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How To Build A Habit That Sticks?


At Traya we believe that good habits are rewarding. But building a new habit is definitely hard. Big goals don’t happen overnight but are rather built up on. You’ll find a lot of stuff on the internet that tries to answer this question. But the fact is  there are no shortcuts. Building a habit is all about small steps taken towards a larger victory. For us, these victories are in the form of happy customers. Every dedicated step counts in developing healthy hair care habits. This is the backbone of the Traya treatment plan

Let’s look at our customer Dhruv who has been facing hair loss for the past 2 years. On switching to the Traya Regime, he routinely followed the treatment plan so much so that it became a habit (with a little help from his hair coach). Dhruv says, “ It’s come to a point that if I don’t apply the minoxidil, I feel there’s something missing. It just feels odd.” 



What does it really take to build a habit?

The initial steps towards building changes that could help you last long-term includes building routines and not direct habits. Which means the task has to be a regularly performed routine that it unintentionally turns into a habit. How do you start?

  • Set a realistic goal:

First find out what it is that you want to accomplish by following this routine and then work towards it like you want to grow a good set of hair within 7-8 months. While doing so it is also important to remember that changes take time, patience and self - commitment and discipline.


  • Watch out for roadblocks:

Secondly, think about why you were not able to achieve good hair growth in the past. It could be things like - busy lifestyle, stress, simply forgetting to do the task or admitting to the fact that you’re just lazy!


  • Work against these roadblocks:

The next thing to do would be to work proactively to get past these barriers before they even decide to show up. Your hair coach would help you by suggesting to set an alarm on your phone to take the medication or add a post-it where you usually sit that reminds you to apply the hair root serum. Working towards overcoming these roadblocks will help you get at least halfway there.


  • Don’t expect immediate results:

Let’s say for example that you start eating healthy and working out in the gym. You won’t see instant changes in your body just within weeks. Rather if you are consistent with the diet and workout routine for maybe a year, then you might look completely different to a friend or a relative that hasn’t seen you in a while. In a similar manner, don’t expect hair to grow in just a month. You need to be a little patient and a lot regular if you wish to see the desired results.



How to stick to this habit?

If you still feel your discipline fading out, here’s a few tips that will help you make good habits stick:

  • Start small:

Lifestyle shifts happen not through drastic changes but with tiny habits. Start by simply following 30% of the diet plan and gradually increase it to 50% in a week’s time and so on. 


  • Remind yourself of the reward:

Remind yourself that the benefits of good hair and health will be rewarding if you continue to follow the tasks. No doubt the benefits will be delayed, but the results will be great. 


  • Overcome the “dip”:

The dip refers to the loss of motivation. Many of our customers tend to fall into the trap of this “dip” and drop out of the treatment when they don’t see the desired results. You could probably tag a buddy along to help the two of you stay motivated.


  • Don’t expect a complete transformation:

Don’t judge your progress too soon, you might just end up disappointed. Give yourself some time till you’re completely on track. 




Habit building takes a whole lot of time and dedication. Keeping yourself accountable for your actions and not letting yourself off the hook is what can help you stick to one. The good part about it is that if you need any help along the way in achieving these hair and health goals, you can always get in touch with your hair coach that will help you along your journey.


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