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Use Cold Pressed Coconut Oil For Various Amazing Purposes

The very popular coconut oil has been in use for centuries. You have been enjoying the popularity of this fruit in the form of oil to nourish your hair, moisturize your skin, and for cooking purposes owing to its health and beauty benefits.

Coconut oil is an easy option to choose from among many oils available in the market. If you know the properties of coconut oil then you will definitely purchase this oil. But if you are among those who do not know about the advantages of coconut oil, you will learn in the article and know how this oil works great to your mane.

The use of coconut oil is quite common. However, it's the right time to know about the new version of coconut oil which is cold-pressed coconut oil. You do not want to compromise with the quality of your hair oil then cold-pressed coconut oil gives you the utmost nourishment.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil by far is one of the best hair oils and face oils to use to deal with different beauty problems. So, let's dive into more details to understand better what cold-pressed coconut oil is and how it benefits?

What is cold-pressed coconut oil?

Cold-pressed is a mechanical method by which pressure is applied to coconut oil to convert it into cold-pressed coconut oil.

To obtain cold-pressed coconut oil, mature coconut fruits are chosen to remove their fresh flesh having a higher content of the oil. Then it is crushed to make coconut flakes. Just like other oils, by using a low temperature, the oil is extracted by the application of a press. The process seems lengthy and requires comparatively more time, that's the reason that cold-pressed coconut oil is available at higher prices. However, the technique ensures nutritional qualities than normal coconut oil. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is an unrefined and pure form of extracted oil from coconut.

The centrifuge method is also used to extract unrefined oil of coconut fruit but cold-pressed coconut oil is better. If you are wondering how coconut oil retains its nutrients then you should know only minimal temperatures are applied during the process, not high temperature.

Virgin coconut oil is the perfect coconut oil to perform the cold-pressing technique on for high quality of the oil. The next time you are searching for cold-pressed coconut oil in the market then you can pick cold-pressed virgin coconut oil too.

So, now let's discuss the benefits of a new version of coconut oil.

What are the benefits of cold-pressed coconut oil?

1. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is extracted from the top quality of fresh and natural coconut fruit to gain the utmost benefits. It protects the heart by controlling blood pressure. The cold-pressed virgin coconut oil enhances the digestive process and heals the infection in the kidney.

For centuries, the coconut oil is considered as the miraculous fruit oil to work in most of the problems in some or other ways. It has a natural aroma, so there is no need to add artificial deodorant to it. It does not require any bleaching or refining as well. So, you should shed your worries regarding the chemicals in it. You can find the cold-pressed coconut oil in its purest natural form.

2. Unlike other oils, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is not prepared by using processed chemical methods. Thus, it is safe for use for various purposes. In skin allergies, the oil works magically and its effect can be seen very soon. It is far better than other oil-based on chemicals.

3. Among all the benefits, the advantage of cold-pressed coconut oil in boosting immunity can not be ignored. It provides strength to the immune system. It contains antibacterial properties to protect the body from any disease. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil maintains the nutritious properties which make better digestion.

Also, it contains antimicrobial properties which protect the body from diseases caused by microbes.

4. Weight gain is a common problem these days. You too might be worried about the extra kilos in your body! Weight gain is a problem not in itself but it triggers other health-related issues as well. However, Cold-pressed oil can be your hope. The oil is an energy booster. Moreover, it enhances the rate of metabolism which surely loses weight.

Women can find a visible reduction in their abdomen area where fat stored the most.

The regular usage of coconut oil in diet can make a difference in health issues. Moreover, the benefits of cold-pressed coconut oil for the face are quite impressive.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Face

The advantages of cold-pressed coconut oil for skin are many which are enough to convince you to add it into your regime.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil is a moisturizer
The Traya cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is rich in nutrients that are important for moisturizing skin. It works as a barrier between skin and pollutants which dry the face. Apply it after taking shower or bathing.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil is a shaving cream
It is advisable to use shaving cream while shaving the hair from the skin. The cold-pressed coconut oil acts as a barrier between the skin and the blades of a shaving razor. It prepares a smooth surface for the razor to glide on. So, the Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil works as a shaving cream. It prevents the appearance of shaving bumps too.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil for massage
The antioxidants present in abundance in cold-pressed coconut oil and it nourishes the skin thoroughly. For massage, warm the cold-pressed coconut oil a little and massage with it.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil soothes skin
One of the uses of cold-pressed coconut oil is it relieves Eczema or Psoriasis. The antibacterial property of the oil treats some of the skin problems such as patchy scales, redness etc. To apply it, soak the skin with water and dump it on the skin two times a day. The result will not disappoint you.
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil for skincare
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a friendly ingredient for beauty lovers who do not want to invest in chemical products. You can use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a base for many beauty recipes. To make a body scrub, take cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, a little amount of sugar, and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix all three ingredients together to form the body scrub. You can add essential oil to this scrub, however, there is no need as the oil has its aroma.

Coconut oil can also be used to highlight your face and collarbone and give it a shiny look.

