Multivitamin Tablets

Multivitamin Tablets

The Role of Vitamins in Hair Loss

Untimely hair thinning or loss can also be because of a large range of other causes. Thinning of hair can be caused by skin disorders, such as psoriasis or eczema of the scalp. In most cases, the hair grows again after the skin issue is resolved. Almost all hair loss cases are because of lack of Vitamins. Several vitamins are thought to be effective for hair loss, particularly thinning caused by unhygienic food and fast food which we consume nowadays.

About Traya Multivitamin Tablets

Traya multivitamin tablets will fill all regular vitamin necessities in your diet and are mainly important for Hair Health. They contain Iron, grape seed extracts that promote the creation of hair follicles. It is a perfect mix for blood flow regulation, hair thickness improvement, hair growth, hair tissue repair, and many more benefits for your whole health. A combination of Biotin, Folic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin B3 all together fills all vitamin loss.

Benefits of Traya Multivitamin Tablets

All our external problems are a result of poor nutrient absorption, and the same is the case with hair. Insufficient supply of stomach acid or bacterial overgrowth in the stomach can lead to severe hair fall. By using Traya Multivitamin Tablets you can get rid of this.

• Multivitamin Tablets from Traya, support in generating fresh hair-growth cells on the scalp.
• Traya Multivitamin Tablets helps in keeping your skin, eyes, hair, liver, and even nervous system also healthy.
• Promote your body to create and preserve new cells
• Vitamin maintains a strong digestive system, skin, nervous system, eyes, and hair.
• This also helps to enhance brain function.
• Multivitamin from Tyara cures Iron deficiency which leads to a decrease in hair fall.
• Helps to improve your metabolism functions and immune system.


The multivitamin tablet is a combination of many useful Vitamins for hair growth, those are:

• Biotin
Biotin for hair is very important it helps the body to convert food into energy which enhances hair growth

Folic Acid
Folic Acid in the body produces new healthy cells, Folic acid for hair is to maintain healthy hair & decrease inflammation.

• Grape Seed Extract
Enhance the proliferation of hair follicle cells.

• Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps to repair your damaged hair and replenishes your hair loss by increasing hair growth.

• Zinc
Zinc for your hair plays a significant task in hair tissue growth and repair. It also makes the oil glands around the follicles work properly.

• Iron
Helps boost flow of oxygen in the body and thereby carry oxygen to the tissues and root of your hair. This promotes hair growth.

• Vitamin B3
Vitamin B3 enhances the growth of healthy hair and luscious hair.

How to use

Take Vitamin Tablets after lunch or dinner once a day after meals. If your doctor has recommended then go as per prescription.

How does Traya Multivitamin Tablets work

Traya Multivitamin Tablets have all important vitamins which will boost your hair health. After you take multivitamins, Iron will help to carry oxygen throughout your hair roots, to keep the scalp healthy, Vitamin B3 enhances hair growth. Vitamin C repairs damaged hair and likewise other vitamins activate all block tissue on the scalp and generate new cells. Which leads to fine circulation of blood on your scalp. This helps to nourish your hair.


In your busy lifestyle you must not be able to take all vitamins from the diet, so multivitamins play an important role to cover all vitamin deficiencies in your body. Looking for online service providers which offer vitamin tablets. Then you can buy it without any difficulty, from, and moreover, you can find multiple natural products, specially made for Haircare under this website. Try the Traya multivitamin tablet and experience the change.


Dr. Jaspreet Sarna, M.D


Dr. Sarna is an MD (Skin & VD) with a decade-long experience in treating hair loss and working on hair regrowth. She believes stress management is the key to good health.

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