A New & Improved Minoxidil For Quality Hair Growth

A New & Improved Minoxidil For Quality Hair Growth

Hair loss is something that most people worry about - if there are chances of stopping it, whether hair regrowth can really take place and if your hair can look just as flawless as that of a television show actor. 

While most of this is based on whether or not you choose to work on your hair loss, it is quite possible to have all of that packed into a complete treatment.

After successfully finding the perfect fix to stopping your hair loss (us ;D) hair growth is the next big step in the treatment and almost all of our clients look forward to it. Let’s give you a little insights on that area, shall we? 

Rogaine or minoxidil (known to prevent hair loss) is one of the most commonly prescribed hair regrowth serums by Dr. Jaspreet. Well, that means not everyone is prescribed minoxidil to prevent further hair loss because let’s not forget, the treatment is determined on your health data and the type of hair loss you experience. 

As the doctors progressively work on upgrading your treatment, each aspect of hair loss and hair growth are approached differently. So we decided, why not amp up the hair regrowth treatment to the next level now? We listened to the valuable feedback from our most loved clients and conducted constant research in the past year to form our all new minoxidil!

It is said that perfect matches are only made in heaven. 

But then…..procapil was added to minoxidil and nothing was more beautiful. 


What’s different about Tatva’s rogaine?

Minoxidil by Traya is fortified with the benefits of procapil that not only prevents hair loss but increases hair regrowth too. This new formulation ensures not only better growth, hair quality and keeping hair health well intact. 

Don’t worry, we not just done yet :P

Procapil contains Vitaminated matrikine (biotinyl-GHK), Oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves and Apigenin from citrus fruits. 

  1. The biotinyl improves metabolism in the cells ( of the scalp for effective hair growth. 
  2. Oleanolic acid contains a property called 5α-reductase.This slows down the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) otherwise causing Androgenic Alopecia and is found in natural ingredients like olive oil, cloves, garlic, etc. 
  3. Apigenin fights against the effects of DHT like follicle aging and degeneration (dying). Plus, it increases blood flow to the hair follicles to balance the growth cycle of your hair.  It is present in other natural ingredients like celery, chamomile tea, onion, etc.

While minoxidil works on better hair growth, it’ll improve hair quality, make it soft, strong and healthy - all in one! Yup your hair loss care treatment just got amped up to the next level. Not on our treatment yet but still want this magic maker? Well let’s just tell you that it’s part of a complete treatment. Well, no need to worry, it’s not too late to get started on your very own hair loss care treatment

Don’t delay your chances of owning a healthy mane ;) 

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