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A New & Improved Minoxidil For Hair Growth


Hair loss is something that most people worry about - if there are chances of stopping it, whether hair regrowth can really take place and if your hair can look just as flawless as that of a television show actor. 

While most of this is based on whether or not you choose to work on your hair loss, it is quite possible to have all of that packed into a complete treatment.

After successfully finding the perfect fix to stopping your hair loss (us ;D) hair growth is the next big step in the treatment and almost all of our clients look forward to it. Let’s give you a little insights on that area, shall we? 

Rogaine or minoxidil for hair growth (known to prevent hair loss) is one of the most commonly prescribed hair regrowth serums by Dr. Jaspreet. Well, that means not everyone is prescribed minoxidil to prevent further hair loss because let’s not forget, the treatment is determined on your health data and the type of hair loss you experience. 

As the doctors progressively work on upgrading your treatment, each aspect of hair loss and hair growth are approached differently. So we decided, why not amp up the hair regrowth treatment to the next level now? We listened to the valuable feedback from our most loved clients and conducted constant research in the past year to form our all new minoxidil for hair growth!

It is said that perfect matches are only made in heaven. 

But then…..procapil was added to minoxidil and nothing was more beautiful than this minoxidil topical solution. 

What’s different about Traya’s rogaine?

Minoxidil for hair growth by Traya is fortified with the benefits of procapil that not only prevents hair loss but increases hair regrowth too. This new formulation ensures not only better growth, hair quality and keeping hair health well intact. 

Don’t worry, we not just done yet :P

Procapil contains Vitaminated matrikine (biotinyl-GHK), Oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves and Apigenin from citrus fruits. 

  1. The biotinyl improves metabolism in the cells ( of the scalp for effective hair growth. 
  2. Oleanolic acid contains a property called 5α-reductase.This slows down the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) otherwise causing Androgenic Alopecia and is found in natural ingredients like olive oil, cloves, garlic, etc. 
  3. Apigenin fights against the effects of DHT like follicle aging and degeneration (dying). Plus, it increases blood flow to the hair follicles to balance the growth cycle of your hair.  It is present in other natural ingredients like celery, chamomile tea, onion, etc.

While minoxidil works on better hair growth, it’ll improve hair quality, make it soft, strong and healthy - all in one! Yup your hair loss care treatment just got amped up to the next level. Not on our treatment yet but still want this magic maker? Well let’s just tell you that it’s part of a complete treatment. Well, no need to worry, it’s not too late to get started on your very own hair loss care treatment

Looking for the best hair fall treatment? Or want to know how to stop hair fall? Hair fall is a big concern. And, the stress of losing hair making it a serious and complicated process. Well, researches have proved that around 40% of women experience hair fall by the age of 40. So, this will be attributed to hormones, nutrition, genetics, and stress. If you're on the list of 4% women, you might be looking for the right treatment. Here, minoxidil for hair growth is the most effective prescription by physicians. If you are thinking minoxidil for women is good or not, don’t worry it is safe for anybody if used as recommended. You can get the best quality ayurvedic tablets for hair growth from Traya.

Minoxidil for hair growth is a powerful treatment for hair regrowth that’s majorly used for hair fall treatment. Dissimilar to most hair fall treatment, minoxidil work instantly. It can take a few months to generate remarkable results. Here in this post, we will talk everything about how to stop hair fall, minoxidil, its use, benefits, and side effects on your hair.

What is minoxidil?

Definition – Minoxidil for hair growth is an efficient and powerful treatment for hair loss. It comes in the form of foam and over-the-counter liquid that can be applied directly to your scalp to stop hair fall and thinning hair problems. If you want to understand how to stop hair fall and see good results, it should be used regularly. However, if you stop using it, the growth of the hair may stop and hair fall will continue. You also can get the best quality of ayurvedic tablets for hair growth and enhance the look of your hair.

Thinking how to stop hair fall? Minoxidil for hair growth has a good impact on younger people who have been suffering from male pattern baldness for not more than five years. If hair fall spreads over an enormous area and has continued for quite a long time, Minoxidil for hair growth will be less likely to provide good results. Generally, if you are a young person and you start using Minoxidil as an ayurvedic tablets for hair growth, you will see a remarkable result for sure.

How to use minoxidil for hair growth?

Using Minoxidil topical solution for hair growth properly can be a big challenge. You will have to understand some crucial steps to use it. Applying Minoxidil to the scalp in front of a mirror isn’t the right way to use it, you will need some practice to do it.

So, let's understand how to stop hair fall and check out some crucial tips to apply Minoxidil for hair growth effectively.

 Apply in the Scalp

 As specified, the first and foremost thing to know when applying Minoxidil for hair growth is to apply it to the scalp, not on your hair.

