyles that don’t damage your hair, do avoid tying your wet hair, super tight braids, or even the same ponytail every day. Also, avoid long locks or hair coloring. Try these simple hairstyle tips and break all the myths to protect your hair from future damage. Look extraordinary always.

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