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How Do Hair Growth Serums Work?


Find out all about how hair growth serums work, the best serums and how you can use the serums more effectively to improve the growth of your hair.

First, Let's Understand What Hair Fall is

Hair fall or alopecia is a condition that can affect your scalp or the entire body. This happens when the hair being shed is not replaced with new growth of hair. While this could be a temporary phenomenon, at times it could also be permanent. The reason could be hereditary, one of the most common reasons, or simply a result of aging. Normally all people lose about 50-100 hairs a day. But if the number exceeds this significantly, then the individual has to seek remedial measures. 

What is a Hair Growth Serum?

This is essentially a liquid formula to help you manage your hair, as it forms a protective layer over your hair and improves its feel and quality. Apart from that the serums have ingredients that prevent the loss of hair and also enhance the growth of new follicles. For example, biotin serum for hair growth is one of the most popular products.  They work on your hair follicles to revitalize them and augment the general health of your hair; there are serums for thicker hair too.

How Does a Hair Growth Serum work?

Hair growth serums are made of beneficial oils and a variety of extracts that work as a potent mix to stimulate the hair follicles. They help condition the hair, repair cell damage, improve the texture of your hair and augment the flow of blood to the scalp to nourish your follicles. The ingredients that are used to make these serums include aloe vera, wheat germ, fatty acids, B vitamins and grape seed oil among others.  These are your best hair regrow serums.

The zinc present in the serum helps in enhancing the protein keratin content in the body. The hair serum for hair fall has zinc. This helps increase the strength and   improves its smoothness. It also assists in improving the diameter and thickness of your hair and gives it better shape. The serum also galvanizes the hair follicles to augment growth. It stabilizes the hair from its roots and prolongs the period of regrowth. 

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What are the Types of Hair Growth Serums?

There are a variety of serums available in the market, all with different formulations and offering different benefits. Biotin hair growth serums work wonderfully for both men and women.  This is the best organic hair serum for hair growth. Let’s find out more about the hair growth serum that actually works:

  • Oil-based serums: This is a very useful serum for dry and unmanageable hair as they are made from oil and do not have any water content. These extremely concentrated oils are made from a mix of essential and carrier oils including almond, olive and argan oil. 
  • Curl-defining serums: These are useful to maintain the natural bounce of your curls. These are super light and help in highlighting your curls.
  • Spray serum: These are typically the serums that are meant to be used on the fly. They work anytime, anywhere and are easy to apply with work quickly. This is a minimalist hair growth serum.
  • Water-based serum: This serum is meant for those with lighter hair as it does not weigh the hair down and helps you adopt a sleek style. 
  • Serums for hair issues: For the ones with hair issues there are serums with a lot of beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E and other essential extracts. They are ideally meant for people suffering from hair loss problems and dry, frizzy hair. This is the best hair serum for hair fall.
  • Silicon-based hair serums: Silicon-based hair serums are meant for individuals with brittle hair as the silicone adds strength and lustre to your strands. This is the best serum for hair growth and thickness. This is the perfect grow dense hair serum.

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Let's Find Out More About Redensyl Hair Growth Serum

Redensyl hair growth serum is a very potent product and it works on the hair follicles for new growth. It is very lightweight and has been made for daily use. It has excellent regenerative qualities that prevent hair loss and revives the growth cycle. One of the ingredients, Anagain, made from pea sprout extract is great for new hair growth and extends the growth period of your strands. 

Redensyl serum revitalizes your hair and adds lustre and bounce to it. It also stimulates the dormant hair follicles to spur regrowth. Apart from that Redensyl also has green tea extract and zinc which are wonderful conditioners and add to the strength of your hair. Anagain and zinc reduce hair loss and also contribute significantly to new hair growth. The green tea extract also increases the antioxidant levels to offer better protection to the hair.  The lightweight formula of Redensyl ensures that it absorbs conveniently into the scalp and offers a relaxing effect.

What are the Other Benefits of Hair Growth Serum?

