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What is Haritaki and how does it benefit your hair?


You always look for something that would protect your hair from external aggressors and make your hair look beautiful. Right? Traya is here with yet another such natural product for your hair. Well, have you heard about kadukkai? It is more commonly known as haritaki and has had some amazing ayurvedic powers since the ancient days. Are you wondering how such a wonderful thing is still secret? Besides the innumerous benefits of haritaki for hair, haritaki is also beneficial for your skin and eyes. Haritaki has some amazing benefits and is rightly called the ‘mother of hers’ or you can also call it the ‘king of medicines. Haritaki has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antioxidant properties and there are uncountable benefits of haritaki for hair as it invigorates your scalp as well as protects your hair from the formation of dandruff. Are you excited to explore more about the benefits of haritaki for hair? If so, you are at the right place then. Keep scrolling to learn more about haritaki and all its benefits to your health. We have also covered the haritaki side effects for your better understanding of how to use it. 

Haritaki And Its Type   

Haritaki besides being known as kadukkai is also known as karakkaya or harad in Hindi. Also known as Indian Hog Plum, haritaki falls among a powerful herb used for the composition of Triphala. Haritaki is obtained from a native tree of South Asia, Southwest China, and India and is known as Terminalia chebula. Haritaki is a fruit from a sweet yet bitter plant. This is an oval-shaped fruit and its size can be about 4.5cm in length. This green fruit starts to change into a blackish color as the process of ripening begins. Haritaki has as many as seven varieties that include Vijaya, Rohini, Putane, Amruta Abhaya, Jivanti, and Chetak. Let us see the types of haritaki. 

Haritaki is a storehouse of a variety of nutrients including vitamin C, manganese, potassium, iron, copper, and selenium. Also, the presence of fatty acids in haritaki contributes to many health healing purposes. Now, let us see the types of haritaki. 

Here are the seven types of haritaki:-

  • Vijaya Haritaki
  • Vijaya haritaki is found in the mountain ranges of Vindhya and is used for curing many diseases.

  • Rohini Haritaki
  • Rohini haritaki is found in the Sindh regions. The fruits found from Rohini haritaki have a round shape and are popularly used for healing wounds or even for healing purposes when some adulterated item is being consumed which is bad for health.

  • Putane Haritaki
  • Putane haritaki is grown in the Himalayas as its fruits have a small shape with large seeds within. This type of haritaki is used mainly for external purposes.

  • Amruta Haritaki
  • Amruta haritaki is grown in Chhattisgarh and is mainly cultivated in the Champa and Bhagalpur regions. The fruit pulp of this type of haritaki is thick and has properties of panchakarma.

  • Abhaya Haritaki
  • Abhaya haritaki is also found in Chattisgarh like the Amruta haritaki and is grown in the Champa regions. This type has a five-layered skin of the fruit and is used for the treatment of eyes or any problems related to vision.

  • Jivanti haritaki
  • Jivanti haritaki is vastly found in Gujrat’s Saurashtra region. Its tree produces flowers that are beautifully yellow and its dried fruit is used for the treatment of various types of disorders.

  • Chetak Haritaki
  • Chetak haritaki is grown in the regions of Himachal Pradesh. Like the Abhaya haritaki, this variety has a three-layered skin of the fruit and is used in purgation.

    These varieties of fruits for hair growth and other health benefits are extremely effective.

    Benefits of Haritaki for Hair

    Haritaki benefits for hair are enormous. Here are a few points stating everything about haritaki hair benefits.

    • Haritaki is a wonderful remedy for your hair loss woes. This is one of the most important benefits of haritaki for hair.
    • Haritaki powder benefits in treating dandruff problems of your hair. This can be even more beneficial when mixed with coconut oil or olive oil and then heated and applied.
    • The presence of iron in haritaki helps in the production of hemoglobin in blood which further leads to the growth of hair follicles and the repair of hair cells due to the proper flow of blood in your scalp. 
    • Application of haritaki leaves in your scalp by crushing them helps in improvement in scalp condition.
    • What more benefits of haritaki for hair. As haritaki is a component of Triphala, it helps in cleaning the hair follicles from environmental invaders. Clean scalp leads to proper hair growth.
    • Haritaki uses for hair can be done in the form of application of haritaki paste. This will help in healing the infected area of your scalp. Haritaki hair packs are also available which when applied regularly will help in reducing hair fall, breakage, and dandruff hitches.
    • Haritaki benefits hair as it provides strength to your hair and gives a smooth, soft, and shiny texture to your hair. That’s other benefits of haritaki for hair. 
    • Benefits of haritaki for hair include reduction in scalp inflammation.

    Benefits of Haritaki for Skin 

    • The presence of tannins or tannic acid in haritaki is an antioxidant that helps to destroy the free radicals present in your skin cells, diminishing the chances of oxidative disease.
    • The antibacterial and antioxidant properties in haritaki lead to immaculate skin.
    • Haritaki acts as a natural toner and removes the toxin present in the internal pores of your skin.
    • Haritaki in the form of haritaki powder can be made into a paste and its application in your skin can help in healing various skin diseases.
    • The antibacterial properties of haritaki help in treating very common skin problems like acne, pimples, rashes, and ulcers.
    • Haritaki also helps in moisturizing the skin just under your eyes and reduces dark circles.

    Benefits of Haritaki for Eyes 

    Haritaki has the properties of Chakushya. This property present in haritaki helps in the treatment and healing process of a variety of eye problems. These help in the treatment of dry eyes, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, and even inflamed eyes.

    You must be wondering ow can you use haritaki for treating eye problems? You need to prepare a solution using haritaki. The haritaki fruit needs to be boiled in a pan of water. Then you need to use that solution as an eye cleanser or eyewash after the liquid has cooled down. This way it is believed to treat many vision problems.

    Other than the benefits of haritaki for hair, skin, and eyes it also has many other health benefits including problems such as constipation, cough and cold, diabetes, and heart issues. If you want to lose weight and boost your immunity, haritaki is a good natural option.

    Haritaki Side Effects 

    How effective haritaki would be if used for very long is still not very clear. Besides, benefits of haritaki for hair, it has some side effects as well. Haritaki if not consumed in proper quantity can lead to a reduction in blood glucose level, fever, diarrhea, stomatitis, dehydration, malnutrition, jaw stiffness as well as pitta disorders. It is also advised that haritaki should not be consumed by pregnant women or lactating mothers. 

    The benefits of haritaki for hair are huge and can work as a magic. While there are certain side effects of haritaki consumption, the application in your hair does not have many such effects on your health. So, without much fuss, you can include haritaki in your hair care routine. It will have an instant effect on your hair health. Besides quinoa benefits, the benefits of haritaki for hair are also very operative.  Just like the application of green tea for hair is beneficial, haritaki too has some magic powers. Follow the Norwood scale and start triumphing over the benefits of haritaki for hair.

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