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Benefits of Green Tea for Hair


Who doesn’t like drinking tea? It's an emotion. A cup of hot tea makes you go throughout the day, gives you the much-needed break so that you stay active. Green tea is an all-time favorite for many and millions of people around the world prefer green tea. Isn't it? But some people prefer milk tea over green tea more. Green tea is a rich source of nutrients and can keep an individual amazingly healthy and free from many diseases. So, let us tell you another secret, green tea for hair can be a magic remedy for many hair problems. Yes, you read that right. Your favorite hot beverage works like a miracle for all your hair complications. You all dream of long and strong hair and do a lot of things to maintain your hair. But have you ever thought of how much you spend trying various remedies for your hair? Not really, right? You need not worry anymore. Like always Traya is here with a very simple cure for all your hair problems, which is not only natural and free from chemicals but also does not have any side effects. So, let not waste any further time and see how green tea for hair works and benefits you. 

Nutritional Value of Green Tea 

Green tea for hair is extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts for its rich nutrient composition. Before we read about the nutritional value of green tea, let's see first from where green tea is being produced. A plant named Camellia sinensis produces tea leaves. The processing through which the tea leaves go through results in the production of tea as green tea, black tea, or oolong tea. Green tea is obtained from the fresh tea leaves by first drying them and then exposing them to the sun. The process of sun exposure averts oxidation and fermentation which leads to the distinctive signature flavor of green tea. Touted as one of the world’s healthiest beverages, let's see the nutritional value of green tea:

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants which come from a compound named flavonols also known as catechins. These catechins act as the astringency component in tea and have several health benefits.
  • The presence of vitamin B or panthenol in green tea for hair is extremely effective as it helps to control split ends, strengthens the hair follicles, and makes your hair soft. 
  • Theanine is a component responsible for imparting flavor in tea and helps in strengthening your hair.
  • Green tea for hair growth is also effective when you apply it to the hair roots due to the presence of catechin EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate.
  • Due to green tea being anti-inflammatory, it promotes the growth of hair.
  • The antioxidants present in green tea impedes problems like baldness. It contains caffeine which blocks the DHT hormone, the main cause of baldness. DHT is also responsible for hair fall issues.
  • Green tea for hair prevents your hair from looking dull and rough, imparting shine and a soft texture to your hair.

Benefits of Green Tea for Hair

Do you notice green tea composition in a wide range of hair products these days? You do, right? This is because of the enormous benefits of green tea for hair. Here we have listed some green tea benefits for hair:

  • Green Tea for Hair Fall - Green tea can prevent hair fall that is caused by androgenetic alopecia or hormonal disorders. While the hair loss happens the hair growth cycle gets affected. Hair fall occurs mainly due to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone hormones. It is being studied that the presence of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG in green tea can constrain the effects that these hormones can cause and reduce hair loss. Also, the presence of catechins can control your hair loss problems.
  • Green Tea for Hair Growth -  Green tea is composed of polyphenols or EGCGs. These EGCGs help in stimulating the hair follicles and act as a barrier to the damages affecting the hair cells, thus strengthening the roots of your hair. Hair loss which is not caused due to hormonal imbalance shows very quick and effective recovery by the inclusion of green tea. Before moving on to the next green tea for hair benefit, let us share a fact with you. Research states that people suffering from the problems of alopecia are witnessing the hair regrowth cycle within just as few as four days due to the presence of EGCG in green tea. Remarkable isn’t it? Don’t wait anymore to add green tea to your hair care routine. It can act as a wonder among many ayurvedic herbs for hair growth.
  • Green Tea for Split Ends - Among many nutrients present in green tea, vitamin B plays a major role in hair fall issues, as well as keeps split end problems at bay.
  • Green Tea for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp - The anti-inflammatory properties present in green tea can help you grow back your hair. Moreover, dandruff leads to an itchy scalp and further hair fall. Green tea for hair through these anti-inflammatory properties can help solve all your hair complications.
  • Green Tea protects your hair from Fungus and Bacteria – Dust, dirt, pollution, and many other external factors can make your scalp a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus which in turn makes your hair weaker. Washing your hair with green tea will help you stay away from all such infectious fleas.
  • Green Tea as a source of nutrients for your hair – Hair falls under the integumentary system that most commonly includes your nails, hair, and skin. Rather you can also say hair starts growing from your skin and your scalp is a part of your skin. During the growth cycle of your hair, adequate flow of blood supply and nutrients is necessary and skin acts as that carrier. As green tea is a storehouse of nutrients, consumption of it will increase the flow of blood in your skin which will further lead to the proper blood supply to your hair follicles, promoting the growth of hair. 

Tips to use green tea for Hair Regrowth 

Here are some green tea uses for hair:

  • Green Tea as Rinse
  • Green tea can be used as a natural rinser for your hair. This natural rinse has cleansing properties and can help fight dandruff. Wondering how to prepare green tea rinse? It is as simple as anything. In a pan of boiling water, add green tea bags. Let it cool down and take shower meanwhile. Rinse off your hair after using any mild shampoo using the liquid. You can do this for a couple of days a week.

  • Green Tea as a Drink:
  • Drinking green tea can be as beneficial as using it as a rinse or mask. Just the same way you are preparing green tea for the rinse, prepare the drink and consume it warm. It is best consumed in the morning. Daily consumption of green tea once or twice does not have any side effects.

  • Green Tea Mask: 
  • Green Tea masks can be prepared with honey, lemon, aloe vera, or even coconut oil. Sometimes egg yolk can also be added along with green tea. Take a few spoons of green tea along with any one of the above-mentioned natural ingredients and mix them well. Apply this mask to your scalp and let it rest for at least some time before washing off. 

    Along with green tea, have a balanced diet and eat healthily. Fruits for hair growth also play a significant role. Exercise for hair growth or yoga for hair growth also becomes effective.

    Green tea is a wonderful beverage and beyond saying a favorite among many throughout the globe. While water comes as the most consumed drink around the world and rightly so, if there is something that can occupy the second position among the most consumed healthy beverages, it should be green tea. It has multiple benefits on our health and green tea for hair can be extremely operative. Lastly, if you are wondering about the side effects of green tea on hair, there is nothing much as such. It can be a bit toxic and excessive consumption can lead to an increase in the EGCGs, but consuming it twice daily would be fine. So, what are you waiting for?  Start consuming green tea. Believe Traya, you will notice results apace by using green tea for hair.

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