Hair growth serums have become very popular products as they promise a number of benefits:

  • They are useful for taming unruly strands of hair and help settle down your hair to make them easier to manage.
  • Serums for hair fall naturally help add shine and sheen to your hair and remove the coarseness, if any, from your strands and make them super smooth.
  • Serums work best for people who want to adopt a sleek, smart look.
  • There are also some specially formulated serums that help you straighten your hair.
  • There are serums that are customized for curly hair too, with more moisture that adds to the bounce of your curls
  • For the ones who style their hair regularly (straightening or perming) or use chemicals and colour on their hair, serums help reverse the damage caused by these processes. The protective layer offered by the serum helps minimise the potential harm to your tresses.
  • Serums prevent possible heat damage from heat styling tools.
  • A number of serums also have UV filters which offer a good defence from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental conditions.  

How to Use Hair Growth Serum?

The first thing that you need to do before applying the serum is to ensure that your scalp is clean and dry. Warm a few drops of the serum or the appropriate amount in your hands for a few seconds and apply it close to the hair roots from the ends to the middle of your hair. Massage with your fingertips so that it is absorbed into the scalp. Spread the serum uniformly across and do not apply to the roots, this will add to the greasiness. The serums do not have any harmful parabens or sulfates in them and therefore they can be used daily without any adverse effects. However, once a day is the normally recommended limit. The serums are best kept overnight after application to achieve the best results. Take care to ensure that your scalp is free from oils or other creams before application, as they might interfere with the proper absorption of the serum into the scalp. 

Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Growth Serums?


Thought hair growth serums do not have any significant side effects but it is not recommended for long-term usage. This is because of the exaggerated silicone content which increases the possibility of damage in the long run. Serums could cause excessive damage in certain people after use. The benefits of usage will be seen within a period of 4 months. But if they are not, a visit to your medical practitioner for further advice is suggested.

Hair Growth Serums by Traya Health 

Traya uses the best natural ingredients for their products which work effectively in enhancing the condition of your hair and scalp. 

  • Hair root serum for hair fall control and hair growth: This hair growth serum is an excellent product that reduces hair fall and augments the growth of hair. This is made from clinically proven ingredients like Redensyl 3%, Caffeine, Biotin and Creatine. The hair regrowth serum reverses the shrinking of follicles and enhances hair growth. The DHQG content in Redensyl extends the growth phase and prevents premature death of the follicles. The zinc present also contributes to stronger, thicker hair. 
  • Minoxidil 5% hair growth serum for hair fall control: This fast hair growth serum is very effective in fighting the adverse effects of DHT including hair thinning, hair fall and a receding hairline. They improve the condition of undernourished hair follicles experiencing poor blood flow. It is very useful for males experiencing androgenic alopecia with the help of ingredients like Minoxidil  5%, Finasteride 0.1% and Procapil 3%. This is the best hair growth serum for men.
  • Minoxidil 2% hair growth serum for hair fall control: This is made of ingredients such as Minoxidil 2% and Procapil 3% and is very useful for women experiencing androgenic alopecia and is widely regarded as a very good hair growth serum for women. The serum acts as a vasodilator and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the follicles. This Redensyl for women also extends the growth phase of hair.

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Hair growth serums are a very popular ingredient as they have proven to be very effective in improving hair quality & in promoting the growth of new follicles and is the best serum for hair fall. The hair growth serums from Traya use the finest ingredients and have been very potent in extending the growth phase of hair. Enhance your hair growth with our hair growth serum. Buy Now.


  • Do hair growth serums really work?

Hair serums are known to work effectively and may improve the quality of your hair. They have ingredients that facilitate the lubrication of the scalp and augment blood flow to the scalp and enhance its condition. The hair serum may stimulate active follicles to grow thicker, silkier hair.

  • Which serum is best for hair growth? 

Minoxidil 5% hair growth serum for hair fall control from Traya is one of the better products in the market.  This fast hair growth serum is very effective in fighting the adverse effects of DHT including hair thinning, hair fall and a receding hairline.

The chemicals present in serums can adversely affect your hair if used for longer periods. They can cause breakage and lead to hair loss.

  • Is hair serum better than oil?

Both have different benefits and cannot be compared. Serum is essentially used to style your hair and adds shine and smoothness to your hair. It could also be used to rejuvenate and regrow your follicles, with medical supervision. Hair oil on the other hand provides nourishment to your hair. 

  • Can serums make my hair thick?

The hair serum if used consistently could contribute to fuller and thicker hair.

  • Can I use hair serum daily?

Hair serums have moisturizing oils and provide nourishment to your strands and so are safe enough to use every day. They can also be washed away easily.

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