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Diet PlanConstipation

*please note – the timings mentioned are approximate and to give you a rough idea of the time interval between meals.

*You can use the same ingredients to make different varieties of foods that you like


  • Have plenty of water – 2.5-3.5 litres per day
  •  Exercise regularly and be more active in the day
  •  Eat small frequent meals
  •  Avoid wheat/ gluten. Use millets like jowar, nachni, kuttu, amaranth etc
  • Include spices and herbs like haldi, jeera, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger and garlic WHILE COOKING FOOD. Do NOT have them in the form of kadhas/ shots as it is potent and can cause more acidity.
  •  Chew on roasted fennel seeds post meals. Have fennel tea in the day (Boil fennel seeds in water for 5-7mins, strain and drink. You can also consume the fennel seeds)
  • Have at least 2 fresh fruits a day. Avoid citric fruits like oranges, mosambi, kiwi, grapes.
  • Have lots of vegetables – especially gourd vegetables
  • Eat fresh, home-made food



  • Completely avoid packaged and processed foods (biscuits, maggi, ready to eat foods)
  • Completely avoid deep fried foods, excessively sweet foods, spicy foods and maida (chips, samosa, vadas, cakes, pastries, bakery items)
  •  Avoid sour and overnight fermented foods (like idli, dosa).
  •  Completely avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Completely avoid tea, coffee and carbonated beverages


  •   Mix one small teaspoon of gulkand in 1 glass tepid water and start your day with this.

15-20 MINS AFTER WAKING UP/ 7:30 -8AM: Any one of these:

  • 3-4 overnight soaked & peeled almonds + 6 soaked black raisins + 2 soaked figs + 2-3 halves walnut
  • A fresh fruit
  • Half a cup of cooked beetroot
  • Vegetable juice (ABC juice – apple, beet, carrot) – 1 glass (with the pulp)
  • Wheatgrass juice – 1 glass

BREAKFAST/ 8:30-9 AM: Any one of these:

  • Poha with lot of veggies & cooked moong sprouts - 1 bowl
  •  Upma with lot of veggies - 1 bowl
  • Moong dal chillas with veggies in it & green chutney – 2 nos
  • 2 eggs + veggies (omelette/bhurji) with 1 multigrain toast
  • Oats – overnight oats/ smoothie/ oats chia pudding/ masala oats with veggies

MID MEAL/ 10:30-11 AM: Any one of these:

  • Fruit + cinnamon & fennel tea - 1 cup
  • Fruit + seeds (roasted flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds -1 spoon)
  • A glass of THIN buttermilk
  • Coconut water

LUNCH/ 12-1pm:

  • 1 medium katori rice OR 2 Rotis (jowar or nachni)
  • 1 bowl cooked green subzi
  • 1 bowl thin dal/ pulses gravy/ sprout/chicken breast
  • 1 bowl raw green salad
  • 1 bowl curd/ yogurt

MID MEAL/ 3-4pm: Any one of these:

  • Fruit + cinnamon & fennel tea

MID MEAL/ 5:30-6:30pm: Any one of these:

  • Half cup roasted chana
  • Roasted mumra/ makhana chaat (with chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, coriander, lime, black salt) – 1 bowl
  • Sprout salad (boiled sprouts of choice with chopped raw veggies of choice & seasoning)
  •  2 pcs of sesame/ peanut/ rajgira chikki

DINNER/ 8-8:30PM:

  • 1 bowl vegetable soup / clear soup
  • 1 medium katori rice OR 2 Rotis (jowar or nachni)
  •  1 bowl cooked green subzi
  • 1 bowl thin dal/ pulses gravy/ sprout/chicken breast
  •  Can also have Khichdi + veggies + curd as dinner meal


  • 2 Prunes