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Towards the Bestest Tresses: Hair Care Products 

A lot of people agree on the fact that their hair is their crowning glory and which is why we have a wide range of hair growth products in the market today. A well-maintained set of strands demands hair products as itadds immensely to the personality of the individual. However, on occasions the life of the hair could be considerably shorter than the lifespan of the individual which is why good hair products are a must. To ensure that your hair remains with you for the longest time possible it needs to be properly nourished with the help of good vitamins for hair and cared for with best hair care products. This is where good hair care products could ensure that your tresses remain faithfully with you as you augment its quality and life. 

Dermatologist recommended hair growth products such as conditioners and shampoos, hair growth serums and hair growth vitamin, sprays, gels and mousses, hair growth oil, straighteners, and tonics help enhance the health of your hair. The process of choosing the right hair care products is however crucial as it could be the difference between good and average hair and possibly no hair. 

Buy Hair Products Online from Traya 

Traya has a range of products designed to take optimum care of your tresses as we combine the finest ingredients and the best hair growth products that are of finest quality and have highest efficacy. You can choose from a plethora of the very best hair growth products that have been specially prepared to meet every tressy requirement. From serums to hair growth oil, good vitamins for hair and shampoos we are prepared to cater to every aspect of the beauty and health of your hair. Do call us for an online consultation and our experts will be happy to assist you in the selection of best hair products that answer your hair needs. 

Best Hair Fall Products

We work on the belief that if you take care of your hair in time then there is no cause for worry. Let’s take a look at some of the best hair care products that could take care of your tressy issues and also enhance the condition of your hair. 

• Herbal hair growth oil: This is a potent combination of essential oils such as motia rosha and Ylang-Ylang mixed with goat’s milk. This natural hair care product is useful in soothing the scalp by reducing scalp heat. This is the best oil for hair growth, prevents scalp inflammation and dandruff and improves the thickness of your strands. Apply this to your hair before you shampoo; this is one of the best ayurvedic hair products and an effective antidote to stress. It reduces all hair thinning issues. 

• Hair root serum: This is very effective in reversing the effects of DHT on hair by rejuvenating. The use of hair serum on a regular basis helps repairs hair root cells and reverses the premature death of hair follicles. This is made from natural plant extracts and it contributes to thicker hair growth. This is recommended as one of the good hair products for better quality hair. 

• Minoxidil 5%: Minoxidil products work by augmenting the flow of nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to the follicles. It is helpful in solving all shrinking issues and leads to growth of thick and healthy hair. It also helps block DHT. 

• Hair fall shampoo: The shampoo contains biotin among other things and stimulates the hair follicles and nourishes the scalp. The essential nutrients of this hair products help in revitalising the hair from the root. This is one of the effective curly hair growth products. 

• Anti-dandruff shampoo: If you are looking at potent dandruff solutions, one of the main reasons for the loss of hair, this is your chosen hair care product. It has Anti-dandruff solution which is an extremely potent ingredient against fungal infections. This hair treatment product keeps the scalp healthy with its soothing and refreshing effect. 

Best Selling Products for Natural Hair 

Apart from solving hair fall issues Traya has the best natural hair products that help in improving the health of your hair. Let’s find out more: 

• Hair vitamins: These arebest hair growth vitamins because they have a combination of minerals and vitamins that boost your hair health. The pumpkin seed extract that it contains, works as an effective DHT blocker. It is also useful for reducing iron deficiencies and assists in cell regeneration. 

• Hair Ras tablets: This is made from a blend of multiple herbs that help augment blood flow to the follicles and promote hair regrowth. This ayurvedic concoction consisting of Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bhringraj, Amla, Tapyadi Lauh and other effective verbs contribute to the health of hair and body alike. This is also very effective in upping the iron levels and maintaining the proper hormonal levels. 

Other Hair Care Categories

Traya has a comprehensive range of hair care products including organic hair products to take care of hair health issues as well as enhancing the look of your tresses. 

• Digestion herbs (Gut Shuddhi): This is one of the best digestive products for all digestion and gut issues. The cumin, clove, pepper and ginger contained in this product take care of all problems like constipation, acidity and bowel movement. The use of ayurvedic hair products for digestion facilitates better hair growth and stops hair loss. 

• Health Tatva: This natural hair care product is a detoxifying ayurvedic formula designed to boost metabolism. This contributes to better hair growth and leads to enhanced energy levels. 

• Shatavari nasal drops: This nasal drop is a mix of herbs that are very good for hair growth and also help in providing for a soothing sleep. This is one of the unique and effective hair care products.

How to Choose the Right Products for Your Hair? 

It is advisable to take the help of a dermatologist to help you decide on the right natural hair care products. There are minor details that would demand a detailed analysis which are best left to an experienced medical practitioner. For more solutions to your hairy issues do visit us at Traya as our experts guide you on your way to hair health with hair products.

Product Name Price Customer Avg Rating (on a scale of 5)
Traya Hair Ras (120 tablets) Rs. 520 4.4
Traya Anti-dandruff Shampoo (75 ml) Rs. 300 4.8
Traya Minoxidil 5% (60ml) Rs. 650 4.8
Traya Herbal Hair Oil (80ml) Rs. 450 4.7
Health Tatva Herbs (60 tablets) Rs. 300 4.8
ReCaP Hair Serum  (30 ml) Rs. 1,300 4.8
Hair Vitamins (30 capsules) Rs. 520 4.8
Shatavari Nasal Drops (10 ml) Rs. 150 4.7
Digestion Herbs (30 tablets) Rs. 200 4.4
Traya Hair Fall Shampoo (100 ml) Rs. 300 4
Traya Minoxidil 2% (60ml) Rs. 430 4.8