To know that you are in the right place, divide your hair into diverse areas to see your scalp. Now, you can spray directly to your scalp. You can use minoxidil for hair growth before and after taking a shower.

 Also, ensure that you should be dry before using the solution. Wet hair may dilute the solution and you may not get to full benefits from it.

Prevent Drippage

How to stop hair fall? One of the big issues that the applicator resolves is drippage. Numerous individuals discovered that when utilizing the solution, the solution would trip onto the forehead, face, and neck. They can increase the chance of some side effects. At Traya, you can find some ayurvedic tablets for hair growth.

With the help of spray, there will not be any chance of drippage. The spray is absorbed effectively by the skin. With this, there is less amount of overspill and the solution is much more accurate.

 But the drippage is still feasible. So, the next time when you apply Minoxidil for hair growth, keep your head shifted backward. This will help prevent the solution from coming into direct contact with your forehead, eyes, and face.

Time Your Dosages

Minoxidil for hair growth can be used two times a day. It will be best if you use it in 12-hour gaps. Also, it is great to utilize the treatment an hour before you go to bed. This way helps you prevent rubbing off your pillow.

Also, try to avoid the craving to use Minoxidil for hair growth more. It won’t speed up or improve the results – however, it can have some serious side effects when using more often than recommended.

Lastly, if you understand that you have missed a dosage, avoid it. Don’t try to take a double dose or squeeze in an additional application. This will also result in some side effects.

Wash Your Hands

The main reason to use Minoxidil for hair growth is that your hands shouldn’t come into contact with the active agents of the solution. You have to apply the minoxidil 5 solution precisely.

Also, while utilizing the Minoxidil for hair growth spray, assure that you wash your hand after applying it. This assures that you will not absorb the medication in a space where it’s not required. Also, this will help prevent you from unintentionally ingesting Minoxidil for hair growth in case it stays on your hand.

This treatment is specially created for the scalp, so try to keep it as much as required.

Best ayurvedic herbs to treat hair fall

1. Amla

How to stop hair fall with Amla? Amla is characterized as a natural immunity promoter and the most favored ingredient for keeping the health of hair. It comprises heaps of fatty acids that fortify hair follicles, offering your hair luster and strength. "The excess of Vitamin C helps to end premature hair graying. Amla is rich in iron, gallic acid, potent antioxidants, and carotene content enhances blood flow in the scalp. It invigorates the growth of the hair and gives relief to dry bothersome scalp by diminishing dandruff.

There is a simple and easy amla home remedy that can prevent hair fall treatment:

  • Mix amla powder and lime juice and create a paste.
  • Massage it thoroughly into your hair and scalp.
  • Utilize a cap in order to cover your hair.
  • Keep in mind that the paste shouldn’t dry out
  • Leave it for about an hour and after that wash it with warm water.

 You can get the best hair growth oil from Traya.

2. Bhringraj

Bhringraj is also a normal herb that has gotten a great place in hair care regimens. You'd frequently search beauty specialists recommending you to knead your scalp with bhringraj oil consistently as it can empower quicker hair growth. Basically, bhringraj is a medication that fills best in damp areas.

Besides, various natural brands are releasing their form of Bhringraj oil. Well, follow the steps to make the best hair growth oil:

  • Get some leaves of bhringraj, dry them in the sunlight for some days.
  • Then, put all the leaves of bhringraj in a bowl with coconut oil.
  • Leave the bowl out in the sunlight for two more days.
  • Now, you have to wait until the oil color becomes light green.
  • Well, you are done, massage this paste on your scalp.
  • Now, leave it overnight and then wash it with warm water.

 If you are looking for the best hair growth oil, you can get it from Traya.

3. Shikakai

Recall those occasions when our grandmas used to recommend shikakai? Because of its incredible hair-cleansing elements, it's frequently viewed as a natural option for shampoo. Hair professionals say shikakai is plentiful in antioxidant elements and vitamins A, vitamins C, vitamins K, and vitamins D. It will keep your hair sustained and nourished.

Let’s understand how to use shikakai for your hair fall treatment:

  • Create shikakai powder by drying out the pods below the sunlight for some days and after that grind it into a mixer.
  • Take two types of shikakai powder
  • Then, add it into a bowl of coconut oil.
  • You have to store the bowl in a dark, cool place for 15 days.
  • Now, massage your scalp with this paste twice a week for better results.

Traya offers the best hair growth oil that can help your hair to enhance its quality.

4. Reetha

This is one of the best hair growth oil. Soapnuts or Reetha is another great ingredient that has been majorly used for centuries. Reetha is basically a saponin, which is accountable for making your hair look amazing and healthy.

