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Hair Trimming


We all love to have healthy, shiny, and silky hair. A picture-perfect hairstyle like we see in TV commercials and films. Our appearance can change completely and boost our confidence if we can manage to get a perfect hair trimming. This is why taking good care of our hair should be our priority. And that makes us purchase expensive shampoos and conditioners hoping that they will do some magic on our hair.

In salons, we spend a hefty amount of money on various treatments. But when it comes to cutting and trimming our hair, we tend to delay. Sometimes we avoid doing it at all. Because after the months-long wait, we do not want to lose the length that we have gained. But let us tell you that if you are not cutting or hair trimming, you are doing more harm than good to your beautiful hair. Yes, you read it right!

Benefits of Trimming Your Hair  

  • Removes frizziness

Hair trimming benefits you if you have unhealthy, frizzy, dry hair and damaged ends. If you want to avoid unmanageable frizzy outcomes then you should take frequent haircuts or hair trims, this will lead you to get healthier hair.

Only by using some of the best hair care products, if you think it is likely to go away, then you are probably in the wrong conception. First, you need to eliminate the damaged hair in order to avoid further damages.

  • Allows hair to be tangle-free

Especially when you have long hair it is almost impossible to detangle your hair not near the roots, but at the end. The struggle becomes real, every time you are in a hurry and you just can’t make your hair tangle-free.

When you trim the ends regularly you create room for your hair to dry naturally after taking a bath without using any hot styling tools like blow dryer. If you get harsh on your hair it will tend to hair breakage and get damaged easily.

  • Removes split ends

This one is a no brainer! We all know that trimming head hair benefits us by removing split ends and making it look fresh. This is the easiest home remedy for split ends. You might be fooling yourself if you believe remedies and hair products will remove split ends.

You would become able to maintain healthy hair by using hair care products but you cannot repair it once you have it. Hair trimming is the only solution to get rid of split ends. 

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair 

To maintain the shine and overall health of your tresses, hair trimming is an extremely important grooming step. In this article, we have discussed the benefits of cutting hair and hair trimming and you will learn how to trim your hair at home. You can also make a note of the expert tips that we have mentioned in the end. But before you check all of that, let's address the most important question related to hair trimming. And that is - how often should you cut your hair? According to hair experts and stylists, we must trim our hair every 12 weeks for about a quarter inch. But if you notice that your hair grows faster than others then you should consider hair trimming every 9 to 10 weeks. Similarly, if you feel your hair growth is slow then you can trim once every 14 to 15 weeks. You can also try cutting hair at home, that will save you some time and money.

How to Trim Your Hair at Home

Step 1: If you are looking for a solution on how to trim hair at home – then you have to start by washing your hair - Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply conditioner if you have really dry hair, it will also help you eliminate tangles. Make sure that your hair is free of any hair-care products and thoroughly clean it before you begin hair trimming. You have to rinse your hair until all the residual bubbles or soap are washed off from your hair. The water flowing down from your scalp should be clear water. If you have very thick, curly, or coarse hair, then that should be washed twice to make sure it is cleaned properly.

Step 2: Lightly wrap a towel on your head to absorb the water that might be dripping from your hair after head wash. Do not make it dry entirely, instead, just let your hair remain damp. This will make it easier to manage your hair.

Step 3: Wrap yourself -You have to wrap yourself with a towel or plastic sheet around your neck otherwise trimmed hair will spread all over your skin.

Step 4: Divide your hair into different sections and comb it properly, so that there is no tangle and all the hairs are equally spread in that section. If your hair dries a spray bottle filled with water can be helpful to moisten the hair as and when required.

Step 5: Now, grab one section of your hair using your index and middle fingers to grab it from the bottom and make a scissor-like motion using your free hand and pinch off two-to-three inches of hair. Be sure to select hair from the bottom section and from one side of the scalp or the other section, but definitely not from the middle. In this case, you will be using the other hand to grab the scissors. your both hands have to work simultaneously to get a salon-like hair trimming. You have to do this repeatedly, so make sure to maintain consistency with each pinch. But be sure of one thing, you would require a really sharp scissor even before you start thinking of how to cut hair at home.

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