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Giloy (Guduchi) For Hair and Health


Natural products these days are gaining immense popularity due to their therapeutic value and practically no side effects when compared to clinical drugs. Giloy or guduchi scientifically known as Tinospora cordifolia is one of the most widely used traditional medicines in ayurvedic literature.

Giloy for hair is a well known concept in ayurveda. Giloy benefits for hair includes hair protection, fighting hair loss, rejuvenation and overall improving hair health. 

How to use Giloy For Hair?

One of the most comforting facts about ayurvedic herbs is their local availability and ease of use. One can easily make a homemade giloy hair mask to enjoy guduchi hair benefits.

  • Giloy for hair growthTo make a hair mask using giloy leaves, one needs to follow these simple steps. Collect around 5-6 giloy leaves. Add 4 teaspoon aloevera gel, 1 tablespoon curd and 1 vitamin E capsule (optional). Make a fine smooth paste. Apply this hair mask for around 30 minutes and wash it off. One can use this mask weekly to enjoy giloy benefits for hair.
  • Giloy for dandruff treatment Giloy is very beneficial for dandruff treatment as it is Katu (pungent) and Kashaya (astringent) in nature which helps in clearing dandruff and itchy scalpOne can simply mix giloy leaves powder in water or rose water and apply it followed by shampoo. Dandruff can cause hindrance in hair growth therefore eliminating dandruff can assist in hair growth. 

Guduchi can do wonders for hair and there is a lot more to know about giloy benefits for hair and how to use giloy for hair.

Benefits of Using Giloy for Hair

Giloy or guduchi is seen as amrita in ayurveda as it is beneficial in fighting various diseases. It works on skin, hair and immune related diseases. Now that we already know about how to use giloy on hair, we will look more into its action phase.

Giloy's benefits for hair are largely attributed to its antioxidant property that works on the hair stem and shields it from oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the body. Giloy is often considered a powerhouse of antioxidants. These free radicals damage the hair from roots and cause split ends, roughness and brittleness. Guduchi when applied on hair may benefit it by promoting scalp health by detoxification, prompting shiny hairs by repairing cell damage caused by oxidation, reducing hair loss due to scarred hair follicles.

Along with antioxidant properties, guduchi also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing redness, itchiness which are often regarded as one of the contributing factors of bald patches, also referred to as alopecia areata. 

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Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy has wide applications. Apart from being a hairdresser ingredient it has various applications that affect different parts of the body. Here are few discussed : 

  • Giloy juice benefits for weight loss 

Ideally giloy juice is taken on an empty stomach with a drop of honey in it. It is believed to regulate and promote faster metabolism that further aids in weight loss. Further Giloy benefits include keeping a check on blood pressure and stress that aids in weight management.



  • Giloy juice benefits for immunity 

For immunity purposes, it is mainly consumed in the form of kadha that is concentrated hot giloy juice mixed with tulsi or neem juice. It is suggested that long consumption of giloy can help in increasing immunity against bacterial infections as giloy is believed to fight sudden foreign stress. However , the immunity aspect of giloy needs more clinical research.

Overtime, giloy juice benefits helps in body detoxification. It removes waste such as toxins, germs that accumulate and are needed to be drained out of the body from time to time.

  • Giloy leaves benefits 

Giloy can also be consumed in its raw form after washing thoroughly. Giloy leaves boost overall health by improving gut health and long use may benefit one by relieving arthritis, indigestion, nausea, and anorexia.

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How much Giloy to consume for Hair and Health

Guduchi is a traditional ayurvedic herb and has been long used since vedas time. It is believed that guduchi or giloy do not cause any side or ill effects.

Recently, apart from being ‘giloy for hair’ it was seen as a great herb for post-covid care and the medical media swooned the general public with the guduchi plant benefits. However, individuals with specific disease conditions need to take care and overconsumption of guduchi can cause the following side effects : 

You may feel constipated or simply observe irregular bowel movements.

Guduchi is known to lower blood sugar levels, so if you consume giloy juice along with diabetes medicines it can drastically lower your blood sugar levels.

You must have already known about how to use giloy for hair, it's now time to ponder how to consume giloy. The recommended dosage is one 500mg giloy tablet or two 250mg tablets twice in a day. 

If one is consuming giloy juice, one small cup is good to go. 

In simple words, the right amount of guduchi can do wonders for you and overconsumption may lead to problems. 

To enjoy giloy benefits for hair and dig more into the right use and dosage, visit us here.


When looking for ayurvedic or herbal immunity boosters, giloy is quite useful. The above article has already prompted you with the knowledge on how to use giloy for hair as well as its health benefits. From bringing down fever to rejuvenating hair, guduchi or the amrita covers it all. You can all the heath benefits of guduchi from Traya.


Q1) Is giloy good for hair growth?

Giloy benefits for hair include its  anti-dandruff properties due to its astringent nature and is packed with antioxidants that help in regenerating hair by repairing follicle damage caused by free radicals. In a nutshell, it improves hair health and stimulates hair growth. 

Q2) What are the side effects of giloy?

Wrong dosage of guduchi, may leave one feeling constipated and can also lower the blood sugar levels, leading to lethargy. So it's important to know the right amount of dosage before starting regular consumption of giloy. 

Q3) Can giloy be taken daily? 

Yes, 250-500mg of giloy is advisable. However if suffering with certain ailments it is advisable to consult a doctor. For example regular consumption may cause problems to people suffering from low blood sugar as it is anti-diabetic in nature. 

Q4) Is giloy a steroid? 

Guducchi is not a steroid. It is completely safe to use.


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