 Let's understand how to make or own reetha shampoo for hair fall treatment:

  • Take some pieces of shikakai and soapnuts.
  • Boil them in water (500ltr).
  • Let it cool the mixture and leave it for the whole night.
  • Strain the paste and utilize it instead of shampoo.

5. Coconut

We all know that coconut is the best hair growth oil. The medium-chain unsaturated fats, for example, the capric and lauric acid in coconuts provide rich antifungal and antimicrobial properties. They are principally needed to forestall free radicals that work as a hindrance against hair growth. Instead of coconut, coconut milk is additionally useful for the growth of your hair.

Let's understand how to make coconut milk for hair fall treatment:

  • Mesh coconut and stew the pieces in a pan for at least five minutes.
  • Now strain the mixture and let it cool.
  • Add one tsp of crushed methi and black pepper powder.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp.
  • Wash it with a natural shampoo.

 6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is likewise an intense herb for curbing going bald. Trust me, Aloe Vera can likewise fix plenty of scalp issues. This is because aloe vera comprises proteolytic catalysts which can fix damaged cells and enhance follicles. Besides, aloe vera has calming properties that can prevent scalp aggravation. Also, it has antifungal elements that can neutralize dandruff.

Let's understand how to use aloe vera for hair fall treatment:

  • Take the stalk of Aloe Vera and isolate its pulp.
  • Apply the aloe vera pulp to the scalp and hair and leave it for an hour.
  • Wash with warm water.
  • Repeat this step 3 to 4 times a week for great results.

 7. Methi

Methi or Fenugreek seeds are also a famous alternative for hair growth. Advancing hair growth is certainly among the heap advantages of methi. In addition to other things, methi fixes hair follicles. Methi is one of the best herbs that help in the regrowth of the hair.

Let's understand how to make a methi paste for hair fall treatment:

  • Soak methi or Fenugreek seeds for the whole night in a bowl of water.
  • Make a fine paste and apply it to your scalp and hair.
  • Leave the mixture on your hair for at least half an hour.
  • Now, wash it with warm water.
  • Repeat this step 3 to 4 times a week to reduce hair fall.

8. Jojoba

Another phenomenal natural herb that can control hair fall if utilized precisely. It has rich antifungal elements. Jojoba is plentiful in Omega 6, Omega 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and a soaked unsaturated fat that fights free radicals which adversely affect our hair. Its ability is demonstrated with its applications in numerous medicines all through the world. Unclogging hair follicles is likewise one of the properties of Jojoba hair oil. You can buy the best hair growth oil from Traya.

Let’s understand how jojoba will add value to your hair care:

  • Get jojoba oil from any brand of your natural hair care.
  • Heat this oil in a pot.
  • Apply the oil to your hair.
  • Leave the oil for around 30 minutes.
  • Then, rinse with a Shampoo.

Is Minoxidil Effective For a Receding Hairline?

Minoxidil for hair growth works effectively by increasing the blood circulation to space where it's applied. You have to put it on the scalp and it is the best hair fall treatment and increase growth.

Well, there is no cause that it shouldn’t suit for receding hairline. Your hair follicles aren’t distinct from the others on your crown or scalp. It means you may experience the advantages of minoxidil for hair growth once you apply it to your hair.

Also, there are so many anecdotal instances of individuals with receding hairlines increasing growth and improving thickness using minoxidil for hair growth.

Well, there is small scientific evidence on the effects of minoxidil for hair growth. Consequently, it's ideal to see minoxidil as a thing with possible benefits rather than an assured way to regrow your hair.

Side Effects of Minoxidil Solution on Hair?

There are some common minoxidil side effects after stopping the medication. Let’s go through with a basic list of minoxidil for hair growth users who may expect some side effects:

Minoxidil side effects


  • Irritation of skin
  • Allergic contact dermatitis
  • Scaly changes on your scalp
  • Hair shedding
  • Hypertrichosis

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you are pre-empting what the genetics are stating you is the predictable or you're somewhere down and dirty staving off going bald, minoxidil for hair growth is a well-known and powerful treatment that is both upheld by FDA and science. So, if you are looking for the best ayurvedic tablets for hair growth, you can use Minoxidil in tablet form.

While the accurate instrument of activity in minoxidil for hair growth is obscure. Undoubtedly, being a vasodilator, it enhances blood circulation to the spaces it's used, along these lines opening the hair follicles to the supplements they need to invigorate growth.

The follicles on your hairline are basically the same as those on the crown or scalp, where minoxidil for hair growth has been demonstrated to be efficient. It means there's no way to trust it wouldn't be powerful as a treatment for a receding hairline. If you are looking for the best treatment for hair fall or hair loss, you can discover Traya hair products. Traya offers the best ayurvedic tablets for hair growth that are rich in minoxidil and with other powerful ingredients.

Don’t delay your chances of owning a healthy mane ;) 

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