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Ayurvedic head massage


No doubt, life is never free of stress. With extended office hours, daily chores, and whatnot, you are bound to be stressed out. During the lockdown, when many of us work from home, long hours of staring at the screen and keeping up the pace to match our daily activities are hectic. Amidst all this, if you get a relaxing Ayurvedic head massage, what could be better than that?

Ayurvedic head massage does wonder when it comes to calming your mind and rejuvenating your soul. It relaxes your eyes, stimulates proper blood circulation of the scalp, and relieves stress. Suppose you must be thinking about how Ayurvedic head massage is different from any other head massage. In that case, it is something to note that Ayurvedic head massage involves a variety of massage techniques that trigger pressure points using circular massage strokes that focus on your head, neck, and shoulders, unlike the normal head massage where you concentrate on only apply the oil to the scalp.

When done using Ayurvedic oil for head massage and Ayurvedic herbs in conjunction, this massage technique improves the scalp condition. Ayurvedic head massage for hair growth is very beneficial as it enhances the hair texture and relieves you of common hair problems. Ayurvedic head massage is of different varieties, and each come with their benefits. In this blog, we shall understand the different types of Ayurvedic head massage and the benefits therein.

Types of Ayurvedic Head Massage

  • Shirodhara

In this technique, an Ayurvedic oil for head massage is gently poured on your forehead. The oils used for this head massage include sesame oil, lakshadi tailum, manjishtadi tailum, brahmi tailum, shatavari tailum, etc. In some cases, coconut water, milk, or ghee is also used. This Ayurvedic head massage is useful in relieving stress and headaches.

  • Shiro Abhyanga

One of the most popular Ayurvedic head massage, the Shiro Abhyanga, is used to relieve stress, and its technique focuses on the pressure points of the head, neck, and shoulder area. The Shiro Abhyanga benefits include relief from pain, migraines, relaxes muscles, improves vision and insomnia. 

  • Shiro Vasti

Shiro vasti or basti refers to Shiro meaning head and Vasti meaning container. It is the process of pooling medicated Ayurvedic oils on the head. This technique helps promote sleep, balance the skull and the brain, calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and support hair growth

  • Shiro Pichu

Another powerful Ayurvedic head massage technique where the head area is soaked with Ayurvedic oils using a cotton cloth or pad. This head massage technique helps improve sleep, reduce any scalp-related issues, improve memory, prevent hair fall, and get rid of common hair problems. 

What Are the Benefits of Ayurvedic Head Massage?

Head massage in Ayurveda is an ancient practice, and people have been benefiting from it for centuries. Here we share Ayurvedic head massage benefits 10 that you should know about-

  1. Removes insomnia and promotes sound sleep
  2. Strengthens the circulatory and nervous system
  3. Stimulates hair growth and relieves scalp related problems
  4. Relieves you of emotional and mental stress
  5. Relieves you from depression and anxiety
  6. Balances the hormone level in your body
  7. Encourages the release of endorphins - hormones that make you happy
  8. Imparts lustrous shine to your hair
  9. It rejuvenates your senses and keeps you calm
  10. Enhances alertness and memory

Best Ayurvedic Oils for Head Massage

While head massage in Ayurveda is fruitful using Ayurvedic oils, it is crucial that you know which oil is best for you. That said, you can use a wide range of Ayurvedic oil for head massage. Here we share some of the best Ayurvedic oils for head massage-

It hails from the sunflower family and is effective in preventing hair loss. Other benefits include promoting healthy hair growth, improving texture and volume of hair. It also treats scalp infection and slows down greying of hair. 

  • Coconut Oil

It is loaded with the goodness of fatty acids and vitamins; coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair cuticles and strengthens the hair roots. Should you ask how to get soft hair, coconut head massage is what you should try. It also soothes the scalp and gives a cooling sensation to the hair.

  • Sesame Oil

Derived from the sesame seed or til seed, sesame oil is one of the oldest oils known to mankind. Its warming nature makes it an effective and suitable oil for head massage. If you have been finding answers to how to get thicker hair, you can try using sesame oil for head massage to see magical results. This oil is light and repairs damaged hair. 

  • Sweet Almond Oil

One of the most effective Ayurvedic head massage oils, the sweet almond oil, is best for conditioning the hair. If you are facing hair fall lately, this is one oil you should try. It smoothes the hair cuticles and repairs damaged hair. In addition, you’ll love the aromatic sweet scent of this oil. 

How To Massage Your Scalp for Hair Growth?

Now that you know the benefits of Ayurvedic head massage and the different Ayurvedic oil for head massage, you must know how to massage your scalp for hair growth. Follow these steps for a soothing and effective scalp massage-

Take your favorite Ayurvedic oil and warm it so you can apply it to your scalp. Make sure not to burn out the oil.

Sit straight, pour a small amount of oil in your palm, and then comb your fingers through your hair. 

Next, pour some oil on the crown of your head. Finally, massage the oil onto the crown of the head and either side of the head. 

Now bend your head forward as if your chin would touch your chest. Pour some oil on the back of your head where the hairline ends. In circular motion using your finger pads, massage the back of your head. Next, stretch your fingers to the back of your neck and shoulders and massage using circular finger strokes. 

Apply firm pressure on the scalp and, using circular strokes, massage your entire head. 

Leave the oil for about twenty to thirty minutes before washing yours. You may cover your head with a towel to protect it from dust and cold. 

You may also choose to leave the oil overnight. In such cases, cover your head with a towel. You can also put one on your pillow to protect the pillow from staining.

Ayurved has a lot to offer when it comes to wellness and health. Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient boon that helps in relieving many scalp-related ailments. You can trust Traya for all your natural hair care products. The brand offers a wide range of natural hair elixirs and hair oil that helps you maintain lustrous hair.

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