Cold-pressed coconut oil for hair

After reading the benefits of cold-pressed coconut oil for the face, you have been wondering about the full proof qualities of cold-pressed coconut oil for hair. Here, you will know the advantages of cold-pressed coconut oil for hair.

1. Cold-pressed coconut oil prevents hair breakage

In day to day life, your tresses have to face a lot of things such as pollution, dirt, styling tools etc. These factors affect the strength of hair and weaken it. With a massage of Traya cold-pressed coconut oil hair becomes stronger and you can avoid hair breakage. The oil forms a layer between hair strands and outer pollutants.

2. Cold-pressed coconut oil enhances hair growth

The oil prevents hair breakage and leads to an increased volume of hair. The nutrients present in the oil results in strong and voluminous locks.

3. Cold-pressed coconut oil prevents graying of hair

Due to hormonal changes, lack of nutrients, and stress, hair starts greying prematurely. The massage of the oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp and takes more quantity of nutrients to the hair to prevent the premature greying of hair.

4. Cold-pressed coconut oil moisturizes scalp

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil works wonderfully for the dry hair type. It moisturizes the scalp, especially in dry seasons. Moisturizer scalp and hair results in less hair loss and strengthening of hair.

5. Cold-pressed coconut oil restricts dandruff

Sometimes, your scalp gets a flaky layer which you term as dandruff. Nobody wants dandruff ridden scalp and also the itchiness caused by it. With the use of Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, you can get rid of dandruff by treating the flaky scalp.

6. Cold-pressed coconut oil protects from lice

The antibacterial properties of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil protect you from lice. It prevents the lice from spreading and attacking the hair and scalp.

7. Cold-pressed coconut oil relieves in scalp irritation

The dry season affects badly on the health of hair and to deal with it effectively, you should use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. But if you are in areas of hot weather, then also you can go for cold-pressed coconut oil.

The heat of summer or hot places sweats the scalp a lot which results in boils and sunburns. The antibacterial properties found in Traya cold-pressed coconut oil soothes the irritated and burned skin of hair. It also calms scalp boils.

Thus, the use of cold-pressed coconut oil for hair are many and are equally effective. You should try Traya Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for hair for maintaining the health of your hair.

Use of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

The use of cold-pressed coconut oil for the face is not limited to apply only at night. There are various ways to utilise it.

● A face cleanser

Cold-pressed coconut oil works great as a face cleanser. To apply the oil, take a small amount of Traya coconut oil in your palm and massage with the oil all over the face gently. Leave it on the face for some time for proper penetration. It will remove the impurities from the face. Then after cleaning with a cotton cloth, wash it off.

● A moisturizer

The cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil moisturizes your skin in a significant way. Apply 1-2 drops of oil on the face and massage it properly before going to bed. Your morning will be changed.

Tip - You with acne-prone or oily skin should avoid overnight application.

● A makeup remover

Better than any other makeup remover, the best cold-pressed coconut oil is a natural makeup remover. Use cotton balls and dip them into the oil to remove the makeup. Then you can clean the face.

● A face scrub

Mix cold-pressed coconut oil and brown sugar to make a good face scrub. Add both the ingredients in the appropriate quantities and scrub the face with the mixture gently. Do not apply pressure on the skin. Then wash the face with face wash.

● A pre-wash protector

To lock the moisture in your hair, apply the cold-pressed coconut oil before stepping in to wash your hair. Application of oil 15-20 minutes before shampooing prevents the hair to soak excess water.

● A conditioner

Cold-pressed coconut oil not only moisturizes your hair but strengthens your hair as well. You can avoid hair breaking by using coconut oil. You can add a sufficient quantity of it to your regular conditioner too.

● Styling help:

Cold-pressed coconut oil helps in avoiding hair frizzing. Only damping a few drops of the oil will give shiny and smooth tresses.

● A hair mask

Hair masks are advisable to keep hair healthy and protected from outer pollutants. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a perfect product for hair masks. Apply about a teaspoon or two of coconut oil on hair and leave it to work. Then wash it off with shampoo.

Side effects of cold-pressed coconut oil

Pure cold-pressed coconut oil benefits a lot and is likely safe to consume.

● When you consume cold-pressed coconut oil in an appropriate amount, it is completely safe. But, the oil can enhance the cholesterol level as it contains some kind of fat. Avoid excess amounts.

● Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil during pregnancy and breast-feeding are considered safe as there is no evidence of the oil harming the pregnant woman and her infant. However, consult your doctor before adding it to your use.

● Though coconut oil is not harmful to children. But, taking it as medicine to cure any particular health issue should be monitored.

● Regular use of cold-pressed coconut oil can enhance the bad cholesterol in the body. So, if you are already dealing with increased cholesterol level, then you should avoid it.

The above mentioned are the cold-pressed coconut oil side effects which are not severe but has to be kept in mind.

The Traya Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is obtained from selected high-quality coconut to get the oil in its purest form. The oil is highly demanded as it is extracted by a mechanical process using low temperature. It has a slightly sweet flavour without any added flavours and aroma. So, it does not harm your hair, skin, and health.

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