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Hair Care In Winter


The Winter season has many things to offer, starting from an outing with friends and family for a morning picnic, to sitting and talking beside a fireplace in the evening, it has all the pleasure and coziness on offer for you. From festivals like Christmas and New Year to watching a movie with a cup of hot coffee, everything around is so comfortable. Isn't it? While you enjoy all this, the chilling weather and low temperatures can affect your hair and skin and have a harsh effect on all hair types. The dry winter weather makes the skin on your scalp even drier and the heat appliances used for hairstyling along with a hot water bath turn out to be even more deadly for your hair. This makes your hair dry, itchy, rough, more prone to breakage, and difficult to handle. To protect your hair from all these glitches special hair care in winter is necessary. So, what can you do for hair care in winter? Don’t worry! We have the answer for your hair care in winter. Just keep reading to learn everything that is required for the winter hair care routine. And believe us, these natural ways for winter scalp care works in every hair texture.

Why is Hair Care Important

The winter season is a dreaded time for your skin and hair. The cold weather raids out all the moisture from your scalp making it dry and frizzy. Just the way your skin gets dry, the scalp also gets drier and the hair follicles lack proper moisture and nourishment. Just like you protect yourself from the cold with the help of jackets and sweaters and blankets, you need to protect your hair from all the winter aggressors that cause hair damage. You should be extra cautious and protective for your hair care in winter. Hair care in winter is always different from summer hair care or even monsoon hair care tips.

How to Hydrate Dry Scalp in Winter

Many of you must be suffering from dry and rough hair but it is a kind of chronic disease for many during the winter season.  This is because during this time the atmosphere is such that it zaps out the moisture from your hair resulting in a dry scalp. Now, what is a dry scalp and how do you understand that? Though more severe in winter, a dry scalp can be a constant partner for your hair. If you notice tiny white flakes throughout your hair, understand that you are suffering from a dry scalp. If you do not hydrate your dry scalp especially during winter, you are moving forward to hair breakage. So start your hair care from the beginning of winter, and the very first step is to keep your scalp hydrated throughout. Here are some quick tips for hair care in the winter season:

  • As your hair gets drier, drink plenty of water to keep your body and hair hydrated and do not get trapped in dehydration which affects your hair as well.
  • Take a proper diet rich in all essential nutrients and vitamins which are responsible for strong hair.
  • Wearing hats and caps during winter has become a trendy style. Well, this is very important during winters as it protects your hair from the dry air and cold winds. You can use any fabric like cotton, wool, silk, or satin to cover your hair.
  • You can opt for a humidifier inside your home. As the air goes dry everywhere, a humidifier can help to rehydrate the air indoors and prevent it from absorbing the moisture from your scalp and leave it dry.
  • While you are taking a shower, try to use a mild shampoo and wash using cold running water instead of hot water. This heated water will rob out all the moisture from your hair.
  • Heat styling tools like straighteners, blow dryers generate a lot of heat damaging your hair follicles. Limit the usage of these products and regularly trim your hair to prevent split ends. Certain hairstyles like braids and buns are more suitable during winter days.
  • Do not go outdoors with wet hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage as the cold winds lead to expansion in hair shafts leading to hair breakage and hair loss. It is always suggested to air dry your hair before stepping out.

These are some basic tips for hair care in winter for you to follow. Other than these some winter hair treatment like oiling and massaging your scalp and using some hair masks are needed. Keep scrolling to know more best possible ways of hair care in winter.

Best Oils for Winter Hair Care Routine

The most basic problem that you all face is dry hair. There is a certain buildup blocking the way nutrients reach your scalp. To get rid of this problem your hair needs hydration and nourishment and essential oils are the best source for it. Some best oils to use for hair care in winter are:

  • Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
  • You can prepare a mixture with olive oil and coconut oil or even almond oil or sesame oil and apply it to your scalp. Hot oil massage can be even more beneficial. Olive oil is known to provide moisture to your scalp and hair. The presence of oleic acid in olive oil is good to reduce inflammation in your body. The presence of antioxidants prevents your hair from drying. It also penetrates deeply through your hair shafts providing deep conditioning and protecting the tip of your hair.

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • This hair oil can relieve you from the dry scalp due to the presence of antiseptic and antibiotic properties in it. You can mix this oil with coconut oil or olive oil and massage your scalp.

  • Rosemary Oil
  • It has numerous benefits for your health but as far as your hair is concerned the anti-inflammatory properties in it, help in treating the damage caused in hair follicles, increasing hair growth and healthy hair.

  • Onion Oil
  • Onion oil is long known for its hair benefits. This oil helps to restore the nutrients in your scalp and stimulates your hair along with nourishment to your hair follicles. This also helps to grow your hair.

  • Clary Sage Oil
  • This oil is extremely good to use for your hair due to the antibacterial properties present in it. This helps to release stress which is a major cause of hair fall and also treats your dandruff; protecting your hair from environmental invaders. Use this oil along with drops of lavender oil. 

    These are some excellent oil with plenty of moisture to use during hair care in winter.

    Best Winter Hair Masks to Nourish Dry Hair

    It is very important to deep condition your hair in winter. Just like the way you use a face pack for glowing skin, you should also use hair masks in your hair care routine. The use of hair masks once a week can reverse the effects of damage caused due to a dry environment. Hair masks to use for hair care in winter are:

    • Egg Hair Mask

    Eggs are a rich source of protein which provides good nutrients for your hair. You can prepare a mask with egg and olive oil and apply it all over your hair. Yogurt can also be added to this hair mask as it soothes your hair along with the nourishment from eggs.

    • Banana Hair Mask

    Make a mask with coconut milk, sliced banana, and honey, and apply it over your hair to keep it nourished. All these three ingredients are extremely good to provide moisture to your hair. Try to use a blender to make a smooth paste.

    All these are some best hair care tips for men as well.

    Best Winter Hair Care Products

    As the chilly winter leads to flaky-looking locks, you should be aware of choosing the right hair care in winter products. Here is a short list that you can look at before purchasing a product for your hair care in the winter season.

    • Mild shampoos with anti-dandruff properties.
    • Nourishing Hair Serums for Frizz Control.
    • Best Essential Oils.
    • Leave-in Conditioner for Deep Nourishment.

    The dry and Itchy scalp is irritating and uncomfortable. But a proper hair care routine can solve all your miseries. So, without wasting any time, become more precautious towards your hair as winter approaches. Follow the tips for shiny-looking smooth hair to flaunt even during winter days.

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