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Celebrities Who Are Affected By Postpartum Hair Loss


What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

The excessive loss of hair in a woman a couple of months after she gives birth is referred to as postpartum hair loss. This is caused due to the hormonal changes that happen in the body during and post-pregnancy. Excessive hair loss takes place majorly when the baby is 4 months old and can last up to a year. If normal hair growth does not resume after that, some other issue is generally the cause of the continued hair loss

10 Celebrities Who Are Affected By Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a form of temporary hair loss or telogen effluvium and is called postpartum alopecia; almost 90% of women suffer from it. This is depressing for women as it affects their self-esteem as on occasions the hair falls out in clumps. For celebrities who are always in the public eye, these hair fall issues can be particularly vexing. But more of them have managed to deal with postpartum hair loss quite well and their ability to overcome this period does set an example for others to follow. Let us take a look at some celebrity postpartum hair loss cases.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Kareena Kapoor’s tresses now do not give us any hint about the postpartum issues that she had to face after the birth of her first son. That she was able to go through the stage and come out with flying colours is a tribute as much to her discipline as the advice of her nutritionist who made sure that she was not lacking a nutritious diet. The intensive diet plan that was chalked out for her and small adjustments in her lifestyle helped her combat hair loss issues quite efficiently.

Anushka Sharma: Anushka is one of the most high-profile celebrities but she was also forthcoming about her post-pregnancy hair fall issues after the birth of her baby girl. Her comment with reference to her hair fall issues tells us how it is even with celebrities “When post-baby hair fall makes you appreciate a good haircut even more.” 

Shilpa Shetty: Yes, actress and fitness icon Shilpa Shetty too suffered from hair loss issues after pregnancy apart from gaining a lot of weight. Her focus on fitness and health helped her get over her various issues and she found herself on the road to recovery sooner. 

Debina Bonnerjee: Television star Debina opened up about her desperation regarding her hair fall issues after the birth of her daughter “When I was sleeping with the babies or doing some work on the bed, I would see a lot of my hair on the bed. I was wondering how to control it. “ Her explanation of the process is an eye opener when she says that the estrogen level in the last trimester of pregnancy escalates due to which hair becomes thick and beautiful but this situation is rapidly reversed as the levels fall dramatically after childbirth and this is when hair fall also begins. 

Sameera Reddy: Sameera Reddy was one of the first Indian celebrities who bravely revealed her postpartum hair issues as we were shown the human side of our celebrities. She says she was horrified when her idea of the perfect pregnancy came crashing down as she weighed almost 105 kgs during pregnancy. She was further depressed as she was facing excess hair fall issues and was diagnosed with alopecia areata. She managed to get over this phase after consultation with her doctor and found herself better prepared to deal with her second pregnancy.

Soha Ali Khan: Soha has been widely appreciated for her motherhood skills but they have come with a lot of effort triggered by the postpartum blues she had to go through after the birth of her daughter. After suffering from breakdowns during the early months she managed to overcome her issues by focussing on wellness and keeping her calm. 

Esha Deol: Esha Deol has been away from the arc lights for quite some time now as she has been attending to her motherhood duties. She had the support of her mom Hema Malini who helped her through this difficult phase. She is also testimony to the fact that it might not be a bad idea to seek professional help to aid in a faster recovery process. 

Deepika Singh: Popular television actor Deepika Singh also suffered from severe postpartum issues and was ridiculed for voicing the same. It is tribute to her mental strength that she managed to survive that difficult period and indeed managed to make a comeback. 

Kim Kardashian: Further across the seven seas, international social media star Kim Kardashian has also been affected by postpartum hair issues. She had lost a large amount of hair and had to remain hidden from the public eye for a long time. During this time, she had to work harder to ensure that her recovery was faster to get back into the limelight again. 

How To Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss?

While postpartum hair loss cannot be altogether prevented, it is possible to minimize the hair loss by taking care of your hair. You can do that by focusing on the following:

  • Balanced Diet: A balanced diet could take care of the added post-pregnancy nutritional requirements. Pregnancy causes a big imbalance in the body as it shifts energy from growing hair to attending to more essential functions of the heart, brain and lungs among other things. So do remember to include fish, beans, lentils, organic red meat and eggs in your diet which help in collagen formation. Foods like broccoli, kale, strawberries, pepper and amla are also good sources of nutrition. A good postnatal supplement might also help as it will supply minerals and vitamins to protect your hair.
  • Get Enough Sleep And Exercise: Exercise and sleep are interrelated and both contribute to better skin and hair health. While exercise is beneficial for hair as it helps in increasing blood flow to the scalp and adds beneficial nutrients to the hair, it also aids better sleep. Good sleep also helps in protein synthesis and facilitates the release of enzymes and growth hormones that help in improving comprehensive hair health.
  • Better Hair Care Routine: You need to develop a better hair care regime with the use of milder and natural cleansers and conditioners that have hydrating and volumizing materials. Use a dry shampoo sparingly to add volume and texture to your hair. 


There is no doubt that postpartum hair loss is a common phenomenon and is a normal part of pregnancy. It is also temporary and is not a serious cause for worry. But taking precautionary steps for greater hair care can help curb any potential damage to the hair, as it would only facilitate an early recovery towards the original state of her hair.  It would help to take a Traya hair test to get a correct diagnosis of your hair issues. This would make it easier for our experts at Traya to help you in your journey towards regaining your perfect tresses.


Zahra Lokhandwala

Hair Coach

Zahra is the hair coach-in-chief at Traya. She works closely with the doctors to monitor all cases. She is a fitness freak and has not touched sugar in years!

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