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Hair care tips for swimmers


Has time in the pool left you with dry, damaged hair? It doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you are a frequent swimmer, or just out for a little summer fun for yourself, hair and skin care for swimmers is necessary. Swimming is a fun activity that relaxes and rejuvenates your body. When the burning summer sun is beating down upon your back, there’s nothing more exciting than a dip in the pool. And it’s not just about cooling off. It is also a body exercise that provides aerobic workout while building up your muscular strength. 

Swimming offers a host of physical health benefits, but pool water is unfortunately not particularly therapeutic for your skin and hair. Regular exposure to chlorine and other chemicals in the water can lead to dry, irritated skin and brittle, discolored hair. It’s not just the chlorine water but also the salt water has the same effect on hair. 

Did you know that tap water also contains chlorine? So if you have a regular habit of showers in water that has high chlorine content, it may irritate or cause damage to your scalp and hair.

What does Chlorine and saltwater do to your hair?

  • Chlorine and saltwater can strip off natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.
  • Chlorine can change the color of your hair. If water also contains copper, the hair color may turn to a horrible shade of green.
  • It can even weaken your hair strands, resulting in split ends.
  • Regular contact with chlorine and salt water can result in an itchy and irritated scalp leading to hair loss.
  • Salt in ocean water can be extra drying since it strips off the protective oil from hair. 

Chlorine may be the worst part of pool water for your hair. However, it is required to kill unwanted germs there. And salt is present naturally in oceans. Since you can't avoid it altogether, the best thing you can do is understand what chlorine does to your hair and give it the right care and treatment. With this knowledge, you can also take appropriate measures to prevent chlorine and salt from damaging your hair. Here are some hair care tips and tricks for swimmers:

Pre-Swimming hair care:

  • Take a quick shower before entering the pool: Whether swimming in the sea or in a pool, rinse hair with freshwater before you dive in. Wet hair and skin will absorb less of chlorine and salt.
  • Oil your hair: Oiling is the primary step to protect your hair from chlorinated water. Oil forms a protective layer over the scalp and prevents chlorine from entering into the hair follicles. Coconut oil can be used before swimming.
  • Wear a swimming cap: Wearing a swimming cap is one of the best ways to protect hair from the damage caused by chlorinated and salt water. It covers your entire head, prevents contact with water and keeps hair dry. Women must tie their hair properly before capping.

Post-Swimming hair care:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly: Rinse your hair thoroughly immediately after swimming. It helps clear the buildup of chlorine, salt and other harmful chemicals from the scalp.
  • Shampoo your hair: Chlorine and salt deposition on the scalp makes the hair dry and frizzy. The best way to remove them is by shampooing hair after swimming with a good quality shampoo. Use Traya Shampoo to remove deposits from the scalp.
  • Comb your hair: Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to prevent any breakage of hair. It also helps loosen the tension build up in the hair.

The chlorine, salt and other chemicals in the pool strip the scalp’s natural oils and make the hair dry and frizzy. Regular exposure to chlorinated water damages hair and causes swelling of the scalp, hair loss leading to intense damage. Swimming is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. But don’t forget to take care of your hair while indulging in this activity. The tips mentioned above can help solve your hair care problems related to swimming. Follow them and flap away in the pool happily.

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