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What your neighborhood salon isn't telling you.

It’s a common practice to get your hair trimmed or have a new hairstyle done. Most of us like getting a particular haircut which makes the hair look trendy and that’s quite okay to do. You probably just wanted to get your hair coloured or styled in peace and then came in the alarm - your stylist expressing their concern for your hair.
Ladies, that hair spa is just going to make your hair feel good but it won’t do anything for the real problem with your hair health! And men ...sure you have some hair loss but you think a shampoo will help you with that? 
Let us clarify something with you here - treatments at the salon don’t work for hair loss and don’t have any magical solution for scalp problems.

Here’s the first claim debunked : Cutting hair helps with regrowth

Cutting hair helps with regrowth

Hair trims better hair quality, giving smooth ends to the hair and the shape you so desire, that's no lie. But it only helps with maintenance. However, hair regrowth is completely different. It’s a function that’s associated with your scalp!
First, let’s start by understanding what hair is in it’s truest sense.
Popularly known as keratin, it’s a tough protein which is found in human skin, nails & teeth. It is attached to something called the hair bulb that’s beyond the follicles. Your hair follicle is the skin that grows into the dermis. From there, a hair root takes its position and the hair shaft  grows out. Cutting hair can help the hair shaft get rid of split ends which usually if prolonged, increases breakage. To rejuvenate the hair follicles, simple shampoos don’t do the job just right, since as specified in the prior statement, it only helps the hair shaft.

Second claim debunked : Salon spa treatment will help your hair loss & hair growth


A typical hair spa in a salon or even the products they sell you like the anti dandruff spray have a temporary effect. By this we mean that, while it does better your hair condition, it won’t stay for a very long time. It is due to the fact they only better your hair quality from the outside by working on the surface of the problem. However, realistically, hair has the ability to reflect where you’re lagging behind health wise. A problem like anemia which is characterized by a deficiency of iron in the body will give you signs like extreme hair fall. In this way, multiple problems can be recognized just by looking at hair and understanding it’s patterns! And anyway, why would you go to the salon when health problems are treated by doctors?

What we mean is - you wouldn’t go to the salon if your tummy was aching, right? Yup, we thought so too.

Why are they temporary solutions?

You’ve probably begun wondering this so let us do the explaining.

These treatments given by your neighborhood salon claims to “clear your dandruff” with it’s anti dandruff treatment, correct? These anti dandruff treatments, in most cases, use piroctone olamine, a compound used to fight the microbe Malassezia Globosa which causes dandruff.

But that won’t be enough to help what you’re going through.

Dandruff is a scalp problem and while salons are well versed with their “hair” bit of things, they’re not too familiar with the scalp. Ideally, follicles need to be strengthened and made healthier again with required nutrients which a salon will not be able to tell you.
A typical salon offering these solutions, charge an average amount that above ₹1,000. For every profit they make, you’ll be putting your scalp in distress because of delay.’d rather choose something that isn’t long lasting. 
Now imagine this, your problem goes well beyond the surface and you shell out money that’s definitely stretching your pocket for a treatment that doesn’t work. Don’t you think it’s time to change for the better of your hair health and your pocket? In this case it’s better to look for something that's lighter on you. 

How do I go about this? 

It can often appear as a complex puzzle to solve but you can start with these baby steps. 
  • Visit a dermatologist

Visit a dermatologist

To understand the problem your scalp is experiencing, dermatologists are the safest to bet on when it comes to hair health. They will give you a gist of the problem and will help you work through it. 
  • Know the difference between what works and what doesn’t
Sometimes, quack companies that deal with hair loss also offer the surface solution of the shampoo, hair oil and serum combination. It’s no rocket science, if you have a problem, make the necessary changes. A shampoo will not always solve your hair fall.
  • Alter your lifestyle
Are you used to working till late night and sleep for 5 to 6 hours daily? If yes, PLEASE ALTER THIS LIFESTYLE, your hair is screaming for help. It’s completely unhealthy to deprive yourself of sleep that your body is demanding. Sleep is a system used by your body to recoup and repair for the next day.
  • Diet is key
We get that a fast paced lifestyle is at its best when everything happens quickly including eating. But that’s not so! What goes inside your mouth also matters. Junk food for hair problems is a complete no-no. Eat foods that are rich in different vitamins, minerals, proteins and get a healthy dose of good bacteria daily. Learn more
  • Get the right medication
The right treatment can make a world of a difference along with the above specified steps towards maintaining hair health. Investing in the right medication can be tricky, so it’s always recommended to seek a doctors prescription.

At Traya we do both, so you can give us a try as well, just click here!

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